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  1. I can’t believe you ran out of paper plates again!
  2. A smile and a kind word for everybody. We need more like him, not fewer. Sad.
  3. If you think “there are a lot of pelicans in Chapala....”, you obviously have never been to Petatan. It’s worth the drive. Try it. Then compare it to pelicans in Chapala.
  4. I have enjoyed his articles and have just finished reading his book. I think there is far more truth than fiction in his writings and far more research done than some of you seem to think.
  5. No, it does not have to be written in Spanish. It can be written in any language understandable to and agreed upon by all signatories. The only need to have it in Spanish is if there is a dispute between the signatories and they have asked for help through arbitration or the courts or other outside party. Then it must be translated into Spanish if not already writtten in Spanish.
  6. Mexico only allows foreigners to work who have already financially shown that it isn’t necessary for them to work. Not entirely true, but close.
  7. I believe it is over. At least for the time being. Drove to Zapopan this morning and took a different route back home. Every gas station I saw was open and none had lines. Here, GDL and Zapopan.
  8. I have used Antonio and now Jonathan for 13 years. Over the years I have found their work to be excellent, their prices to be more than reasonable and their response time quick. I also believe that they do not have set prices, at least on their labor, and charge according to the way they feel they have been treated by that customer.
  9. Benno’s in Plaza Interlago. Luis, the new owner, great guy and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. House calls available. Office 766-5933. Cell 33 2340 7501. Store opens at 10:30.
  10. Gas onlibramiento right now. 500 pesos max. No line at 7:45 .
  11. Go to your profile page and click on “account”. It will open and show “ignored users” at the bottom. Open that and put in name board user uses on this board. I have done three so far.
  12. Chapala station expected a delivery around 11:00 this morning.
  13. This article has already been posted twice in the Mexico General section about two hours ago. That is where it belongs.
  14. If I lose mine I just walk into my local Mexican bank and walk out with a new one.
  15. So what if it is cancelled and you have to start over again? Costs you nothing and then you will have your answer.
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