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  1. Lets assume you are right. I don't agree, but we only bake somewhere between 4-7 loaves a week of baguettes and boules and have for 9 months, so what do I know? We do that using a biga/poolish method with a minimal amount of yeast, approximately 3/4 tsp. per pound of flour. If I was in the USA and I wanted to approximate OO flour, I'd mix unbleached a/p and soft as silk cake flour to get the gluten/protein content to where it should be. the typical a/p is about 11%. (that I used), the soft as silk cake flour is less and is finer. . So again I ask if someone wants to approximate 00, why would you want high protein bread flour? Respectfully, Hugh
  2. Can I just ask where you got the idea that you needed high protein wheat flour to approximate OO? As the OO refers to the grind. As in extra fine. Hugh
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