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  1. 60-70 per hour is becoming the norm. 50 is now considered low. My opinion based upon discussing this topic with friends who are local employers of domestic workers.
  2. I received a 200 peso discount by allowing drivers to use my vehicle instead of theirs to drive me to daily therapy sessions in GDL. Factoring in that I had to pay for gas for my vehicle, but would not have paid for gas if we used their vehicle, I think I actually lost money with the extra wear and tear on my vehicle for the almost 70 mile round trip. I also found that hiring two drivers who each drove every other day and one could be a backup if the driver for that particular day was unable to drive on his day. It is a lot to expect one driver to be able to drive every day for 7 weeks, as they will lose their normal business during that period who may decide to change to another driver permanently and with only one driver what does one do if the driver is a no show one day, you have no backup plan and daily therapy is mandatory? Hiring a driver or two is also not inexpensive. Expect to be quoted daily prices of in the 1000-1200 peso range. Yes, 5-6,000 pesos per week for Monday-Friday round trip drivers.
  3. If I don’t recognize the number on my caller ID, I let it go to my answering service. If someone needs to talk with me, they will leave a number to call them back or a message. Over 90% of my unrecognized numbers just hang up. No bother to me at all and no need to be put on any anti call register.
  4. Google maps shows five Salud Dignas in GDL each identified only by a street address and seven Centro Medicos. Do you know the name of the street for the one you are recommending?
  5. Thanks all. Question answered. I am finished with this topic. Please close.
  6. Easiest to call him on his cell phone as his main office is in GDL, although he will be moving it into the new hospital across from Chula Vista when it opens. LaChristina is currently a large compound with many buildings that is his weekend getaway and where he sees his lakeside patients, but will become his permanent home when he moves his main office into the new hospital. 33 3157 2592.
  7. Cardiologist Dr. Ramon Garcia Garcia does Dopplers from his office here in La Christina. I have one done there about every six months. About 2000-3000 pesos. Immediate results with consultation and copy for you.
  8. My CFE bill has not arrived and I do not do payments over the phone, so I will be going to Chapala CFE office. My question is the machine available 24 hours a day to take payments? If not, what are the days and hours that it is in operation? Thanks.
  9. The recently changed from Pemex to BP station in west Ajijic is advertising the following gasoline prices: regular. 20.13 premium. 21.43
  10. Fireworks started at 3:00 a.m. this morning in Seis Esquinas and are still going on. Almost four hours so far.
  11. In the past, they have set up a station outside of WalMart, also.
  12. Paul was one of the gentlest, kindest and, by far, one of the funniest men I have ever known. I am saddened by our loss.
  13. I read that, too. It seems that all of us knew it was a joke, except you..
  14. Please disregard posting if you don’t have any further information other than rumors.
  15. Santiago must be referring to his hospital otherwise he could just pickup the phone and call Dr. García, who already has appointments scheduled in his new hospital, and not be spreading easily disproved, unfounded negative rumors about the San Antonio facility on local web boards or elsewhere disguised as a question to which he could easily find the answer if he really wants an answer.
  16. Not weird at all. You have used your employees as contractors, also. The work you contracted them to do outside of their employment responsibilities is exempt, however, pay them for it if you wish. Not a big deal either way.
  17. I stopped there this morning and they are getting some in later this week. Thanks to both of you for your help.
  18. I realize I’m late, but have any of you noticed any place locally that still has portable propane heaters for sale? Please, don’t suggest if you are not sure. Thanks.
  19. I highly recommend Eurofreeze across from Gossips, which is a satellite shop to their main shop in GDL. They drove me home when I dropped my car off and picked me up later the same day when my car was ready. Showed me original and newly installed new replacement parts, explained exactly what was wrong and how they repaired it, gave me a three month full warranty, charged a fair price and I was more than pleased.
  20. Check and follow the Customs and Immigration section of this board where LCS posts monthly information and changes or just call LCS with your questions. They have the correct answers.
  21. I’ve probably stopped to chat with about a dozen folks who live scattered throughout Villa Nova this weekend and none mentioned any changes, positive or negative, in their TelMex internet service.
  22. I also bought one from him yesterday outside Superlake as I have done for the last ten years, I think. Well made. Exactly what poster is looking for. I think they are the best calendars available here with plenty of room to make notes, etc. in the date spaces.
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