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  1. No doubt we'll evolve to a point where we will able to keep up with our social media chores and simultaneously get the requisite amount of sleep each night. Brave New World, indeed.
  2. There, there, people. Don't get yer boxers in a bunch. All the excitement will surely keep you up tonight. ETA: "Goody for you". Who says that?
  3. My, my! What did we do before the development of modern, easily obtained pharmaceuticals? Probably something barbaric like avoiding pharmaceuticals, or better, going for a walk .
  4. As long as the right people are profiting, who are we to complain?
  5. What they need to do is convince people that they really don't need the mountain of plastic shit that is available on every shelf of every Walmart on the continent.
  6. I know that you think the buzzing noise you here all the time is just a sign of aging, but it is in fact the point going over your head. "Smallpox was officially declared eradicated in 1979". The Smallpox vaccine is no longer given because the Smallpox vaccine worked and we didn't have every febrile, reactionary bead clutcher getting in the way. As for the plague that killed millions, it is now treatable with antibiotics. Science, not potions or prayers or prostrations; Science. The scientific method is just that, a method. Nothing to sell. Oh, and for the record, the quote is "lies, damn lies and statistics". I think your millennia old belief system is showing. How gauche.
  7. http://www.crispian.net/PTIR/Nonsense.html Just sayin'!
  8. cafemediterraneo, I believe you are quite correct to be concerned about vaccinations. Nobody should be able to prevent us from contracting whatever infectious disease strikes our fancy. Say, smallpox, or whatever you think might go well with the drapes. Do you honestly believe that the well-being of one individual outweighs the health of an entire society? Do you know that The Black Plague killed almost 100 million people in the 14th. century. How many people do you know of that have died from it? Anybody? Anybody at all? Didn't think so. Science: It's not just for movies, anymore.
  9. Peer review is where you watch the boats at rest.
  10. Stop confusing us with all this sciency sounding stuff. Genetic? Who is that, anyway? Just some know-it-all with high degrees.
  11. This post has to be a POE? Am I right? Louis Pasteur died over 120 years ago. I think you'll find that things have progressed a little since then. For example, it's my understanding that blood letting has recently fallen out of favour. So much wrong in so little space.
  12. tkessler, I spent 25 years in the industry, there's precious little you could tell me that I don't already know. And for the record, I asked a question, it's your inference that is flawed. "But they oversubscribe less than Telme´╗┐x, which is why the users on clean setups are seeing good performance ". You shouldn't discuss matters that you clearly don't understand.
  13. If I wanted advice from an id!0T, I'd have asked.
  14. "If they oversubscribe it"! Are you implying that Ilox doesn't oversubscribe? Here's a hint for you: All providers oversubscribe. It's how they stay in business. "Ilox network is all fiber." So what! The Titanic was said to be unsinkable. Fiber is only as fast as the hardware to which it is connected, and that presupposes that there isn't any rate-limiting applied. "If you are using Google, Facebook, or Netflix, they have direct high speed connections" Yeah, no they don't. There's this little thing called economies of scale, and none of the companies you mentioned have it. Not in the way you suggest. Next you'll be telling us there's a kind and loving god who'll torture us for eternity if we don't believe in it. Who's that stupid?
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