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  1. MarkWebles

    Here we go again 1996 Ford Windstar

    Indeed he is. Both upper and lower case.
  2. MarkWebles

    Here we go again 1996 Ford Windstar

    Yes, but Eric's mind is elsewhere.
  3. MarkWebles

    Pet Peaves

    Ouch! That had all the sting of a fluffy cloud, but half as interesting.
  4. MarkWebles

    Pet Peaves

    When future societies write about the fall of Western Civilization in the 21st. century, they will point to this thread as one of the signs of the impending implosion that were ignored.
  5. Right, android in not accessible the way Windows is, but installing an SSH server is simple enough. Once into the system, troubleshooting is as simple as troubleshooting any other Linux box. Easy Peas.
  6. Trust me, Doug, I'm an actual professional. or once was. OS/2 was discontinued back in 2001and for good reason, it was complicated, expensive, and was difficult to troubleshoot and to obtain adequate support for. And I include IBM's own helpdesk here. It was fine used as a simple desktop, but start adding 5250 or 3270 emulation into the mix, then all bets are/were off. System resource tuning was a nightmare. At the point of it's demise, and it pains me to admit, MS had a better product with Windows 2000. The fact some people continue to use OS/2 is no reflection on the viability of the product, after all there are user groups for Atari and CP/M.
  7. I think your inclination toward apathy is your best bet here, Doug. Who cares about OS/2, it's a dead product. Which, by the way, I was supporting back in the '90s. But answer me this, Doug, is the flayrod still out of skew on the treadle?
  8. Doug, "This isn't right. This isn't even wrong." - Wolfgang Pauli Stick with Windows before someone gets hurt.
  9. MarkWebles

    Installing a computer extender

    "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong". -H. L. Mencken
  10. Most here can't see past their own preconceptions. I'd say WideSky has nothing to worry about.
  11. MarkWebles

    Cruz Roja ambulance cost to Guad from Lakeside

    Last April I took a trip to Guad via Cruz Roja and it cost 2500 pesos.
  12. MarkWebles

    Fiber optic cable in Riberas

    Says the king of the one word dismissive reply. But if you're really looking to impress your friend at the next Microsoft soirée, you could start here... Fiber Optic Cables. There are more cables in heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
  13. MarkWebles

    Fiber optic cable in Riberas

    " Turns out most fibre cable is "flat" like this." No, it isn't.
  14. You get pulled over without cause, and this a good thing? Like lambs to slaughter.
  15. MarkWebles

    Female American doctor in town

    Bigot, much?
  16. MarkWebles

    Pemex Station To Avoid, You Tell Me.

    This is better than most Monty Python routines. Keep up the good work.
  17. I'm not denying that they exist. I'm well aware that they exist. I'm well aware that profit-making and altogether technologically superfluously separate and expensive Language packs exist. I'm mocking the fact that they exist, and now, that you didn't pick-up on that, I'm mocking you.
  18. Language packs, that's so cute.
  19. MarkWebles

    Is it really 103F in Ajijic right now??

    "The world will never be free until the last prince is strangled on the entrails of the last priest, and everyone else goes metric"
  20. MarkWebles

    Music records to CDs?

    Yep, you're both quite right, making copies of music that you own is legal. I've been labouring under that bit of misinformation for decades.
  21. , I blame the superlative Canadian education system. The one I rarely attended.
  22. CG, you see it don't you? The insult you just through at your customer base?
  23. BCDoug, this is a perfect example of what I was referring to. Having an install CD is good, of course, but the bulk of available software is accessed off the internet. "AND isn't Linux still a command line based OS, like DOS ? the GUI is just an external wrapper (shell) on the CLI ". Yes, Doug, that is a reasonable description of Linux, as it is of all operating systems that have a graphic user front end. You might want to look into Windows Server Datacenter version. Looks like DOS, but isn't.
  24. MarkWebles

    Music records to CDs?

    Copying/digitizing music, even music that you own, is actually illegal. But like most people, I have digitized all my music. About 45 years worth. Rather than the very lengthy process of converting it yourself, I'd suggest asking around for pre-digitized copies of what you want. You never know what you might find and It's just as legal as doing it yourself.
  25. There''s an adage, ignorance is bliss, however, when it comes to technology, I find the exact opposite is more often the case. Having said that, I'd like to bring to your attention the fact that Linux users never, to my knowledge, avail themselves of these pages for a technical hands-up. Is it that Linux users are more technically adept? That's possible, I guess. Is it that we're smarter than you? Not even close. My best guess is that we may have given-in to a curiosity as to the nature of this other operating system and found it to be far less opaque than is the usual offerings from Microsoft. People in-the-know will tell you that Linux is both difficult to learn, and is inherently insecure; this is routinely accompanied by comments to effect that this only to be expected in a product that is free. If I were to tell you that if the various Linux operating systems and the open source software (think free) that is run on them were to disappear, the internet as we have come to know and love it, would cease to exist, would you believe me? While it is quite true that Linux's share of the desktop market is miniscule compared to MS (Microsoft spends millions in marketing their products, while Linux in the guise of a few big players like Red Hat, spend a pittance, most spend nothing) , it outstrips MS in almost every other market category. Your smart phone is likely running Android, which is a Linux derivative. Your smart TV is likely running Linux, your Telmex modem is running Linux, many late model cars run Linux, and all of the top 500 supercomputers in the world run Linux. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, The United State's Navy, NASA, The New York Stock Exchange, Japanese Bullet Trains, and hackers, all use Linux (this list is not exhaustive). Linux is free and always has been. Ever bought a Microsoft product? "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated" - Johnny Rotten There is, of course, an initial leaning curve, but it's shallow enough for the average computer user. The only real problem for some people is that some Windows applications don't have a Linux equivalent. Is Linux for you? In most cases, I'd say yes. Oh, and in 20 years of using Linux I have never had a virus or any other malware harm a computer of mine. Here's some extra food for thought.