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  1. Atorvastatina is sold in 40 mg tablets, 30 tablets to a box, for 200 pesos at Farmacia Maskaras on the highway a block or two from Hospital San Francisco,towards AJIJIC on same side of highway. I bought mine there last week.
  2. Enjoyed it, but could you add an intermission on the next one?
  3. Sorry, I just remember seeing his name on quite a few posts on a fairly regular basis. I didn’t read them and don’t remember the names of the different sites. Go back to the forums and scroll until you see his name. Shouldn’t take but a minute or so and then click on it to get his email address. If that doesn’t do it write to the website administrator.
  4. He posts his opinions several times a day on FaceBook forums and has for years.
  5. San Francisco also does all of the things that Daisy mentions. I went through them and know first hand. They were my choice.
  6. Great suggestion. Thanks, Lexy.
  7. Need name and contact info for local person to repair broken eyeglass frame only. Thank you for any help you can provide to me. I promise to be more careful in the future.
  8. Costco membership is not required to purchase eye wear. Just pick up a free one day pass at their checkout counter and you are good for one day of shopping.
  9. I didn’t think I would feel sad about anyone leaving this board no matter what the reason. I was wrong.
  10. Final day of Mardi Gras. Ash Wednesday tomorrow.
  11. I pay full salary for each unused vacation day every year with my domestic employees. Do not carry the amount over. What is not used each year is paid in cash with the aguinaldo.
  12. Very interesting 15 minutes. It was helpful to me and I thank you for sharing it with us.
  13. Of course there was, but apparently you also missed that.
  14. Finished a job for me less than a week ago.
  15. None in my part of Villa Nova. TelMex.
  16. Chapala Cruz Roja used to accept used car donations, but has stopped. Find out why.
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