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  1. They have not moved. The AJIJIC location is a secondary facility and their home base is in GDL. Because of slow business they are currently by appointment only and will come in from GDL for appointments. Call Juan whose cell is 33 1584 5209 for appointment.
  2. I buy lemon pound cake at Superlake.
  3. Almost any real estate or legal office.
  4. If you are referring to the one that was across the side street from the bus station, the owner passed away and it is closed.
  5. Yes, Multiva accepts US checks to be deposited into your Multiva account.
  6. The secret is keeping your eyes closed while trying to get through the intersection from hell. Works for me. So far.
  7. Yes, after 3 or 4 shortouts last night just had another one 15 minutes ago in Villa Nova. No wind.
  8. Al Berca


    Born and raised in Detroit, Buddy’s Detroit style pizza has always been my favorite with Chicago style deep dish in second place.
  9. FedEx. 1 to 2 days. Around 1000 pesos. Varies depending on exchange rate.
  10. A great idea to help save Mexicans and others from “suicide by sugar”.
  11. Haagen Daz is about 200 for a half liter depending on which flavor. Most expensive and best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I am addicted.
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