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  1. Contact Orson with Dog Workers. He carries Virbac products and he may be able to deliver to you. Carretera poniente #510 45920 Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, West Ajijic, just past the cemetery 33 1712 1408
  2. At the top of the immigration form write "Temporal Residente" Do this on both the upper and lower part of the form. Mark the "other" box for reason for travel. I just looked at the last form I filled out and it looks like this might have been removed. Safe travels.
  3. Normally our CFE bill runs on the 4th of every other month. Last bill we received was for the time period 04 Dec 20 - 04 Feb 21. Looking at last years statement the bill ran on 04 April. No new bill posted on the website. Anyone else having a problem?
  4. Contact Patrick Oden, he is an accountant. Patrick Oden Lakeside Tax Service, Inc. Ramon Corona V # 38 San Antonio Tlayacapan Jalisco, Mexico 45922 Tel (376) 766-3557
  5. We have used Patrick Oden with Lakeside Tax Service for the last seven years. Telephone 956 765-2155.
  6. We purchased an awning from Comfort Solutions, Jose Orozco 331 228-5377.
  7. The vivero across from SuperLake has clay pots.
  8. We have had an account at CI Banco for five years. No problems. We write USA checks for deposit and they tell you five days, but our experience has been next day.
  9. We used Comfort Solutions, Jose Carlos Orozco 331 228-5377, www.comfortsolutionsmx.com. Many choices of colors and styles.
  10. We use trusted house sitters USA. I had five replies to my request and ended up with a nice couple from California. They took excellent care of our home and pets. I know you don't need a pet sitter. Check it out. Lots of people are interested in coming to our area or they have already been here and want to come back.
  11. We signed up and paid in October 2018. We got ILOX installed last Tuesday. A neighbor was getting installed this week. My husband went to the office and lo and behold we got the service. Working good. We live in upper Riberas.
  12. Orson Perez at Dog Worker/Walker also boards dogs. Not sure about cats. He has a nice roomy facility in west Ajijic, next to the cemetery. Contact info: orsonpc@gmail.com or the thedogwalkerchapala@gmail.com.
  13. We have had an account for four years. No problems.
  14. Brand new large swimming pool at Cristiana Park in Chapala too. Enjoy your adventures.
  15. Just one more thing to add. Banamex will have you fill out their form requesting the check. The American Legion has a sample copy of the form since it's all in Spanish and their are only certain areas you need to complete. Best to go to the bank the day before you meet with the Consulate.
  16. The header of the article says 2018, but if you look at the document it states dates for 2019.
  17. I read the date for the visit to the LCS has changed to Thursday. Will the Consulate be at the American Legion on the same date?
  18. Costco has the moisturizer. I have found it at Walmart too.
  19. Lakeside Tax Service , Patrick Oden, 766-3557, patrick@lakesidetaxservice.com
  20. I am a regular customer of both Amazon US & MX. No problems with delivery to my home.
  21. If you are interested in contemporary "quality" furniture check out the store next to Sunrise Restaurant in San Antonio. On the carratera, east of SuperLake.
  22. Try the Home Doctor Alberto Farias 331 706-9407. I think he lives out in that area too.
  23. Garden store in Riberas. Just past the 7/11, lake side.
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