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  1. We receive some emails and inbox asking why we close more days etc. The version, THE REAL VERSION ???because you now how is it right here in lakeside some people's make his own version and start to post in severals pages. Renee right now is in the Hotel in Tequisquiapan,Qro and for the moment she's no coming back that's why in August we close 4 days at week and in September we are closing 3 days at week because first we want to be together and second we love to have free days ? But starting October we are back to normal hours **Just Chillin' will continue in Ajijic, the Hotel keeps going, the Tours keeps going and the most exiting thing it's that we are starting a new project; to open our second Hotel!!! ???yeahhhh!!! All thanks to the support of our Chillin' family. THANKS TO ALL.
  2. ? Yes this usually happened when you focus to a new business (the hotel in Tequisquiapan ) and soon buy and open the second hotel, all these because the support of our beautiful Chillin family. But not worries when the highseason start in October everything will be normal again. Hugs ??
  3. It is the first time we post that we are selling something.... and we are only selling 8 sets NOT all of our tables, and we are selling them only because we have them on storage those are the extra ones that we do not use.??
  4. Hi everybody we closed for a long weekend because we went to a weeding party in Cancun!!! Yeahhh!!! But tomorrow we will start with our regular hours. (edited to remove political content)
  5. The beds are going to be some with one queen bed and others with two matrimonial beds, the design and architecture are made special to maintain the bedrooms fresh without the need of an air conditioning nir a fan ?
  6. There are no elevators everything is in 1 level ( reception, pool, gardens & restaurant & rooms), the beds are new and comfortable and the beds are fresh there is no need for air conditioning nor fan. Tequisquiapan weather is very similar to Ajijic, sometimes a little bit warmer and sometimes a little bit cooler.
  7. The hotel we are going to open it on April 7th, the first tour are going to inaugurate the hotel. Meanwhile it is in remodelation, and purchasing everything. When it is ready of course we will show pictures. But don't worry we know the needs of our customers and we are making things thinking in you. And let me post the same answer that we just gave in the other board about the tours. Hi! The guide is going to be a Chillin' family member Juan Carlos brother, more young and same fun!!! Also in every place that we visit there is going to be an expert tour guide for expample when we visit the cheese chalet they are going to give you a tour in the cheese caves, same thing in the wine caves, and vineyards. In the Pueblos Mágicos and Querétaro we are going to take the turibus. But please don't worry Just Chillin' is the owner of the hotel, the van and the tours making everything thinking in you so you will have the best experience with the best quality ( we are from the region and we know it perfectly that is why we selected the best). The vehicle is a van for 15 people but we only want to do the tours of 10 to maximum of 12 people so you can be more comfortable.
  8. First Chillin' tour from 11 to 14 of April is already full Second tour from 18 to 21 of April still 4 places left And now opening a third tour that will be from the 25 to 28 of April ( this third one will not include the festival but instead we will take you to a tour in San Miguel de Allende only 45 minutes from Tequisquiapan). Just Chillin' tours include: 4 days 3 nights in "My Hotel" by Just Chillin' Hotel. Comfortable transportation from Just Chillin' Restaurant, Ajijic to "My Hotel" in Tequisquiapan. All breakfast included. Tour to Queretaro City : Entrance to "Convento de la Santa Cruz", museums, Downtown and Turibus. Visit to Pueblo Magico of Peña de Bernal in Turibus. Visit to Pueblo Magico of Tequisquiapan in Turibus. Visit Freixenet and tour to the wine caves. Visit to Cheese Chalet Bocanegra and tour to Cheese caves. Visit La Redonda with tour to the Vineyard and a special Brunch. Entrance to the Festival of Art, wine & cheese. ( when there is a festival going on will be included if not we will change it for a tour in San Miguel de Allende). Flight in Hot Air Balloon Private welcoming Bonfire party with live music inside the Hotel. Box lunch and T shirt included. Taxes included. All entrance fee included. Just Chillin Tour for only $5900 per person in doble occupancy. First pay first to go *The tours are going to be in groups of 12 people because we want to give a more personalized service, more comfortable and fun. Tours are going to be every week ( with a minimum of 8 people).
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