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  1. tkessler, I spent 25 years in the industry, there's precious little you could tell me that I don't already know. And for the record, I asked a question, it's your inference that is flawed. "But they oversubscribe less than Telmex, which is why the users on clean setups are seeing good performance ". You shouldn't discuss matters that you clearly don't understand.
  2. If I wanted advice from an id!0T, I'd have asked.
  3. "If they oversubscribe it"! Are you implying that Ilox doesn't oversubscribe? Here's a hint for you: All providers oversubscribe. It's how they stay in business. "Ilox network is all fiber." So what! The Titanic was said to be unsinkable. Fiber is only as fast as the hardware to which it is connected, and that presupposes that there isn't any rate-limiting applied. "If you are using Google, Facebook, or Netflix, they have direct high speed connections" Yeah, no they don't. There's this little thing called economies of scale, and none of the companies you mentioned have it. Not in the way you suggest. Next you'll be telling us there's a kind and loving god who'll torture us for eternity if we don't believe in it. Who's that stupid?
  4. Well done, Tiny, you can use the internet. Another def for bête noire is pet peeve, but don't let that little hoisting by your own petard get you down, bugbear that it is.
  5. Don't forget "15. keep an open mind". If ever there was a phrase that broadcasts one's own cemented thinking, this is it. No matter how you wrap your febrile pretzel logic, it isn't going to make homeopathy anything more than what it is; and what it is, is water. Sorry for the derail here, but this one's a heart-felt bête noire, up with which, I will not put.
  6. This is what comes of the notion of leader worship and it's infantilizing effects. Heroes are for children. It's not ALL gloom and doom, however. Wing Nut Daily is on the brink of collapse. I guess hate doesn't pay as well as it once did.
  7. This is 2019. Logic: such an quaint and antiquated notion. The last time I heard the word uttered in earnest, it was by June Cleaver.
  8. But it won't, well, likely won't, turn back on because you previously set the turn-on pressure to 40 psi. The tank needs to be charged to slightly less actual air pressure (about 2 psi less) than the turn-on pressure. Charge the tank to 38 psi and you'll have no problems.
  9. "All those". Hyperbole, another word not in your vocabulary.
  10. Let's see. We have a non-sequitur and an erroneous assumption. Perhaps it is simply that you don't understand what having 20/20 hindsight alludes to, as your post suggests?
  11. ...He said with perfect 20/20 hindsight.
  12. Here, for those of you that may yet be saved... http://www.crispian.net/PTIR/Nonsense.html Please note that for all it's elements, this table is not exhaustive. Prolotherapy isn't on the table, but it should be. "Gibbering Godshite." What a great phrase!
  13. You can tell a lot about a person by the books they(?) read.
  14. I usually go to the Goodyear on Pepe Guizar. Only a single treatment required. Lasts, typically, 2 years. They do brakes, too.
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