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  1. My US bank received it. That is where my monthly SS is deposited. I don’t file taxes and I did nothing except be patient, although I thought it was too late for me to receive it, so it was a very welcome surprise.
  2. My check for 1200 arrived yesterday morning.
  3. You need a minimum of 4 letters to do a search, which is why CFE shows nothing.
  4. I found his contact information and will be calling him tomorrow morning. Thanks to all of you for giving me such helpful information. I appreciate it very much.
  5. Ricardo Ramirez. Shop is in Riberas. Perfect English. Have been using him for 15 years. I have a Chevy, too. Cel-33-12-65-69-56.
  6. Need someone who specializes in termite extermination, not a fumigator. If you have a suggestion please include contact info. Thank you for your help.
  7. Farmacia Cristina Chapala Privado Zaragoza #65, Col. Centro, Chapala 1 block from CFE. hours Monday- Saturday 8:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. 376-765-7587 farmacia-cristina@hotmail.com
  8. I wonder if the employees at their Chapala store are doing the same thing.
  9. It was the same thing when I went yesterday morning.
  10. soloautos.mx. as barrbower suggested.
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