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  1. Several years ago I used my TelMex credit to purchase my first iPad at zero interest on a three year loan. Things may have changed, but at that time the prices on items in glass cases for sale did not include the 16% IVA tax which I didn't notice until after I had signed their several pages long contract and realized I paid considerably more than the good deal I thought I was getting. My fault, just warning you in case they are still selling that way, which is supposedly illegal, as IVA is to be included in advertised prices.
  2. The medical supply store on the highway just west of downtown Ajijic carries a variety of them in different lengths and finishes. Not very expensive and simple to install.
  3. It will also become the new home of Maskaras Clinic.
  4. Where locally can I find a selection of men's electric shavers? WalMart only had one and it had been taped so many times it was obviously a return, so I passed. Thanks.
  5. So does Intercam. So does Multiva. So does my US bank. So do almost all banks.
  6. If your vehicle doesn't pass, there is no charge and you are given a computer printout of why your vehicle didn't pass to take to a mechanic or whomever and have 30 days to re test, pass the test and pay the 400 pesos for the sticker which they place on your windshield.The computer print out is what you show if you are stopped so that you do not receive a ticket during the 30 day period.
  7. November through the beginning of March are the times that have the largest number of Pelicans in Lake Chapala. They begin to arrive in larger numbers during October and begin to leave in larger numbers after the first part of March. Best time of day can be from 3:00 to 5:00 which is usually the time the locals decide to wheelbarrow the fish heads, etc. to the shore of the lake and dump them in. It is a photographer's dream when that happens. There are literally thousands of Pelicans at Petatan. Nothing at all like the scattered few in a couple of other lake spots.
  8. Folks from GDL just posted on FB forum entitled " MEXPAT Lake Chapala" for anyone who might be interested in their product.
  9. The Lake Chapala Society A.C. - LCS is what I needed. You both got me there. Thanks.
  10. So far LCS Lake Chapala Society The Lake Chapala Society are getting no matches for me for you. Thank you.
  11. With the money being spent on improvements, renovations, a second floor Terraza and who knows what else, this looks like it is going to be a quality, first class restaurant with premium foods and prices. It will be a welcome change to dismal, dull and now defunct, Salvador's. Another step up the ladder to change Ajijic from small town to big time tourist draw. I think it's going to be a showplace and a popular upscale destination.
  12. Love Taco Bell. Miss Taco Bell. A trip NOB is not complete without a stop at Taco Bell.
  13. Too old to worry about it. Enjoy the rest of your life.
  14. Always my recommendation for first time visitors here. No disappointments, yet.
  15. Cleaning lady needs a raise. 50 pesos an hour is very low end and few pay so little.
  16. They probably saw some of the outrageous rental charges for the upcoming bird season and decided to come a couple of months early to save.
  17. Talk to the GDL Reporter about inherent snobbery. They are the ones that posted about the rampant record breaking crime in Riberas earlier this year. Last year was bad, too.
  18. Let's all do exactly what we have been warned not to do for at least a couple of years and then sit around wondering why we got ripped off.
  19. I have not used parota due to the high cost of it. My carpenter uses regular pine soaked in some type of anti termite solution for a few days so that the solution soaks the wood, then dries it in the sun for a couple of days before installing it where the infestations were. The first time he did this was about six years ago and it is holding up just fine, although adjacent areas are going to need treatment and replacement in the next year or two. This will probably be a never ending problem from what others have told me.
  20. Hard to order one when you can't tell what it is.
  21. You really should join a GDL forum to get answers from folks who live there. Renting in the huge metropolis of GDL can be a totally different experience with different requirements/expectations than renting in lazy little lakeside.
  22. Just ordered washable denim shopping bags and two hundred biodegradable plastic trash bags from Amazon which arrived yesterday. Got my starter kit and am ready to begin!
  23. Jalisco plates was the answer for me, too. After over 10 years of driving with US plates and being pulled over for nothing, other than one ticket I did deserve, and three to four stops a month I bought a Jalisco plated vehicle 3.5 years ago and have never been pulled over for anything. Don't ever believe that "certain" cops are not on the look out for foreign plates because they expect the driver to be a newbie or tourist, scared to death because they don't know the rules of the road and be an easy mark for extortion.
  24. A couple of friends also forgot to pay on time. They were both told they had to reapply as new clients and begin at year one again. Hope this doesn't happen to you, but it appears that it may. They both opted for Seguro Popular instead of attempting to enroll again in IMSS.
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