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  1. It is Heart of Awareness Insight Meditation Community. See their website for details on their activities. Heart of Awareness Insight Meditation Community
  2. When in doubt, check the US Consulate website HERE The requirements are always changing. The fees for services are denominated in pesos but reflect the cost in dollars so it fluctuates with the exchange rate.
  3. Thanks for the referral. I will give Beto a call. I do not believe there is regular yard waste pickup outside of Ajijic. I understand that the municipality is not collecting green waste at the moment due to a lack of working trucks. They are giving priority to garbage on the trucks. So I guess we can look forward to taller grass and more private bonfires.
  4. I am looking for someone to pick-up / dispose of yard waste about once per month from my home in W Ajijic. Nothing too heavy ... just grass and leaves. My gardener used to do this but his truck died and he does not plan to replace it. If you know of someone who could do this, please send me their contact info. Thanks
  5. I agree with Chillin. At our house, we have a 3 -4 bark rule. Our dog barks at horses or foot traffic in the street on the other side of our property wall. We call him away after 3 - 4 barks. I think it is good to alert anyone on the outside that there is a big dog waiting for them on the inside if they decide to enter uninvited. We do not want to annoy our neighbors with endless barking (which would annoy me as well) but he is part of the home security system.
  6. Hola Karen C, I was born in Findlay but lived in Clifton, went to graduate school at UC and worked in Cincinnati for a number of years. I retired here about 3 years ago. Feel free to contact me if I can help.
  7. I went through the document review process at the Seattle consulate two years ago. I thought the process was quite smooth. The application procedure described on their web site, https://consulmex2.sre.gob.mx/seattle/index.php/english/visa-requirements , was accurate. If you supply the materials requested, there should be no problems. The only problem that I encountered, was the criminal background check that was required then. I'm not sure that is still required. The document can be obtained from the Wa State Patrol on-line, but the consulate would only accept a certified copy. So after a quick drive to Olympia, I had the certified copy in hand and had the documents approved the next day.
  8. Carlos Taylor is my guy. He always delivers more than required.
  9. I would draw attention to Prolongacion Ocampo, west of the cemetery. Some of the sewer access hatches in the center of the road are serious hazards.
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