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  1. Cannoli , Chicago Italian beef sandwich's , White Castle and Popeyes Fried Chicken
  2. I hate to be the skunk at the garden party here however , I think the city of Chapala will do what ever they want no matter what us gringos do to contest about expansion lakeside .
  3. Won't get any help with your gun question on this liberal web board buddy , Go to Facebook and join us on Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside Conservatives . Plenty of NRA members and gun owners on there that can help with your questions . We are the minority here , but none the less , we are here .Good luck brother !
  4. Catherine Claire does not post on Chapala web board . You can get the info you want by going to her Face Book group , Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside .
  5. So sorry about your friend . Please let us know if the family needs any help .
  6. I'm not a doctor , however smoking some weed and a few Tequilas seems to help for me . Works and is less expensive than doctors .
  7. gcaschetta

    Picnic ham

    Juan Mata of Rangers Bar-B-Q says he is going to smoke hams and turkeys to bring Lakeside on the Sunday before Christmas . However you need to place an order with him . You can contact him on Rangers Face Book page , if you don't Face Book just google the restaurant for a phone number . The restaurant is in El Salto
  8. Their meatball sub is great as well. I've ordered three in the last two weeks . Thanks also to Lakeside Food Delivery for delivery to Chapala .
  9. It's not a " small closed space " It's OUTSIDE ! Got that ? Obviously you have never been there .
  10. I was there last week and had a wonderful meal . Three people were smoking in the the outside area where I was siting . Couldn't smell a thing , no big deal. It's outside people ! Why the uproar ? If you don't like the smoking area , go inside . Some people aren't happy unless they find something to bitch about .
  11. Big difference in price for a cold water tail and a warm water tail . My uncle was a seafood wholesaler in Chicago and sold to restaurants and hotels . Price difference between a Maine , warm water tail and a Australian cold water tail was about $ 15 per pound . Here is a photo of a real Australia cold water lobster . Huge difference in the color and texture of the meat .
  12. Don't think the tails will be Australian . I just went online to buy some and they are $45 US for a 8oz tail , or about $850 pesos . After restaurant mark up , I don't think too many folks will pay over $ 1000 for real Australian cold water tails . However , I would !
  13. To bad we can't get " Nathan's Famous " New York dog down here .
  14. After reading all of the above statements about drones I have decided to buy one tomorrow. I also am buying the most powerful Jet Ski I can find here that sounds like a drag racer to have fun on the lake !
  15. I can't wait to try this place . I understand it's a little more pricey , but if it's as good as everyone says , I don't care . Should I expect about $800p per person ? Thanks
  16. Yes to the Air boat . The fun factor outweighs the noise factor for me . Why live on a lake if you can't do fun lake things . Jet skis too !
  17. It's obvious that many of you have never lived in a big city . Have any of you ever driven in LA , or New York , or Chicago, where I'm from ? This ain't shit ! Be happy that you are among the lucky people who are blessed to be here and stop your bitching or go back to where ever you came from .
  18. Beer Garden , by far . Love the table side preparation with choices as to how you like it prepared !
  19. Like, we know who you are ? Who are you , what sigh ? Maybe you should identify yourself and what business are you talking about
  20. I'm a south side Chicago Italian and experience has taught me that a baseball bat would solve the problem real quick ! Never mind calling the police . They won't call them either and they won't think about stealing your water ever again ! That's how we fix things where I'm from and believe me it works !
  21. Being a Italian guy from Chicago I'm kind'a a Pizza snob . All us Italians love thin crust and his is great ! Deep dish Chicago pizza is good , but It's really for the tourists . The rest of us might eat it a couple times a year. Thank you Giovanni for some real Italian style pizza !
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