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  1. You should have no problems. I pay the Predial every other year on a lot in Jocotepec and have been doing it for over 10 years without a problem. There may be a small late fee, but being a vacant lot, it is a very small late fee.
  2. Market opens at 10:00 or a little before. Restaurant closed Mondays.
  3. Any local travel agent can book a ticket for you. You pay and pick up your ticket from them. Exact same price as airline pays fee to travel agent. I use my travel agent for all Volaris flights because their website is so bad. There is NO extra charge using a travel agent lakeside.
  4. Notaria number 3’s office is at the entrance to Villa Nova in Ajijic.
  5. The one at Todo Bueno is 1500 pesos with no guarantee that it is in working condition and no return allowed after purchase if it doesn’t work. I said it was overpriced and all the volunteers agreed that is the reason it remains unsold. A new one, same brand, at Tio Sam’s with a three year full warranty is 3000 and guaranteed to work.
  6. I will check with Todo Bueno tomorrow. Thank you.
  7. Amutio doesn’t carry them, but appreciate the suggestion.
  8. Any place locally, in addition to Tio Sam’s, that offers a selection of garbage disposals? Thanks for your help.
  9. White Castle, Taco Bell and Buddy’s Detroit style pizza.
  10. Have had Aguagente for over a year. Wish I had gotten one sooner. Love it.
  11. May be sad to you, but has absolutely nothing to do with Dr. Garcia or Maskaras Clinic. They are done and gone. New hospital was very busy this morning with patients and medical specialists from GDL. It is run by a Board of Directors of which Dr. Garcia is a well respected and highly regarded, influential member as he was one of the primary people responsible for the creation of the hospital.
  12. Only US Embassy is in CDMX. The others, including Guadalajara, are consulates.
  13. The same thing goes on in lakeside and has for the 15 years I have lived here. If the government can hide it from us, they will.
  14. All set. Just got in from buying new fan. Installation tomorrow morning. Appreciate everyone’s help. It helped!
  15. I was asking specifically about Chapala locations, but thanks.
  16. Which Chapala stores carry a basic selection of ceiling fans. Nothing fancy. Basic white traditional. No extension pole, no attached light, no remote, just standard reversible three speed. Thanks.
  17. My HGTV hasn’t moved. Still at 192 and 627. However, I did lose a couple channels that I enjoyed with Shaw’s latest update. My 127 is the Sportsmen Channel and 129 is the Fight Channel.
  18. Thanks, Cedros. I have one of them and nobody knew what the name of it was. Now, thanks to you and your app, we do!
  19. Dr. Luis at Dermika performed that procedure on my arm in a room in their offices last year. A couple thousand pesos, I think. It wasn’t surgery though, just a local anesthetic with a half dozen sutures and we chatted the whole time.
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