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  1. Al Berca

    Need Shared Mailbox

    A P.O. Box at a local post office costs about 40 USD equivalent a year if that will work. I share one with a neighbor in Ajijic.
  2. Hard to believe that so many places sell these, so many of us have them and there is not a single local person who knows how to repair and maintain them. The two or three I have had come in from GDL have been marginal at best.
  3. Al Berca


    You can pay CFE in advance for as many billing periods as you desire and your payments are taken from that amount and your bill(s) reflect(s) the complete transaction(s) including remaining balance(s).
  4. Al Berca

    Property Management

  5. Al Berca

    Turkey Day

    My favorite place was always La Nuevo Posada for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but nobody ever recommends or even mentions it anymore and I no longer enjoy large, noisy groups, so haven’t been there in a few years. What happened? Service and or food is not as good as it used to be?
  6. Al Berca

    Uber from GDL

    Although, he tried to rip you off, the driver told you the truth. Uber has a written agreement negotiated between GDL government, taxi drivers and Uber to only service area he mentioned. This agreement stopped the damages, vehicle fires, rock throwing, etc. from taxi drivers to Uber drivers. Now, some rogue Uber drivers are violating that agreement. Rogue Uber drivers are the ones hanging around the airport and working in lakeside. They have no authorization to sell their services at either location. Uber is not supposed to be servicing lakeside which is why so few are here and many of them want you to call them directly so they can charge whatever they want and pocket the whole charge. They are the rogue Uber drivers. You got caught by one who is simply trying a new scam to get more money from you.
  7. Al Berca

    Amazon Mexico Questions

    It isn't. It never even got started. It ended with his first post. The rest are just random comments.
  8. So, for one vehicle and four passengers the total charge would be a minimum of 3000 pesos plus license fees? Not sure that's how taxis charge.
  9. I heard if the TelMex bill pages are stapled it will not be accepted. Pages must be paper clipped together only. Red or green paper clips will also be rejected. Sorry. Ridiculing the ridiculous.
  10. Al Berca

    Jarritos - soft drink

    El Torito had it this morning in 3 or 4 flavors and two sizes.
  11. Al Berca

    Patients of Dr. Lilli at Hotel Perico

    Just open the post above your question.
  12. Al Berca

    Amazon Mexico Questions

    Great trolling!
  13. Al Berca

    Telmex Credit

    Several years ago I used my TelMex credit to purchase my first iPad at zero interest on a three year loan. Things may have changed, but at that time the prices on items in glass cases for sale did not include the 16% IVA tax which I didn't notice until after I had signed their several pages long contract and realized I paid considerably more than the good deal I thought I was getting. My fault, just warning you in case they are still selling that way, which is supposedly illegal, as IVA is to be included in advertised prices.
  14. The medical supply store on the highway just west of downtown Ajijic carries a variety of them in different lengths and finishes. Not very expensive and simple to install.