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  1. "God gave us the earth and the rights are derived thereof, and the use of it, but people forget that basic fact." Fact? What do you know about facts? You god-bortherers just kill me (figuratively, though there was a time...). You'd think that in the 21st century, a statement like that would have you relegated to the short bus.
  2. MarkWebles

    Water Pressure Tank

    Pressure tanks that require a refill of air should be filled to 2 psi less than the tank minimum pressure. For example, if your tank depletes to 20 psi, at which point the pump kicks in, then the pressure tank should be charged to 18 psi. If the charge is 20 psi or greater your tank won't charge because the pump switch will not kick in, less than 18 psi and you lose at little usable volume. No big deal.
  3. MarkWebles

    Need a Computer Fixer

    Prefamulated amulite. How some of you sound...
  4. MarkWebles

    Firefox Problem

    An unusual idea? To you, perhaps, but my 25 years as an IT professional says otherwise.
  5. MarkWebles

    Firefox Problem

    When was the last time the system (OS and apps) was reinstalled? If more than 2 years you should consider calling The Computer Guy for a rebuild. Windows has a tendency to collect crap over time; spyware, etc. Disk fragmentation may be an issue too.
  6. MarkWebles

    Need a Computer Fixer

    FYI, for you do-it-yourselfers, Clonezilla ( I know, unfortunate name) is free and will do what Ghost will do. For easy drive partitioning I recommend gparted (Gnome Partition Editor), also free. https://clonezilla.org/ https://gparted.org/
  7. MarkWebles

    Need a Computer Fixer

    Windows licenses don't expire. The tech who "fixed" your computer likely simply reinstalled a time limited demo version which are usually valid for 90 days. You were ripped-off. Welcome to Mexico. Unless you have a specific need for Windows, you might want to consider Linux. Always free, always more secure than Windows, and runs well on older equipment. https://itsfoss.com/reasons-switch-linux-windows-xp/
  8. Christian churches? Here, in Mexico? Yeah, we have a few.
  9. Sterens. Located at the east end of the plaza fronting Walmart. Make sure you know what type of PCI card slot you have. They are not interchangeable. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/307880-30-motherboard-slots
  10. MarkWebles

    Car ac warning!

    "For every problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." -H. L. Mencken "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." -Robert J. Hanlon
  11. MarkWebles

    Another Canadian Childhood Song

    True story. Our family home was used in an episode for The Littlest Hobo back in the mid to late 60s'. This house here in West Vancouver.
  12. MarkWebles

    Q anyone??

    Coherency, give it a try.