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  1. Does anyone have a good Chapala doggie groomer they could recommend? There’s woods behind my house and after a romp my golden doodle is now covered in sticky weeds I can’t get out. EDIT I moved this to the Furry and Feathered Friends topic because it is probably better there Moderator5
  2. Wow. So many quick and informative answers. You people rock. Thank you.
  3. I visited Dra Claudia Camacho May 2018, but I understand she has left the Lakeside area. Is there anyone out there who has undergone very recent and successful cataract surgery? Who was your surgeon?
  4. Can anyone recommend a colored cement floor installer?
  5. I am seeking an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in HIP REPAIR or HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY. I would prefer a surgeon in Guadalajara. Please help. Dianne
  6. According to a few internet pet sites, at 12 weeks of age the pup will roughly double in size (to approximately 20 pounds). So he's not going to be a big guy!
  7. A mere "letter" from a vet won't get you on the plane. Airline regulations require a vet's certificate. Your vet will know what to do. I don't know about Volaris, but Aeromexico and US airlines want the certificate signed by the USDA. That means you pay to have your vet Federal Express the vet-signed certificate to your state's USDA office, and the USDA will federal express the now USDA-signed certificate back to you. AND, you have to fly within 10 days of the certificate (thus the federal express expense in case of late mail). The only airport personnel you will deal with are the Volaris folks upon check-in and boarding. They will check your pup's paperwork when they check yours. And you may be asked to hand carry the pup (outside the crate) past the x-Ray machine, not through it. No big deal. (Nobody cares that you are at the airport with a dog; it's very routine.) Once you board, it gets easier. I carried a 3-pound pup onto a plane last year and the tiny carrier would only fit under the seat by sliding it under from the aisle. No room to lower the carrier from the seat to the floor! So be aware of that, because planes shrink. LOL I think the fees run around $100, but Aeromexico was $125. If you need a quick dog food meal at an airport, scrambled eggs will do. Or any energy boosting protein. (Pups might need to be tempted to eat during a long flight, and kibble might not tempt.) And take an empty medical syringe with you to make SURE the pup drinks during your travel. A 5-pound pup can get stressed, quit drinking, and go downhill pretty fast. Can't have that! Oh, and fold several disposal puppy pads into the bottom of the carrier or crate. You can remove them one by one if you need to. Congrats on your new fur kid!
  8. Zavannarosa


    I guess it's a mystery, then, how competing restaurants in the area manage to source their own hard-to-find ingredients yet still charge less than comparable restaurants NOB for the same dishes. Rice noodles may be relatively expensive, but other ingredients are dirt cheap. Anyway, true Vietnamese food is practically vegetarian so why does Chopstick affix sirloin prices to their rice noodles? I think their food is okay, but way overpriced considering the ingredients. This is the only restaurant I've found that prices their food higher than NOB. I will be excited to see them gain some competition! I think that's just what they need.
  9. Zavannarosa


    I'm used to eating Vietnamese food cooked by native Vietnamese. Everything served at Chopsticks is higher-priced than NOB, and served in mini-portions and with the wrong sauces. (Peanut sauce is not traditionally served with a noodle bowl any more than Italian spaghetti is served with tarter sauce--no matter how many expats like tartar sauce!) I used to buy banh mi sandwiches every week NOB ... They are under $3.50 all over Houston, which is cheaper than Chopsticks. The noodle bowls are also very inexpensive in Texas, around the same price as Chopsticks but Chopsticks noodle bowls are half the size! No wonder folks are eating 3- and 4-course meals at chopsticks just to get full! Normally, only the biggest appetite can finish off a noodle bowl. They are not usually served in an appetizer-size like at Chopsticks. I'm happy to read the food is good, but certainly it should be to compensate for the small, over-priced portions.
  10. I am VERY interested! Please keep me posted.
  11. Alphacat, this board hasn't worked for me for 2 days. I can't PM you. However, Janet is taking her little boy and girl chihuahuas to the Wednesday tianguis on Feb. 11. The pups are very young, and real cute.
  12. Alphacat, I have let a friend with 2 chihuahua pups know you are looking. She owns the parents, and also has a older sister from the same parents so you can see what they look like a little older. They are very cute! Good luck.
  13. Does anyone know of a good groomer Lakeside who can groom a Maltese? My puppy will need a haircut in a few months. I'm not holding out for a Maltese grooming expert, but I want to find a groomer who will follow specific instructions. (I want the Korean "SeoulCal" cut and not the generic round-headed toy dog cut you see everywhere. Picky, I know.) Anyway, I took my other dog to a groomer last year for a 1" trim to his lion cut and after it was botched, the groomer told me he had no idea what a lion looked like. Hoping to avoid another fiasco! English is not absolutely necessary, my Spanish is improving and I can and will bring pictures. Thanks, everybody.
  14. I have obtained a single sheet of paper in Chapala for starting my Seguro Popular. I understand I am to visit some clinic called Six Corners, but can't find an address. Do I have to go to the six Corners Clinic? Where is it? Can I visit a Chapala clinic? If so, what is the name and address of the Chapala Clinic? How do I determine what doctor I want or need, being a newcomer who does not have a doctor? Is there a list of S.P. doctors? I have read about booklets that must be presented. How do I get a booklet, what is the booklet or? I'm sorry for all of the questions. But trying to research this makes me feel like the first expat in ajijic. I wish there was a single resource for questions about Seguro Popular, but I get the impression everyone here is required to reinvent their own wheel.
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