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  1. Does anyone have a good Chapala doggie groomer they could recommend? There’s woods behind my house and after a romp my golden doodle is now covered in sticky weeds I can’t get out. EDIT I moved this to the Furry and Feathered Friends topic because it is probably better there Moderator5
  2. Wow. So many quick and informative answers. You people rock. Thank you.
  3. I visited Dra Claudia Camacho May 2018, but I understand she has left the Lakeside area. Is there anyone out there who has undergone very recent and successful cataract surgery? Who was your surgeon?
  4. Can anyone recommend a colored cement floor installer?
  5. I have obtained a single sheet of paper in Chapala for starting my Seguro Popular. I understand I am to visit some clinic called Six Corners, but can't find an address. Do I have to go to the six Corners Clinic? Where is it? Can I visit a Chapala clinic? If so, what is the name and address of the Chapala Clinic? How do I determine what doctor I want or need, being a newcomer who does not have a doctor? Is there a list of S.P. doctors? I have read about booklets that must be presented. How do I get a booklet, what is the booklet or? I'm sorry for all of the questions. But trying to research
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