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  1. Hours are 8 AM - 3 PM Tuesday thru Sunday!
  2. BTW Since the optical store left, there is plenty of parking right in that little parking lot, which this cafe is a tenant of.
  3. It is meat based. She cooks it up adding fresh ground pork. Not a lot, but certainly not vegetarian. Delicious! Unlike any of the other "Gravy" I have ever had... not the white starchy type.. photo is below, it is in the bowl with the creamy green mixture, next to the biscuits.
  4. Yet another reason to support organic farmers and products. The food industry is all about profit, not health, and none of us should be surprised by this article.
  5. Glancing around and beyond Ajijic for Sunday Buffet for breakfast/brunch type-a-dining. Couldn't help notice on the way to Jocotopec, where all the lakefront restaurants are on the left... There are quite a few signs, sporting: Buffet Mexicano, Sabado, Domingo Y Dias Festivos Yet, I never see those mentioned in the topics here. Has anyone been to any of these? Reviewers are welcome to share positive/negative via PM. What are they like, and which have an enticing buffet? Not a problem if only Spanish is spoken, some in our group are Mexican. Hoping to have this info in time for May 8th... Mother's Day!
  6. Thanks for the many who have offered their condolences and compassion in response to the loss of our sweet girl. I really do appreciate your kindness. Many pet parents will not make the connection in their dogs illness or death, after using Bravecto. Many dogs are experiencing a variety of symptoms, including seizures, strokes, loss of appetite, confusion, tumors, liver and kidney problems. Has your dog had any of these symptoms or died years after taking this (or other) pesticide? EMA ( European Medicines Agency ) have 4,945 reports from Bravecto there have been 299 deaths in dogs on these reports. Once given to your dog Bravecto stays in the system for 4 months plus. Bravecto states there is NO ANTIDOTE AVAILABLE. The USA has similiar numbers in their FDA ADE reported cases. There are alternatives (natural - essential oils products) which can be ordered and do prevent flea infestations. Of course you will have to spray several times a month, vs a one time spot on pesticide application. I believe someone posted a recipe on this board for essential oils. I now use that on my two dogs, who have been in touch and wrestling with dogs that (unbeknown to me) had flea infestations. My dogs walked away without any flea share! I only spray 2x a week, though people are saying even less often, is still effective.
  7. Por favor comparte esto con tus amigos. Esperamos que al compartir, otros no vayan a sufrir. Bravecto es un tratamiento de pulgas y garrapatas por vía oral durante tres meses para los perros. El fabricante tiene planes para comercializar una versión para gatos. Sabemos de primera mano sobre los efectos adversos de Bravecto. Un perro perdido, otro siendo observado. No estamos fuera de peligro todavía. Nos vimos obligados a practicar la eutanasia a nuestra hermosa chica luchadora (perra), que amaba la vida. Ella tenía sólo 22 meses de edad. Experimentó una insuficiencia renal completa. Los síntomas externos de la insuficiencia renal crónica, no son inmediatos y pueden tardar meses en manifestarse. Ese espacio de tiempo entre la dosificación y los síntomas no es inusual. Muchos no harán la conexión entre la enfermedad de su perro y la muerte debido a Bravecto. Nuestra familia, esa chica dulce,y nuestro maravilloso equipo veterinario del Lago de Chapala, realizaron una feroz lucha que incluía líquidos por vía intravenosa para suministrar nutrientes y diálisis. Dudo que tipo de lucha hubiese sido lo más personalizada, completa, compasiva y asequible en los EE.UU. Ella definitivamente no una mascota más para que el equipo veterinario. Un análisis de sangre en nuestro otro perro, su compañero de camada, mostró niveles de BUN elevadas. Nuestro tercer perro ha experimentado falta de apetito y náuseas. Resultados de la autopsia indican insuficiencia renal crónica. Este hallazgo descarta la enfermedad renal congénita y aguda. La autopsia descarta un veneno recentemiente digerido. El veterinario dijo que sus riñones fueron dañados debido a una reacción linfoplasmocítica, debido a la presencia de algo que el perro se introdujo en forma oral. El sistema inmunitario ataca la sustancia sin descanso. Esto dio como resultado el daño renal en el curso de semanas, meses. Nuestro otro perro mostró niveles elevados en su sangre. Debido a que el BUN es elevado, nuestro veterinario indicó que esto era algo producto de algo que les fue introducidos a los perros por vía oral. Hemos presentado informes. Sentimos que debemos notificar a los demás guardianes de perros. Este producto se vende a nivel internacional.Desde que Bravecto de Merck, fue aprobado en los EE.UU. en 2014, un total de 5.319 informes de ADE se han presentado ante la FDA (hasta el 6 de enero de, 2016) incluyendo 160 muertes. Estas cifras sólo incluyen los informes ADE presentadas en los EE.UU. Recientemente descubrí, que hay un nuevo informe que se publicará. El grupo FB "Dont Kill Dogs with Bravecto", ofrece los últimos informes y datos disponibles desde la óptica de la autopsia. El Dr. Fox declaró: Creo que los resultados de la autopsia no indican la nefritis aguda --- la infiltración de glóbulos blancos bloquean la función renal normal. El veterinario debe presentar el informe con el fabricante del Bravecto y su distribuidor local. El Dr. Michael W. Fox va a hacer una columna con información sobre los riesgos de Bravecto que deberá aparecer en el Washington Post a mediados de marzo / 2016. Al difundir podemos otorgar a otros perros la posibilidad de disfrutar de la vida, del juego, retozar y del abrazo, como resultado de esta información que estamos compartiendo. Los enlaces a los informes de eventos adversos de la FDA, del grupo de Facebook y el resumen de la opinión de EMA / CVMP: http://yourpetsneedthis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Bravecto-fluralaner-ADE-report.pdf y https://www.facebook.com/groups/411371212394679/ y http://www.ema.europa.eu/docs/en_GB/document_library/Summary_of_opinion/veterinary/002526/WC500198749.pdf Los efectos acumulativos de la exposición repetida a los pesticidas químicos cancerígenos, pueden tardar años en salir a la superficie en su mascotaamada. Tome un momento y visite el grupo de apoyo de FB Bravecto y tome una decisión informada.
  8. We know firsthand about Bravecto's adverse effects. One dog lost, yet another being observed. We are not out of danger yet. We were forced to euthanize our beautiful feisty girl, who loved life. She was only 22 month old. She experienced complete kidney failure. Outward symptoms of Chronic kidney failure, are not immediate and can take months to manifest. That time gap between dosing and symptoms is not unusual. Many will not make that connection to their dog's illness/death due to Bravecto. Our family and sweet girl, put up a fight, which consisted of IV fluids, to supply nutrients and dialysis. Blood workup on our other dog, her litter mate, showed elevated BUN levels. Autopsy results indicated Chronic Kidney Failure. This finding ruled out congenital and acute Kidney Disease. Autopsy ruled out a poison being recently digested. The veterinarian stated that her kidneys were damaged due to a lymphoplasmacytic reaction, due to the presence of something the dog was introduced to orally. The immune system then attacked that substance relentlessly. This resulted in kidney damage over the course of weeks-months. Our other dog showed elevated levels in his blood work up. Due to that elevated BUN, our veterinarian stated this was something both dogs were introduced to orally. We have filed reports. We feel we must notify other dog guardians. This product is sold internationally. Since Bravecto by Merck, was approved in the U.S. in 2014, a total of 5,319 ADE reports have been filed with the FDA (through January 6, 2016) including 160 reported deaths. These numbers only include ADE reports filed in the U.S. I recently found out, there is a new report due to be released. The "Does Bravecto Kill Dogs" FB group, offers the latest reports and data as it becomes available. Upon viewing the autopsy. Dr. Fox stated: I think the autopsy findings do indicate acute nephritis---white cell infiltration blicking normal kidney function. The vet should file the report with Bravecto's manufacturer and local distributor. Dr. Fox will be doing a column with information on Bravecto risks, which should appear in the Washington Post Mid March/2016. May other dogs be spared to enjoy life, bark, play and cuddle, as a result of this information we are sharing. Links to the FDA adverse event reports, the Facebook group and the EMA/CVMP summary of opinion: http://yourpetsneedthis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Bravecto-fluralaner-ADE-report.pdf and https://www.facebook.com/groups/411371212394679/ and http://www.ema.europa.eu/docs/en_GB/document_library/Summary_of_opinion/veterinary/002526/WC500198749.pdf It is unfortunate that people are quoting Snopes, on this subject of Bravecto. Vet, Michael Mogavero DVM, SELLS Bravecto,and is quoted as the main source of debunking Bravecto risks. Vet Michael Mogavero, speaks highly of both Bravecto's and Merck, This is who Snopes quotes, to debunk claims regarding dog death and illness. Shame on Snopes for a misleading article. Both sources (snopes and Mogavero) ignore the FDA ADE report, which documents a total of 5,319 ADE reports have been filed with the FDA (through January 6, 2016) including 160 reported deaths. I wonder what Snopes connection is with this serving as a sounding board for a DVM who is connected with Merck, and sells Merck's product. A vet who sells Bravecto, Michael Mogavero, states that the pharmaceutical company (Merck) will advise us if they have concerns about their product. Cumulative effects from repeated exposure to carcinogenic chemical pesticides, may take years to surface in your loved pet. Take a moment and visit the FB Bravecto support group, and then make an educated decision. If you do not like your animal advocacy sugarcoated, this is a wonderful source of information: https://www.facebook.com/roger.biduk1?fref=ts
  9. Blue buffalo freedom (vs wilderness) variety is available lakeside, but for something like 1500 (or more) per largest bag. Blue Buffalo wilderness costs more, available in guad NEAR costco. Hey I have one bag of Blue Buffalo quality (not sold lakeside) that I won't be using as I switched over to raw food for my dogs, and two more bags of Taste of the Wild (which normally sells for 1700 pesos lakeside.... PM me if interested... actually about to donate some of the opened to the dog rescues, and that is probably where the unopened will end up as well, with a small reserve kept for my feeding strays. Dr Ladron's (if you don't want to make it up yourself) raw is hard for any dog to turn down, and it is a super easy transition to go from kibble to raw, no adjustment problems. You might try that when you arrive here.
  10. The testing is not reflective of a wide population and numbers to sufficiently back up safety. Just like any drug that comes out, and appears safe, it is hard to pull (through the legal aspects of accusing a company or drug) a drug for further testing. Yet many drugs eventually if human, are pulled. Canine not so much. http://dogthusiast.com/2015/04/30/examining-insecticides-afoxolaner-and-fluralaner-as-used-in-flea-and-tick-preventatives/ Link.Springer.com has the following study, titled: SAFETY OF FLURALANER CHEWABLE TABLETS (BRAVECTO), a novel systemic antiparasitic drug, in dogs after oral administration 32, 8 week healthy beagle dogs were used in this study. ONLY 24 were given the Bravecto. This test was not on hundreds of all different breeds, ages, walks of life. 24 not being affected, reflects veryAf well the rarity of this happening. On day 168, as part of this study, all dogs were sedated by intramuscular injection of ketamine and xylazine, and thereafter euthanized by intravenious injection of sodium pentobarbitone as per study plan.A complet post-mortem examination was performed on ALL dogs. I am simply posting this not for debate, but to inform those that would appreciate this info.
  11. http://dogthusiast.com/2015/04/30/examining-insecticides-afoxolaner-and-fluralaner-as-used-in-flea-and-tick-preventatives/
  12. Please read the reviews and reports (by those administering to their pets). This is a dangerous item to give your dog. Reports of Kidney and Liver damage. Unfortunately the company will not recall due to $ and the lawsuits which would follow. The company will keep disputing the lives lost. Do not buy this from area vets, which have been lead to believe it is safe.
  13. Moderators should not moderate/lock and delete member posts on threads they participate in under a different (non-moderator) member name.
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