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  1. Horror story: see "stress test" post. This should be a wake up call for all those who leave their dogs loose or off-leash. Many of us have had a scare from off leash dogs even in places like the walking path on the malecon, where we should feel safe from being swarmed or attacked. Besides, it's not legal to have loose or unleashed dogs in town.
  2. Regardless of our opinions on this project, if it's true that this company already has the necessary property and permits, what, exactly can anyone do about stopping it at this juncture? Most expats here are non-citizens. Even if they were, what could actually be done?
  3. "So for those of you that lack fine dining experience, it may not be to your liking. "(Floresta). Eeeew. The reviews of this restaurant are so diverse that I agree with "upfront". I think most of us on here HAVE had the "fine dining experience" to know the difference between good and bad Italian food. Some of us had the benefit of having it in Italy. Others, at the fine ethnic restaurants in the big cities NOB. So, I'll wait until someone whose past reviews of other places were "right on" and who liked the food at Alex's, before investing in a meal there.
  4. I like Roberto's brunch. Lovely garden setting, too. For one thing, everything is included in the price: fruit plate (usually with the cantaloupe), breads, entree, small dessert item and coffee. An a la carte menu could get very pricey by the time all the above items are included.
  5. Br.....unch: A combination of breakfast and lunch? More substantial dishes than you'd normally have for breakfast, with sometimes a little dessert item, and even an alcoholic drink like a bloody Mary or a Mimosa.
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