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  1. Hi Mark


    Thank you for your concern for the kids at our school and the internet connection

    i want to investigate linux further.

    Our board of directors met last Friday, a fellow named Curtis is now the teacher for CAD program. and will be training assistants who are bilingual to teach the students

    If you could meet with us. it would be great. we want this cad up and running by fully by JAN 2020.

    email taxexpat@aol.com


    Thank you 




  2. Desktop-as-a-service. Privacy? What's that? Did my laptop's camera just turn-on by itself? Sheep to slaughter.
  3. traderspoc, have you considered replacing Windows in favor of Linux running one of the free, open source CAD packages? The laptops will likely run faster and at the very least you will not be at the mercy of a temperamental internet connection. There are other benefits to be had and if you'd like to discuss them, send me a message. https://opensource.com/alternatives/autocad
  4. Thanks. I did not know that. Having only dogs I've never investigated further.
  5. Go to a garden center and pickup a packet of Cynoff. Mix the powder with 3 litres of water and spray around doors, windows and other areas where a scorpion might gain entrance. Once dry the solution is harmless to pets. Scorpions will still get in (they are a robust creature, but they will be weakened considerably). And what jh5127 said above.
  6. That's it, Pappy, double down on the banality. It's always best to stick with what you know.
  7. Tony Heller? This Tony Heller? AKA Steve Goddard? "When liars figure, figures lie". Yeah, this is something Tony Heller would know about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLjkLPnIPPw
  8. Define "cleanest" for us, if you can, as it pertains to pollution. Sounds like a page from the creationists handbook and it's "kinds". Per capita, the United States wins the title of the world's most polluting country (and we all know how Americans like titles, no matter how dubious) . Wipe it off the planet? If wishes were horses...
  9. It's both cute and demoralizing that you think 120 year old weather prognostications are relevant to anything today. Giver the Right's abysmal record for choosing sides on the more pressing issues of the day, I say: Keep-up the good work! ...and BTW, any monkey can play your game... https://soapboxie.com/us-politics/21-TruthsThat-Prove-Republicans-Have-Been-Wrong-About-Everything If nothing else, the Right loves to create fear where none exists, then play upon those fears. And as ignorance breeds fear, you got Betsy DeVos to insure that that fear only grows. ETA: sincere apologies to monkeys everywhere; We know you know better than to drink from that great big cup of stupid.
  10. This is exactly what I did. There is a required 4 year period as a holder of a valid temporal visa before you can apply for the permanente. Your temporal will have to be renewed each time it expires; this is without needing to provide new financial information.
  11. I've had both my legs and both my arms amputated, and most of my neck severed (I got better), but you don't hear me complaining. But seriously, this is not the place for sympathy: we have an infestation of reactionary relics who constantly pine for McCarthy (Joe, not Eugene, but you knew that) and when all right thinking conservatives were Democrats. "Curse you Lyndon B. Johnson!" We'd try DDT, but you know, regulations.
  12. Geeser, you are a liar. ...and a bad one at that. I found the source text from which your quote is drawn and it comes as no surprise to anyone except maybe MC and his coterie of fabulists that very few of the signees to this document are Climate Scientist (sic) and that most aren't scientists at all. I'll post here just one of many examples just to make you look ridiculous... 10. Allen MacRae, retired Engineer, Canada It goes without saying that the quote itself has no merit. ...and scientific findings are always considered provisional. This is not news. You might want to try a source that has a bit more credibility than does americanthinker.com. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/american-thinker/ "Overall, we rate the American Thinker, Questionable based on extreme right wing bias, promotion of conspiracy theories/pseudoscience, use of poor sources and failed fact checks."
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