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  1. Dr. Luis at Dermika performed that procedure on my arm in a room in their offices last year. A couple thousand pesos, I think. It wasn’t surgery though, just a local anesthetic with a half dozen sutures and we chatted the whole time.
  2. Spanish would be a must for your wife. As well as proving her skills to become licensed to practice medicine in Mexico called a cedula.
  3. And the spreading of rumors, misinformation, speculation, conjecture, etc continues endlessly from the misinformed and uninformed.
  4. He leases space right next door to the now closed Francisco's at Robert’s. I was happy to find him again. cell 33-12-65-69-56
  5. Chopo is taking over the former location of Maskaras Clinic when the final move for Maskaras to San Antonio Hospital is completed.
  6. I’ve been enjoying my undercounter Aguagente unit for over a year. I can see, smell and taste the difference in quality from my “purified and tested” fracc water that I drank from the tap for about 13 years.
  7. Most unusual for him. Have never used anyone else in 14 years of living here.
  8. He owns Maskaras Clinic and will be one of the key people running San Antonio Hospital to which Maskaras Clinic is moving. Has worked and lived full time in lakeside since sometime in the mid 90’s when he opened Maskaras making him one of the earliest physicians in lakeside. 5600 pesos is the flat year fee for 2019. Individual consultations are 700 each without it. I see him monthly so the savings for me is almost 3000 pesos. Do the math on yourself to see if it would benefit you. I am a seven year patient of his.
  9. Al Berca

    Spagos closed

    Open today.
  10. Thank you. It sure is San Antonio. My mistake.
  11. Full report on new San Francisco Hospital containing ACCURATE information will appear in this weekend’s GDL Reporter.
  12. Why didn’t you also post your letter to him so we could read what he was responding to?
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