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  1. Where can I get someone to retrofit our arch-shaped outside doorway which face the setting sun with dual-pane doors? The heat coming in the windows is far to intense. We need better insulation. Years ago, when in San Diego, we had dual pane retro-fit vinyl windows put into our house and it made incredible difference. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  2. Where is the office in Chapala? I've not ever been there. I went with friends to get their INAPAM card once. Is it the same place?
  3. You can log-in to access the subscription-only area at any time. I think you are asking, what time do they make the new issue for the week available. If that is the question, it is usually around 11 or Noon on Friday. I have found if there is a holiday it tends to be later.
  4. 400 is a good rate and fairly easy to find. The more training and licenses a person has the more they charge. Also the closer to Ajijic the more they charge. You can expect up to 500 or even 600 MXN for an hour but these are for more highly trained and better appointed offices.
  5. Dental Express is good. I have been going there for three (almost four) years. When Dr. Edgar was there you could see him and get some expert care. The dentist there now are not experienced and so I don't trust them to do intricate work. In fact, the dentist I have now seems to need to refer me to the in-house specialist for gums and now twice for root canal advice. It takes another visit which incurs an additional charge. So I don't think Dental Express is as cheap as they were at one point since you need a few visits (and payments) to deal with an issue. It is sad as I've referred several people there when Dr. Edgar was present. Now that he is rarely there, in my experience, the level of care and the quality of care is suffering. I would appreciate knowing if other's have seen the same situation or am I just having more complicated dental issues and need to find a dentist that can deal with them without referring me to an in-house specialist.
  6. Does anyone know the status of getting service in Racquet Club? I have been in Europe and will be returning home in July and would like to contact Ilox for installation. Should I wait until I get home or can I go ahead and contact them prior to my return and schedule something? Thanks, Tom DW
  7. Questions regarding modem with Ilox: I am leaving for more than 3 months and that is why I didn't sign up as an initial client of Ilox. I leave Friday and I don't think they've even started service in the Raquet Club (where I live) yet. When I return in July, I plan on contacting them and signing up. But I'm wondering (Question #1) if I can bring a good quality modem back from the US or do I have to "rent" one from Ilox. If I can buy my own modem (Question #2), what are the specs that I should look for or will any modem do fine? Thanks, Tom P.S. tkessler, thanks for your above post encouraging us to be grateful for the installation and decent speeds. We are all also grateful for the push you've given to get them here. Being in the Raquet Club, we don't even get Telmex's higher speeds. I have never gotten above 10 mps and usually it is around 4 or 5 and my upload speed is never above .5 mps. It can take me weeks to upload photos from my trip to the cloud.
  8. I'm so glad you posted this. I'd be wandering around looking as I suspect there will not be a notice at the old location.
  9. Bisbee Gal, what a great description of a very important process. Thank you for explaining it so well. A couple of years ago people started having their immigration status changed from RP or RT to a tourist visa (6-month limit on stay) because they did not do what you have described above. Folks, please do exactly as Bisbee Gal says and get to the airport early enough as you must visit the INM desk before you can check in for your flight. And be sure to tuck the larger portion of the form in a safe place so you can retrieve it once you are ready to return. Your residency status in Mexico is at stake.
  10. I did not mean to insult you or set off a nerve for you. I made the statement that I choose not to give Walmart my money for my purposes. You disagree with me and that is fine. You seem to have thought I did not understand that all people and businesses have both good and bad. I don't see the world as black and white but as shades of gray. Walmart is not pure evil and I am well aware that some people have jobs because they exist. When US Walmart moved into the south in the 70s they devastated locally owned businesses and even entire downtown areas of small towns. So don't tout that they give communities jobs because I have seen how they destroy entire segments of communities and cause substantial unemployment. Walmart is not evil but they do harm to locally owned stores and shops. I don't blame them for "all the world ills [sic]" but have seen first hand the loss of jobs and business when they move into town. I live near Jocotepec and a couple of times shopped at Bodega Aurrera until I learned from Mexican friends that they treat their employees even worse than Walmart with lower pay and treatment even though the store is owned by the Walmart corporation. So I stopped going there and instead found all sorts of other places to buy the things I wanted or needed. It became an adventure which has really opened up my experience of living near Jocotepec and other towns. If each person who bought things at Walmart instead frequented a locally family owned tienda it would support a local family instead of a corporation. We all might find a richer relationship with the community in which we live from seeking out these stores. I see value in a local family having a slightly more successful business than having a corporation become richer. This is what I mean by using my money to express my morals. I still shop a lot at Costco and will continue to do so because there are some things that can only be found there. Most of my other purchases will be made at a locally owned store and not Walmart. This is the beauty of knowing my moral choices are not a black and white choice but a gray. It isn't perfect but guides me toward doing the best I can in a moment and it likely will evolve into a more refined expression as I learn and do more. You don't need to agree with me but you don't need to insult me either. I have very close friends who shop at Walmart regularly. They know I don't shop there and why. We respect each other's choices without feeling a need to insult the other's character or choices.
  11. We paid 950 pesos for Costco executive membership when we came down here two years ago. It has gone up to 1100 and we consider it well worth it. We never, ever shop at Walmart as we don't want to support a company which treats their employees so poorly. We do prefer buying from locally owned stores for most things we buy from paper goods to cat food and litter. But the quality of many things at Costco far outways what we can find locally so we make the 45 minute drive once a month. From Costco, we regularly buy frozen veggies and chicken, grains and spices, quality cleaning supplies (instead of watered down crap), and beer and wine. We buy some very nice wine for around 90 pesos with the discount we get with the executive membership. We also tend to buy nice gifts for people when they are on sale there as the quality is good and is often not something available in the local community. Just after moving here we bought a rocker chair with a foot stool that everyone who sits in it wants to know where we got it. But it is no longer available at the local stores. So just like other Costco stores, you need to buy some items when you see them as they may be gone next week. We sign up for Costco at LCS. They come about once a month and you get a 50 peso discount when you sign up there. The first time we had to get our picture made at guest services and pick up our card there. Since then we just renew at LCS. I don't know about the cost of the non-executive membership because we recover far more than the cost of the executive membership in a few visits because it gives us a discount not available with the other memberships. Please note that you need to use the card of the primary account holder in order to get the discount. Non-primary account holders don't get the discount. We use our Mexican Costco membership card in the US and Canada without any difficulty. The only challenge we have had is when we wanted to use it for Costco Travel to book a cruise. We had to call three times and finally a person knew how to enter our number and set it up in a way that allows us to use Costco Travel now. Finally, let me reiterate that - as someone who struggled to earn a decent living and was able to retire in my 50s because I was lucky enough to be hired by decent employers - the way a company treats their employees tells a lot about their morals and qualities. I try to spend my money in keeping with my morals and that is another massive difference in Costco and Walmart. Walmart has a terrible record of how they treat their employees and Costco has a very, very good record.
  12. Interesting that you posted this. We have many friends who say the same but everytime we have gone to Tio Sam the prices are quite a bit higher than what we can find in other stores. We bought a new fridge at El Bodegon in Jocotepec (a block south of the square) last year. El Bodegon was more than two thousand pesos cheaper for the same model than at Tio Sam. This week we began looking at replacing our gas stove and oven. Tio Sam has prices 2,000 pesos more for the same model than El Bodegon. Both have free delivery and I am comparing identical model numbers. Each have slightly different stock but overlap in some cases. So we are trying to decide what model we want and if it available at El Bodegon, it will be cheaper there. I will grant you that Tio Sam is convenient if you live in Ajijic or Chapala. Since we live in San Juan Cosala, we go to either with ease. We've also looked at Soriano's in Chapala but have found the quality of the products there to be below what we would want. The prices are lower but the quality is much lower.
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