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  1. Anyone who does screening should be able to order it for you if they do not have enough of it in stock.
  2. My gardener paid my renewal yesterday afternoon and brought the new 2020 sticker to me this morning.
  3. Any proof of this other than “it appears”? Sounds like the annual rumor for this corner that tells us to expect a new Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.there that many newbies fall for every year.
  4. Poor, outdated and minimal choices locally.
  5. I found mine at the new artists’ sales/display store at Centro Laguna Mall behind the small Chevy dealership there. I also learned that Jose is now a real estate agent next to the art store in case the art store is sold out. I, too, have only used his calendars for many years.
  6. Tyler Perry paid the hospital bill and for their return flight to the US yesterday.
  7. Spencer posted regarding his father’s death on his FB page on October 28 along with a photo of him with his dad. He received 70 comments of condolences and well over 100 sadness emojis, so it has been made public information by the family almost a month ago.
  8. Illegal to import even “a small bottle” of CBD oil.
  9. You just insulted a poster who always tries to be helpful to others, unlike yourself, but whose primary language is not English. SHAME!
  10. Why pretend this is a secret? The company is called Aguagente. Lots of us use them. Water is not free until you sign six others up for their service. Before that it is about 250 a month for unlimited supply from faucet they add at your kitchen sink with filtration system under the sink. For accurate information call them in Guadalajara directly: 33-3127-0350 and speak with bilingual Letty.
  11. It has always been free for all, but now people are being sent home to return with proof of membership?
  12. Upfront needs to take a back seat.
  13. If one needs to prove membership in SP, how can it be “free for all”?
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