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  1. But does it offer the antigen test or antibody? For entering the US, per the CDC direction the test must be an antigen or PCR. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html Here is the relevant section
  2. I have been uncertain by the different acronyms of tests. So I went to the authority for what is accepted for my upcoming flight into the US. Quoting the CDC notice (March 2 2021 update) for travel into the US: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
  3. Yes, I got that email too as I'm in RC. It took a while for me to know exactly what "Go fed" meant. I looked back at the Spanish and decided a better way of saying "acudir alimentado" in English is go after eating or arrive with food in your stomach. I think they don't want people taking the vaccine on an empty stomach. That message didn't come through when I read "Go fed" but other folks may have gotten it. Of course they could just be warning you that it is going to be a long time standing in line. Certainly bring a sunbrella and/or hat and fan. I am so glad they are using that hospital
  4. I hear so many people jumping for joy over this vaccine and I am arguing with other friends who refuse to get any vaccine. Wow, everyone is just moving in all sorts of directions. For me, I agree that I will not take a vaccine from China or Russia or anywhere else that has not been vetted by either the European, US, or WHO medical teams. Sputnik V got an article written but that doesn't mean it had a medical review of it's trials and official filings. I and another friends have hunted all over the internet for information on Sinovac and there is none. One of my dearest friends t
  5. I had the same question as I'll be flying out next Sunday. But then I read the fine print on my airline requirements. They require antigen test which takes hours of processing. So I'm going to find a lab in my community that will do it. So if you are wanting a test because you are flying out, be sure and read the airline requirements. My specifically said The article in TGR this week about the JLN Lab that opened at Soriana's parking lot specifically says to check with your airline to be sure they will accept the JLN Lab test. This may be because their RT-PCR is a nose and throat
  6. I don't know any business that functions as it did 30 or 40 years ago. So your comment makes no sense. Businesses that didn't change are no longer with us. I have found value in smaller stores who respond to the more specific needs of their customers. So there is value in them. We should make sure they survive. I am not anti-big box. You are arguing things I don't propose. I'll go to your first point that competition has made things better. Walmart would love to remove ALL competition. If you want to shop at Walmart that is your choice. I have closes friends who know my feelings
  7. You continue to argue that Walmart Mexico is not Walmart US but many of us don't shop at Walmart Mexico because it is a chain that displaces smaller stores that keep the profit in the community rather than sent it to Mexico City or Guadalajara. This is the real harm that Walmart does. I don't care who owns it as long as they keep putting a strain or putting out of business the locally owned stores. Shopping at these locally owned stores who are more responsive to the needs and requests of the local community is CRITICAL right now. Please don't ignor the harm Walmart Mexico does to other s
  8. I live in Raquet Club and have a carport and terrace where bats will gather for nighttime picnics unless I leave a light on. It doesn't need to be all that bright a light either. They'll leave seeds and a bit of droppings on the floor in a darker part of each of these places. On the terrace, it is one particular dark corner so I just put a night light to shine there and that is enough. The carport has a motion sensitive light that detects them gather in a corner. I don't know where they live but they sure do enjoy some fruit around here. I'm glad they are here and see them
  9. Yes, I am generalizing and saying that large corporations will come out of this crisis more easily than the smaller businesses that manage to survive. Just look at what happened when the US gave loans to small businesses and multi-million dollar corporations ended up getting large portions of the money to the extent that it ran out of funding. When it was exposed how broken the US process was, some gave it back but it just reveals how much easier it is for the big guys to get help. The smaller the business, the more help is needed right now and the harder it is to get. That is exactly why
  10. Many of us are here as Fakebook doesn't really moderate but allows most any post that will increase money into Zuc's pocket. So thank you MOD 5 for doing your job and thank you kam for making a point. We aren't "afraid of" or hate Fakebook, we just see it as an untrustworthy, unreliable pile of crap with a layer of friends, family, and cat videos on top to cover the stench and entice you into the first few bites.
  11. Yes, I've tried one. You need one designed for the specific style of keyboard you have as they slip over the entire keyboard. You can get all sorts of colors and languages. They even make glow in the dark. I ended up taking the one I had off as it is silicon and slowed my fingers down as I was typing. It may work well for a hunt and peck typist. The added benefit to having it on your keys is that any debris is kept from going in between the keys. You can easily remove and clean it and then put it back on.
  12. Married filling jointly fall into #1 as we get a small refund since we overpay our taxes. We've registered an e-deposit for many years to the same US account. On 15-April we got a deposit. I've decided that since the rump in the White House put his name on my money before he sent it back to me, I'd donate it to local charities here in Mexico and to https://victoryfund.org/ as they've shown success in supporting races that win.
  13. They make stickers that you can put on the keyboard, peel and stick. I think originally for keys that wear off but you can cover the Spanish keys with the English once you change the language. Many keys will not need to be covered as they are the same. I had thought of doing this but since I don't look at the keys when typing have not bothered. For a hunt & peck person it may be worth it.
  14. Thank you for posting this as I don't use Fakebook
  15. We all have values that we express when shopping. I find the mom & pop stores 1. are safer to visit as they tend to better at controlling COVID-19 and have less traffic than Wal-mart 2. offer better value 3. offer better product quality 4. generally treat employees better 5. benefit the local community as the profits stay here 6. offer better service including special orders 7. connect me to local community in unique ways I chose to live in Mexico in large part because of the wonderful people here. I want the community to be successful. I want t
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