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  1. Still a great place -- I am going there about twice a month for carryout. He has great pizzas at reasonable prices ! Josue could use some more business, though. Please give him a try to keep this business open !! Too many good places in keep closing here! Much more difficult to stay open during these crazy Covid times !
  2. OregontoChapala is correct on filling out the registration. However, nothing happens once you are completed. Would be nice if they at least let you know that you have completed or registration or "registration was successful" or something to let you know that you have registered or they have received it. For the first vaccination, we had to print and bring a copy of the registration. I did not see any capability for this for the booster registration.
  3. Dr Gonzalez at Quality Care, whom you referred to, is a Neurosurgeon. He is good and very thoughtful.
  4. Thanks so much for your complete information ! This is very helpful.
  5. Just looking at current Tarjeta de Circulacion for 2021. Noticed that Ibarra correctly pointed out that the card is good for fours years on it . However, I am sure that we will still need to pay an annual fee? So, next month do we just show our current card at the office to pay (renew) for 2022? Does anyone know what the fee will be for 2022 ( before discount applies) ? Thanks for answers to my questions above!
  6. We like Dra Maria Lourdes in Chapala for cleaning and fillings. For anything more complicated, like root canals or needing a crown or bridge, we go to Dr. Eloy Barragan. About five years ago, Dra. Lourdes even recommended Dr. Barragan's wife to perform a root canal. Think they may have worked together at some point in the past.
  7. He was a wonderful man and did a great deal for me in treating my chronic pain. A great human being and may he Rest in Peace !!!
  8. I am a big fan of Daniel Jackson on 29A Hidalgo, by corner of Juarez. His phone number is 376-766-2223. He is both reasonably priced and very trustworthy.
  9. Almost 10 yrs ago, my precious dog was put to sleep by Dr. Pepe Magna. I told him I wanted her ashes and he said it would be ready the next day, which I received in a beautiful wooden box.
  10. Ditto on Dr. Daniel Briseno and San Antonio Hospital. He was completely thorough and gave me copy of his pictures before I left the treatment room. Then I was taken to recovery room and left to fully awake. The staff at the hospital were fine and the charges were told to me even before I went there. They took biopsies and charged extra for that, which was reasonably priced. A week later I contacted Dr. Briseno and he provided biopsy results, which fortunately were fine. Based on my experience, I totally recommend Dr. Daniel Briseno as well as San Antonio Hospital. I would go to Guadalajara as a last resort !!
  11. Thank you for communicating your poor experience ! This is totally unprofessional not to consult with you prior. You are lucky, it could have been fatal, especially for an older dog ! Cuidado on who treats your pets !!
  12. I agree. Climate change is the more accurate description for our weather changes. Maybe only global warming term applies to the summer.
  13. I agree, they have the fastest service and same quality as others. The one in Chapala takes a few hours wait to get your photos back.
  14. I had a bad experience with Bellon on car insurance about 5 yrs ago and just did the normal thing, moved my insurance to another firm. In this case, Parker has been great. But, agree everyone can have a good experience with any particular vendor of any type.
  15. Thank you. I just read on Spencer's blog on his website that you have 90 days to make changes with INM for : employment, address or marital status changes. I have had a Permanente for at least 5 yrs. After being totally harassed by an employee and el jefe at DMV when renewing my driver's license last February, I have no desire to deal with them again. Thanks again for your advice !
  16. Hi: I could not find anything readily to answer my question on this. We have recently moved within the Ajijic area. How important is it to make a change of address for your driver's license at DMV and also with Immigration ( INM)? If so, I do not see any place on the website to make an appointment at DMV for change of address, unless it is considered an " endorsement". Any help on this information is appreciated ! Thanks Any ehlp
  17. Where or which direction did this storm come from? We had no idea we were going to get this type of intensity of rain like this !
  18. Lake Chapala Society (LCS) does passport renewals on occasion. I got mine renewed in November, 2020 -- their first offering since Covid shut everything down. I got mine back from the Consulate in 20 days. It was a great (easy) experience. Call LCS to find out about future passport events.
  19. That is a great way to approach that, since my experience with the staff there last February was horrible. They made me go back home twice, since my phone bill said I had 4 pages to it, when only 3 existed, did not even have a blank page to count as page 4. I am sure use of Luis can avoid some staff attitudes like that.
  20. PharmaLife is a great generic manufacturer, offered in several different meds at GDL Farmacia. When I first arrived here 10 yrs ago, I was cautioned by a few people not to buy from Similares because the rap back then was that similaries are not equivalent to patented drugs, as generics are supposed to be. So, are the above references saying that similaries are equivalent to brand names, as generics are supposed to be? I know --when in doubt, always read the label prior to buying !!
  21. Looks like it was a one day glitch. Ironically, the next day program guide had all those programs listed that appeared the day before, but the stock coverage returned as it had appeared previously. Glad it came back normally.
  22. You can request for a correction but only if you have a copy of the document to send as proof. Our problem is they collected our original at the time we received our second vaccine. Since we did not have a download of the first original we are out of luck. They don't cut you any slack because they collect the first original vaccine document from you, whether or not that was their intention. Hope the world does not implement a vaccine passport or we will be stuck here.
  23. Most have covered this already. First, on taxes, the Mexican Federal Govt gets it share taken directly from your investment, I think monthly. The tax rate was was almost 1.5% but is lower this year to just below 1 % ( .96%). Second, some of your higher return funds can be risky. I remember having a 4 yr bond with Multiva. However, lost the entire investment when the entity holding the bond went belly up. They were a premier housing corporation for govt housing and then Nieto decided to change housing policy and as a direct result, they went bankrupt. So, beware of attractive returns -- they have risks. I have had good experience with one year notes with Multiva. Now, they are getting between 3.5 - 4%, after taxes are taken. Talk to Juan in the Casa de Bolsa side. If you want to do stock market fund type investments, they are available with them, but again come with risk.
  24. Since we have been without power from 8:30 last night until 3:30 this afternoon, took advantage of their delivery service to order a vegetarian pizza from Pizza 2 Go Go and the pizza and service were just GREAT ! Josue, the owner, formerly of Perry's and partner in M&J Pizza, said when I was ordering that they could use more business due mostly to the pandemic. So, please utilize and patronize a very good pizzeria !!! We need to keep them in business now more than ever !! Thanks.
  25. Gracias.. Connected with him and he will have them back to me tomorrow, ( Lunes).
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