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  1. Hi: I need a new glass crystal for my watch. Any chance that the battery man at the Tianguis could do this work? If not, where else do you recommend that I go for it? Thank you.
  2. Speaking of plumbers, I can also share with you who not to use. I have used a guy off and on for two years. His quality has diminished drastically as of ten days ago. I had a leak beneath my sink and he replaced a gasket going from the pipe into the wall. Next day, my wife went to replace things under the sink when she noticed the sink was still leaking. Turns out he had put electric tape around the U shaped pipe. Now I know why he has ignored my calls and three emails. New Plumber today unwraps the tape and said the pipe is cracked. PM me if you want to know who this was.
  3. Now dealing with the Pier is a great idea to enhance tourism and use for the natives, instead of the plaza. They should leave the plaza alone.
  4. Thanks Mainecoons, and sounds like a plan. Cannot tolerate the waiting and dealing with the big bottles.
  5. Thanks Al Berca. That is a good idea and better for the environment, less gas and traffic with fewer trucks.
  6. Thanks Mtn Mama for that good suggestion. That makes more sense than expecting my delivery guy to come back and forth from Chapala and all over to W. Ajijic. Thanks
  7. I have heard that there is now 21st century technology that allows you to get quality drinking water out of your tap down here. However, I am not familiar on ANY of the specifics. Anyone knowledgeable of the details and cost are appreciated !
  8. Hi: For about the past 3 months, my drinking water delivery man has been very erratic. Have used him for 5 years and just getting worse by the month. I am tired of all these excuses and almost having to beg him to come. I always give about a 15 % tip and would prefer Katya delivery if possible. Appreciate any recommendations. Thank you.
  9. I think luvsdawgs and Ibarra are both right. The US stock market is not making much sense. Although, the new highs are certainly being driven by the good chance of Covid vaccines coming out in the next couple of months. However, the US market also defies the logic that the current $27 Trillion in US debt is real and will have to go even higher with further fiscal spending to bring the US unemployment and small businesses back from depression like numbers from Covid. This level of debt would normally lead to higher inflation and ultimate slowdown in the economy at some point. But we have been saying for 12 years that the debt will cause inflation and a recession. Yet, the US stock market defies logic, for sure, IMO ! Same thing can be said for the FED driving interest rates lower. You would think at some point, that inflation would go higher and ultimately drive up interest rates, which could lead to an economic downturn. But, when? So, who knows when the debt will catch up to the US --during our generation or not?? Meanwhile, you look at MX and think about the old saying that economically, when the US sneezes that MX gets a cold. That is one thing to consider. You also need to consider that MX does not bail out its unemployed and poor the way the US does. Then, there is the gigantic issue of PEMEX and the huge debt the MX Govt carries to keep PEMEX afloat. One thing that will determine the fate of the MX peso more than the USD is the price of oil. If oil prices keep going lower and lower, the MX economy could look weaker and ultimately make the MX peso weaker against the USD. I think that could affect the MX peso more than inflation. Quien sabe ?
  10. We smell them in upper Villa Nova regularly and they are strong enough to wake you out of a sound sleep. They are definitely nocturnal and seldom leave their spray before 9 pm. Had a problem with family of raccoons back in VA and heard that human urine might deter them. Did not work !! Might need to try it here, rather than keep losing sleep over their strong and awful smell.
  11. No reliable vaccine will be available in December. Also, you can be sure reliable (ie, safe) vaccines will be available in the US before here.
  12. Think it is called Lozam ( Lorazapam) down here and any GP can prescribe it. Does not have to be a special pain doctor to prescribe it. Available at Guad Farmacia.
  13. I apologize for not responding sooner but the partnership in the mailbox was filled yesterday. Others can answer your questions about Ishop v. Handy Mail. I can tell you the cost for a small box at Ishop is about $120 USD/ yr and a medium box is about $564 USD/yr. I have had packages delivered to Ishop. Some have had aduanas ( import) taxes and some have not. Others can tell you about similar costs at Handy Mail. Thanks.
  14. Hi: We are looking for another partner to share a medium size mailbox at Ishop. We must pay by December 11th. Please respond on the board or you can call me at 376-766-1520. Thanks !
  15. Thanks Ellie for the info on LCS' fee for last year. Please keep us up to date when you can on the 2020 LCS vaccine fee ! Thanks again
  16. I think Bancomer is one of, if not the most customer unfriendly bank lakeside! I had an account there once and could not wait until I could close it. They had strange charges always attached to my account and my balance never seemed to add up. They always had excuses and I felt that they were never honest with me. My entire experience with them was a nightmare. I would recommend having your money at Multiva or Intercam.
  17. I also highly recommend Dr. Daniel Briseno. Very personable and knowledgeable. Had endoscopy done by him about 4 yrs ago.
  18. Congrats on your recovery and your bill. Unfortunately. I paid 149,000 pesos for a laproscopic hernia surgery at Puerto Hierro Sur Hospital in late February. It was a huge rip-off. That was for hospital only and my surgeon said that was the third occurrence of outrageous billing of his patients there in one week. That did not even include spending a night in the hospital. In and out the same day. I certainly recommend staying away from Puerto Hierro Sur Hospital !! It might be more convenient than going into Guad, but not at that price !!
  19. Does anyone know what the fee will be for the 4-strain flu vaccine at LCS? Thanks.
  20. You really would trust taking the Russian vaccine?? I do not think it has been properly vetted by any world health organization standard.
  21. About 3 weeks ago, I got there on a Monday morning and she said I was too late, that the mail for Laredo leaves at 8 a.m. on Monday. And, that was after stopping on the Sunday before to realize they are closed on Sundays.
  22. They have the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted and only 12 pesos !! I ask for and they pleasantly give more glaze on them. Best of all, no raisins.
  23. mexijims1


    I second for Tony's butcher shop in SAT
  24. WE found the same thing with Walmart -- the 80/20 is disgusting ! We could not buy it anymore. Tried to form patties and it stuck to my hand like glue. We now go to Tony's butcher shop in SAT and much happier and worth a few pesos more. Even get the sirloin ground up in front of us there and about 140 per kg.
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