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  1. I am disappointed, I loved their Thai food. From another thread, sounds like a good alternative might be the Thai place that delivers; Eduardo?
  2. Don't forget that Aero Mexico filed for the MX version of Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization last year. Maybe they have not made refunding tax credits much of a priority. Maybe going with a travel agent when flying Aero Mexico might be a safer bet.
  3. Agree with barrbower. No reason someone needs to challenge the definition of a "third world country". The questioner speaks for itself !
  4. My Expat health insurance just went up 30%. Gasoline was supposed to get cheaper with the "competition" created by Nieto's energy deregulation. Poor Mexican people are increasingly not able to afford to drive. SAD. Not sure about north of the border, but inflation is sure present here on most fronts. Seems like every time you shop at Walmart, many prices just keep going up. Some prices around Ajijic are starting to compare to the US., IMO.
  5. Yeah, fortunately more than a lick. But, I normally do not respond to moronic questions like yours !!
  6. Making an appointment online is the easiest part of the process. Having to deal in person with those working at the Sec de Transportes was a horrible experience !! Still think they take delight in rejecting us !! Kind of a bureaucratic power play !!! SAD to have to be subjected to this treatment. And , my recollection of last time they were open (8 yrs ago), was at least some of the people spoke some English. Not a lick of English among this current bunch of employees.
  7. Did you ever think that each vaccine is made differently and alcohol could have an impact on some and not on others ? Go ahead drink your hearts out !!
  8. Fred, have a contact for you for a plumber who lives in Joco. His name is Alberto Farias and he speaks good English since he lived several years in the US. His home number is 387-763-1200 and his cell is 331-706-9407
  9. What personal gain do MX doctors have to tell you to not have alcohol for 20 days after receiving the Sinovac vaccine? You are foolish not to listen to them. I doubt you know as much as they do about the vaccine , unless you are some Nobel vaccine researcher !!!! NOT !!!
  10. I really like Daniel Jackson at 29-A Hidalgo at Juarez.
  11. Been here 10 years this July. Wish I had left about 5 yrs ago. Traffic is a killer now. I blame it on more babyboomers finding Ajijic /Lakeside and several more Tapatios coming down all the time from Guadalajara. Many more having second homes here as well. Cost of living is not the bargain it used to be either. Feel badly for the average Mexicans living here. More and more have to give up driving because of the cost of gasoline. But, no places good to go --seems like the whole world is crowded !
  12. Last month was also the first time for me not receiving one. Maybe they ran out of paper? The good news is the price has not changed in almost 10 yrs that I have been here.
  13. Not sure whether or not the bank will give you the 50% discount you are entitled to with an Inapam card? Went to Recaudadora and received the 50% Inapam discount off the original 642p total for the driver's license renewal fee.
  14. Took me 3 trips there before they accepted my Tel-Mex, which is only bill in my name as proof of address. They were impossible ! Seemed like they took delight in rejecting it. First time, I just had front page with my name and address. Second time, I had entire document, BUT because Tel-Mex made typo on front page saying that it was page 2 of 4, they rejected the fact that the entire bill was only 3 pages, although I tried to explain several times that this was the entire bill and the typo was a mistake. The supervisor came out and looked and it and said " falta pagina cuatro" despite the non-existence of a page 4. So, I went back home another time and this time took a previous month's bill that was correctly labeled as being only 3 pages and each page was chronologically ordered. Don't forget to take the original and a copy !!! I wish we could have drivers licenses longer than 4 years. Regarding what documents are needed, in addition to your infamous proof of address; you will need original and copy of: your passport, your Immigration Visa, your CURP number, and the original copy of your proof of payment (but no copy needed). You can pay before your Sec of Transportes visit at the Recaudadora on the last block of Degollado (on the right) in Chapala, or at Banamex.
  15. Yes, directly across the street from the Yacht Club, on the left. More specifically, turn left into the driveway just before Lupita Cafe and you will wind up in the big parking lot. Building will be to your left as you drive in.
  16. I recommend Daniel Jackson on 29-A Hidalgo, near corner of Juarez, in Ajijic. His number is 376-766-2223. He repaired a broken glass crystal in my watch and did an excellent job at reasonable price.
  17. Regarding the Russian Sputnik vaccine, the 91% efficacy is being reported by the Russians. The 73-85% efficacy is being reported by Reuters. Which source do you believe ?
  18. Not the way I see it. Would not want to be one of the ones falling into the 15- 27% of ineffective population. Furthermore , we have no idea if that ineffective population will get full blown cases of Covid or not. You are talking about maybe milder symptoms? I think the ineffective could lead to death ! Mexico should and needs to do better! https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/hdn/hrlm/p/fastly_redirect.html?dm=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.stamfordadvocate.com%2Fnews%2Farticle%2FMexico-s-pandemic-policy-No-police-No-curfews-15898157.php
  19. Cuidado on the Russian Sputnik and the Chinese vaccine. Current data on the Sputnik shows only 73-85% effectiveness and Brazilian trial of the Chinese vaccine came in around 50-58%. Neither of those is a good option for Mexico. At those rates, people will continue to spread, get and die from Covid in Mexico. We need better options from those and hope the Mx govt wakes up and realizes they are not solving the Covid problem with those two vaccines. Another confusing question: if you take one of the sub-standard vaccines, like the Sputnik or Chinese, could you follow up with a Moderna or Pfizer doses when you get access to them? I , too, heard yesterday that the AstraZeneca ( British) vaccine is only working in about 10% of the senior citizens. But, I am still trying to figure out the science regarding that finding. They reported that to the EU Health Commission yesterday. The jury ( scientific data) is still out on the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in terms of handling the variants coming out of Europe and So. Africa. So, the world is not out of the woods yet. All the more reason we cannot stop wearing masks or social distancing until we have real knowledge that this is a safe world from Covid.
  20. Once again I agree with Mudgirl. I , too, applaud those that have recuperated from Covid and have the common sense to learn from their bad experience and habits. For example, former Gov. Chris Christie came on TV and was very apologetic for his not practicing safe habits prior to getting Covid. He set the record straight and was enlightened by his illness. I hope the same for AMLO ! Hope that this is a learning experience and that a light bulb goes on in his head and smart words about safe practices come out of his mouth moving forward !
  21. I agree with Mudgirl. If he wants to downplay the seriousness of this virus and by doing so, put the lives of his Mxn. constituents at risk, then he doesn't deserve any treatment. Not hateful, just a fact ! They won't "understand it" unless they get a taste of their own nonsense. Other leaders treated with best medicines, continued on by saying "Covid is no big deal !" Seriously ??? I think Mexico has the highest death rate per capita than other. any other country. SAD when leaders do not take it seriously!
  22. I recommend Dra Justina Lopez on Carretera just west of Dental Express. Her phone is 376-766-5563. She is affordable and very good, both her and her staff !
  23. That is great to hear about the favorable change of ownership, treatment of customers, and quality of the menu at La Taverna ! After hearing "horror stories" of the previous owner from his wait staff while they were located in West Ajijic, I refused to go to the new location in SAT. One example was how he forced his employees to turn over their tips to him and in return he used it to pay their salaries. However, my question regarding your experience at La Pacena is: if your treatment there was so shabby, then why were you so gracious enough to leave such a generous tip? In my opinion, that just gives the wrong signal to them. Even in the US, if one is treated shabbily, then I tip accordingly. The La Taverna change is good news since it seems our good dining choices lakeside are more limited, especially when Covid might unfortunately drive more of them out of business.
  24. I have used Juan, now with Los Atloss Gas, for over 9 yrs. He is prompt and honest. Phone is 333-971-0630. Regarding knife sharpeners, how do you know which guy you are getting? How much does the reasonably priced guy approximately charge, say for 10 kitchen knives?
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