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  1. What is the latest status on auto emissions testing? Is a testing facility in Chapala open? If so, what days, hours & location.
  2. Four of us enjoyed dinner at Bobby's La Terraza last night. We began with either crab bisque (outstanding!) or mushroom soup, followed by a nice little salad. Three of us ordered the seafood crepes while one had the brisket. Our meals were delicious. The portions were reasonable and left us room for ice cream. We all ordered different flavors and tried each others'. The favorite by far was.....basil ice cream. That's right....basil the herb. It was light and fresh and delightful. Overall we had a wonderful experience
  3. Is it true that the new Jalisco traffic laws will no longer allow right turns at red lights? Are there other changes about which we should be informed?
  4. Oh dear. I can only share my experience. Dr Gustavo first did laparocopic surgery on my knee to repair my meniscus. This was unsuccessful. Before he replaced my knee, I asked him to tell me about my new knee. He obviously was insulted that I asked. My primary doctor told me to trust Dr Gustavo to pick out the appropriate prosthesis. After the replacement, I had a horrible time with physical therapy. My new knee had a very limited range of motion. When I asked Dr Gustavo about this, he replied, "How old are you?" I had just turned 65. He condescendingly responded, "Well aren't you getting
  5. Claudia Gomez is a very special woman who used to handle much of the customer service and paperwork at Bellon Insurance. Over a year ago she started her own "Personal Concierge" service. Claudia grew up in Guadalajara but spent her weekends at her family's other home in Ajijic. This is when she fell in love with the Chapala area. She studied English in London before getting her philosophy degree from the Univ. of Rome. (She also is fluent in Italian!) Claudia will run errands, do grocery shopping, make deliveries, do online shopping (e.g. tickets), drive you to appointments or shopping La
  6. Telephones have been out of order (no dial tone) in Los Sabinos since yesterday morning. We also had not internet service until late yesterday afternoon.
  7. Many hardware stores carry fly swatters. I go to the store just west of the TelMex office on the carretera. I buy several at a time since the swatters fall apart after a short time. My neighbor has a battery-operated insect swatter that looks like a tennis racket. It zaps anything that flies. She has so much fun using it! I think she bought it at the variety store across from the Ajijic plaza. She also hangs old-fashioned fly traps (i.e. sticky paper) on her terrace and over the breakfast bar of her kitchen. Within days, the traps will be black. This has been a particularly bad year
  8. There are several people in the area who provide such services as a "personal concierge." My favorite is a lovely Mexican woman named Claudia Gomez. She is a native of Guadalajara whose family had a weekend home in Ajijic, which she loves. She speaks beautiful English after spending a year in London. She graduated from a university in Rome so she also speaks fluent Italian (and is a great Italian cook!). Until recently she worked at Bellon Insurance. Her cell phone number is 331-695-4607. Her e-mail address is clausgoa@yahoo.com.mx. Claudia is happy to run errands with or for you. She wil
  9. Oh my! According to my American Heritage Dictionary, "lightening" means: 1. To make light or lighter; illuminate or brighten. 2.To be luminous, shine. 3. To give off flashes of lightning. Nothing is mentioned about a uterus.
  10. This is funny...as I submitted my question, I realized I had incorrectly spelled "lightning." Then I decided that "lightening" was more appropriate. This was not lightning. It was as though a light switch was being toggled....day, night, day, night, day, night. The day light was very bright and "smooth," meaning there was no texture to indicate clouds. I have seen many variations of sheet lightning as I have traveled the world. This was not sheet lightning. The mystery continues......
  11. I was awakened about 4:00 this morning by the strangest lightening. The entire sky lit up. There was no thunder. The lightening seemed to pulse at a regular beat like a strobe light. It lasted for a little over half an hour. My neighbor saw it, too. She stood in the middle of our west Ajijic cul de sac. She said the light was most intense over San Juan Cosala. Neither of us have ever seen anything like it before. What was this light? What caused it? Another neighbor said a similar light was reported in Mexico City just before the earthquake. Is there such a link?
  12. Before I moved here full time, I enjoyed staying at the Ajijic Suites Hotel. It is 2 blocks west of the Plaza, a great location. I liked that all rooms have some sort of cooking area, from a full kitchen to a sink, microwave and mini-fridge. I enjoyed fixing my own breakfasts and sometimes wanted to eat dinner in. You can negotiate for a reduced rate, altho' one month is not much of an extended stay. Elaine, the owner, has a web site. You can call her Vonage number at 718-775-3830. Usually her rooms are all booked up by now, but I believe she has had some cancellations.
  13. Another new restaurant that serves excellent pizza is Pale (with an accent on the "e"). It is located on the south side of the carretera, west of Colon, next to the Sherwin Williams paint store. Pale is open Thursday thru Sunday. It is run by delightful Spanish brothers. David is the chef while younger Carlos is the host...and charmer. Carlos is also the creator of their excellent pizzas. These are gourmet pizzas. Some are quite different such as shrimp and spinach. The crust is thin and perfectly crisp because all pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired circular oven which is visible from the small
  14. When I bought a new HP printer in last spring, the computer store did not have the black ink cartridge I needed, so I purchased ink at Walmart. About 6 weeks later I inserted the new cartridge only to be informed that it was defective. I tried to return/exchange the cartridge at Walmart but was refused because a return must be made w/in 30 days of purchase. Lesson learned. Since then I have replaced the ink successfully with cartridges purchased at Walmart. Last Friday I noticed the print was light and the ink was low. I purchased an HP ink cartridge at Walmart, saving the receipt. O
  15. Charter Club Tours used to periodically offer an all-day hacienda tour. They visited 3 haciendas. One was being refurbished/rehabbed. Another, which had been huge, was destroyed except for the spectacular church. You can still see the enormous courtyard that was circled with buildings. Rosie does an excellent job of painting a mental picture of what these buildings were and how they looked. The third hacienda is now a luxurious hotel/spa and horse ranch. This is where we had a late lunch. You may want to check with Charter Club Tours (now in its new location) to see if they still offer th
  16. Luis Bermudez will take you to/from Laredo. His cell phone number is 331-604-0772. He is very reliable. His English is excellent.
  17. I have a Mexican queen-sized bed. The American fitted sheets I moved here are too large so I purchased a set of sheets from Costco. I like the sateen finish. It makes the sheets very soft. A major problem, however, is that the fitted sheet does not fit! It will not pull all the way down and fully cover two corners. There is excess fabric puckered at these corners. When the bed is fully made, those two corners (at the foot of the bed) become bumpy. I did not return the sheets for several reasons. Instead, I vowed to buy my next set of sheets elsewhere.
  18. If you are considering buying in a condo or fracc community, be certain to obtain a copy of the bylaws and handbook (if they have one). Read the bylaws carefully. Assume these rules will be enforced so be prepared to abide by them. Ignorance of the (by)laws is no excuse.
  19. E-mail them at mail@solylunalogistics.com. I don't know why they are not answering their phone. Be aware that as of early March, I was receiving mail that had been sent from the U.S. the first week of January. Fees go up while services (including promptness) go down. Good luck!
  20. You may also want to contact Nurse Josefina Contreras Mendoza at (cell) 331-115-9615 or josefina84@yahoo.com. She is a wonderful nurse who has a care-giving service as well as owning assisted living/rehab facilities. I highly recommend her.
  21. Hola, Claudia! I am looking for a house sitter for my two cats from mid-April to mid-May. Please send me your info/references at joy1310@aol.com. Gracias!
  22. Wow! You are off to a late start. Chef Georgina (of Colibri Garden and the Tuesday Farmers Market) bakes her fruitcakes in September and then begins the process of pouring liquor over each cake on a regular schedule. Any fruitcake you could bake now would be infinitely inferior! Sad to say, your result would be the stereotypical dry fruitcake (as in jokes) to be used as a doorstop or as the perfect White Elephant gift! You can order "Old English Christmas Cakes" (a.k.a. fruitcakes) by calling 376-765-4412 or 333-156-9382. You can e-mail Chefs Georgina and Peter at colibrigarden@yahoo.com
  23. I tried to go to the same book signing yesterday. I drove around and around the area looking for a parking space. There were none. Unfortunately bad knees limit the distance I can walk. I finally gave up and went home. I hope that the author schedules another book signing in a more convenient place (i.e. one that has plenty of parking spaces). Does anyone know how to get in touch with him? He is not listed in the LCS directory. I want to give a dear friend a signed copy of the book for his birthday in February.
  24. I highly recommend Luis Bermudez. He is very talented, knowledgeable and versatile....and he speaks English. You can reach him at his cell: 331-604-0772. I pay him between 150 and 200 pesos per hour, depending upon the complexity of what he is doing. He gives me back money if he thinks I've paid him too much! Luis also is a good person to drive you to Guad or to the border or to anywhere you like. In addition, he is an excellent translator.
  25. This week's Guadalajara Reporter had several ads promoting special deals during this time. For example, the clothing store Chali will be offering a 20% discount during Buen Fin. Barbara's Bazaar also had an ad. I bet there will be more ads/specials in the GR issue that is on the stands this coming Friday.
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