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  1. BMH is correct. What good is it if WE know that the CURP information contains our birthdate BUT no other countries can access the information in your CURP via your QR code? WORTHLESS. Also, if you read the accurate accounts of what is going on with Omicron, vaccines and boosters do NOT prevent you from getting or SPREADING it. Countries would be smart to continue to require Covid PCR tests since the vaccination certificate ( even if it was usable) does not mean the person cannot get or spread Omciron. Complicates life, then Mex. govt complicates it further !
  2. IT is unfortunate that Mexico never seems to be able to comply with worldwide standards! That said, it appears that using a QR code only serves you if you are in Mexico. That would be equivalent to giving someone in another country your Social Security number, which is the closest thing that your CURP appears to be in Mexico. So, how would you expect another country to accept the equivalent of your Social Security number, when they could not obtain any information associated with your Social Security number ( or CURP #, same difference) ?? That is my takeaway from the information surrounding a CURP, which drives your QR code. It yields information ONLY for the government entities in Mexico that have access to your QR Code or CURP. If this interpretation is correct, then we are all in deep trouble in having wonderful travels to Europe. They might require you to get a Covid test each time you want to enter a restaurant -- at least as currently is the standard in France. What a nightmare !! Secondly, and separate from my comments above. I don't see a foreign government accepting an invoice of your vaccinations. I think the vaccine certificates issued by the Government of Mexico will be the driving document. IF the information on that document does not suffice the foreign government's requirement for a date of birth, then buena suerte !!
  3. How much does Los Tres butchery charge for the precooked BBQ ribs per kg? Thanks.
  4. Also can buy good local honey from Joaquin on southwestern corner of the centro Mercado building in Chapala. I thought he said it was made in north SAT.
  5. Try ElectroDomestico on Colon, first block north ( mountainside) in Ajijic or on Lopez Cotilla in Chapala.
  6. I have a Shaw HD/DSR 600 receiver for sale. I used it for about 1 1/2 yrs but moved to a rental home which includes Shaw service and equipment.
  7. True, Pete !! Forgot that some of you live with the techno rich in Seattle area and Silicon Valley. 😁
  8. To answer your question about where is La Reserva -- it is on the lakeside (next to Ancla Restaurant), it is west of Ajijic shortly before you come to the restaurant area before entering San Juan Cosala, heading west. The gasoline station referred to is on the mountain side of the carretera, before you come to La Reserva. Yes, we all should envy US gasoline prices.
  9. I take it that valid ID would be your Mxn Visa ? Probably original and copy. Be sure to bring your original and copies, where appropriate.
  10. Sorry about that. Just saw it confirmed on Govt of Chapala website that boosters are in fact ON for Christiana Park starting tomorrow through Friday. Could be a bit of confusion that they announced boosters for both Joco and Chapala on the same dates. THANK YOU !
  11. Could you send me the link for this announcement, since we are hearing that there will be additional days for boosters from the 4th -7th In Jocotepec, NOT IN Chapala? Would appreciate some clarification. I think this is erroneous information.
  12. Also, I think her office is closed this week, since I have been trying to reach her all week.
  13. Dra Justina Lopez has several different levels of CBD oil. She is a rehabilitative medicine doctor in West Ajijic, on the service road of the carretera just west of Dental Express. Her number is 376-766-5563 and is excellent in several aspects.
  14. I knew Chris from volunteering at Lucky Dog with her ! She was a fine lady and will be missed. My sympathy, Harry !
  15. RIP Hebina ! She was a great leader in the operation of the spay and neuter clinics and we all respected her leadership. She was such a wonderful lady.
  16. Maybe ElectricoDomestico -- Chapala location on Lopez Cotilla and Ajijic location on Colon, in first block mountainside from the carretera.
  17. Pray that Cansino is NOT what they give us for a booster. It is not recognized by the World Health Organization as one of their "accepted" vaccines. However, Sinovac and AstraZeneca are recognized by WHO. Receiving Cansino would be a big problem for non-US citizens to enter the US under current guidelines.
  18. That new route does not sound to save that much time to me. You can do the Mascota route to PV airport in about 5 hours. Still, any way to avoid beginning or ending a trip to/from there through Guad sounds like some improvement.
  19. As for Mexico, my hope going forward is that they provide vaccines to the private sector to manage. There is constant document requirement changes and cattle lines in a govt. run program which is absolutely insane. The private sector has to do it better and yes, people that can afford it should pay. Let the poor people here continue to get it from IMSS/ Dept. of Salud, whatever govt entity can provide it for free. And yes, we should be happy that the US Govt. provided the AZ vaccine free to Mexico. There should be no conspiracy theory about that.
  20. I agree with happyjillin -- the guy was a cheap ### and I wish he was arrested !
  21. Ironically, when we grew up there was mandatory polio vaccinations given in schools and you did not see any resistance on the part of the parents to get that vaccine. And polio was pretty much eradicated in the western world as a result. The world was a much more sane place then !!!
  22. Bottom line -- take Travel insurance or risk the cost ! I know of people who had hospital treatment in Europe and were fortunate to walk out without paying, since the nationalized system did not know how to deal with foreign patients.
  23. Sounds like another "Hoax" theory being perpetuated by non-believers !
  24. The only surprise to me was the statement in the first paragraph that there were only 11 events in Guad last year. Every time I drive up that hill before getting onto Lazaro Cardenas the sky over Guad is pretty hazy and looks very polluted to me.
  25. OK, think my wife solved my problem. I was having google automatically translating the registration form to English. So, I turned off the google translation which I think prevented me from being able to download the "comprobante de refuerzo de vacunacion". I went back and did it in Spanish and when clicking on the "comprobante", it provided me a download to copy. Thanks again, oregontochapala for your help.
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