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  1. Sure Mike. the landline is 376-108-0180 The cell phone which is a better option until we open is 331-797-9812
  2. Richard's Restaurant will reopen 03 November. As before we will be open only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As of this posting we only have seating available on Friday the first weekend. The following weekend we have seating available on Thursday only. Thanks for your support in the past, and I look forward to seeing you this season. Hugh
  3. The date as stated last night to you is November 3rd. Hugh
  4. I have agreed with Laura to take over the restaurant. Unfortunately I have other obligations and will not be able to reopen Richard's until 03 November, 2016. I look forward to being back in the kitchen and seeing the customers again. Hugh
  5. Lets assume you are right. I don't agree, but we only bake somewhere between 4-7 loaves a week of baguettes and boules and have for 9 months, so what do I know? We do that using a biga/poolish method with a minimal amount of yeast, approximately 3/4 tsp. per pound of flour. If I was in the USA and I wanted to approximate OO flour, I'd mix unbleached a/p and soft as silk cake flour to get the gluten/protein content to where it should be. the typical a/p is about 11%. (that I used), the soft as silk cake flour is less and is finer. . So again I ask if someone wants to approximate 00, why would you want high protein bread flour? Respectfully, Hugh
  6. Can I just ask where you got the idea that you needed high protein wheat flour to approximate OO? As the OO refers to the grind. As in extra fine. Hugh
  7. Thursday through Saturday. We take reservations starting at 5 pm. The last reservation is 7:30 pm. We only do one seating per evening so subject to table configuration not all time slots are usually used. Thanks for asking Hugh
  8. The original posters evening will live in infamy for both Laura and I. I didn't just offer an apology, I offered recompense. I am not sure what more we could have done. Interesting that as I look back at that evenings reservations, all the other parties have continued to dine with us. It still doesn't make it any better for the OP however, which we freely admit had a bad dining experience. I am sorry that I didn't see your post until today, so didn't respond in a timely manne Hugh
  9. Thanks for coming in. We always enjoy seeing you two. Hugh
  10. LIquipure, please have the reserving party if it wasn't you call the restaurant. I thought we had captured your phone number but when I went to call all I had was the prefix. Hugh
  11. Liquipure is absolutely correct that we failed to take care of his party in a timely manner. For that both Laura and I are sorry. We make no excuses. We will contact the reserving person and attempt to make amends after we get a chance to get together and discuss it. I am glad you enjoyed the food. Hugh
  12. Hugh0906

    Apple Cider

    Thanks folks Hugh
  13. Hugh0906

    Apple Cider

    Can Apple Cider be found Lakeside? I did see some in Guadalajara over the holidays. Thanks in advance for your help. Hugh
  14. A small point of clarification. You had a large soup and that was why there was a charge associated with it. Otherwise soup or salad is included with the meal
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