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  1. But, how recent was your last visit to Puerto Hierro de Sur? I should have checked their price prior to the procedure, but never expected that amount. I had only paid 43,000 p the year prior to Hospital Country 2000 for major back surgery and spent the night in the hospital there. That also included the sophisticated equipment the neurosurgeon used during surgery. Huge difference !!!
  2. We saw her in her Joco office about 5 years ago. She was a couple or few blocks north of the main plaza. Also charged less there than at QC.
  3. Too bad they are blocking off so much parking for the Covid testing, but I guess no better alternative place?
  4. If you want to talk about what hospitals to stay away from due to overcharging, please place Puerto Hierro de Sur on your list. Two years ago I had laproscopic hernia surgery. The surgeon charged me 50,000p. for him and his medical team. Then, Puerto Hierro de Sur Hospital charged me 149,900 p for the equipment during the surgery and my one day stay in a room. This was not even an overnight stay, since I left at 7 pm the evening of the surgery !! My surgeon, who is well known here, expressed dismay and said that had happened to three of his patients at that hospital in one week. He said he would have consulted with the business manager, but the guy he knew had left for another job that week. He said he would hesitate doing further surgeries there. Shortly thereafter, he started doing the same surgery at San Antonio Hospital. The sad fact is that major hospitals here are getting greedy and changing pricing practices similar to those north of the border. The other sad fact is that we don't have Medicare down here to cover those inflated expenses. Medicare usually stipulates how much they will pay a doctor and hospital for given procedures ! The worst part in the US is that hospitals and doctors will cost shift, meaning they will bill (inflate) private insurance patients more to cover the underpayment they will get from Medicare or Medicaid.
  5. Yup, the limited access to parking is more of an issue than the price. BTW, does anyone know how the private lots around the airport compare to the GDL airport parking prices for daily or weekly rates? Also, how have others' experiences been with convenience in drop off/ pick up for the private lots? The convenience issue might be as or more important as the cost issue. Thanks.
  6. Sure would be nice if someplace for emissions test would open up closer to us in Chapala area. Does anyone have any idea of other places locally trying to become authorized? I realize that may be an insane question. It just makes no sense to have so few emissions sites for all of the people in the metropolitan Guadalajara region. Again, I am thinking too logically for living here. They are asking an awful lot to comply with this law.
  7. They have good pepper jack cheese at Joaquins in the southwest corner of the public mercado in Chapala. Also, he has decently priced hard parmesean cheese. We buy our butter and honey from him.
  8. I have heard good things about Vidrios de la Ribera and possibly less expensive than Vi Lu Ma. Number is: 376 108 2373
  9. Second for Daniel Jackson.. Very nice man to do business with. Address is 29A Hidalgo.
  10. Ferret, I am a big fan of Grand Grizzly whiskey !! Love it in my Irish Coffee. One of the best finds in Mexico.
  11. Yes, it is located between Cruz Roja and the Malecon in Chapala. You need to make an appointment, but I don't have the necessary website. Hopefully, someone on the web board can that. Also, be prepared to speak Spanish, since I found English not to be spoken when I went last February. In addition, bring the right documents and copies of each, since they were pretty strict on those requirements when I went.
  12. What I am trying to determine is what the cost is to the customer for conversion from current system to fiber optics? Our Fraac is saying that it will incur a substantial cost to convert to Telmex fiber optics, as well as the property owners . They are indicating that eventually the copper system will wear out and all streaming systems, etc will require fiber optics. Thanks for your helpful information.
  13. Yes, and when you call Dr. Barragan's office and ask about Dra. Gabriela, they will tell you that she is an oral surgeon. I am happy you had success with her, Sharon.
  14. Ironically, I had another appointment on Degollado in Chapala yesterday and stopped by DIF to kill some time. I asked the lady at the door about availability of INAPAM cards. She said they might be available maybe in August. But, I think that was a "guess." I am pretty sure she said they have not had them for a long time.
  15. To Rick S --- My friend with the horrible implant experience at Dental Express was within the past 6 weeks ! Current enough for you for a bad experience ??
  16. Try to see someone in Dr. Eloy Barragan's office. I have heard horrible things about Dental Express. Would not recommend them for anything more than a cleaning. Ten years ago when I first moved here, I went to Dental Express for a cleaning. The "dentist" said that I needed several fillings replaced I asked how long the new fillings would last and he responded 5 -8 yrs. I said that I have had mine for about 35 yrs ! End of story ! Also have a friend who made mistake of going there for a dental implant and her experience was a nightmare ! In this case, you get what you pay for !!
  17. I think it took about 2 -3 months to see the certificate when the second dose was completed, so might want to consider that as a possible timeframe for the booster as well.
  18. Yes the US will accept Sinovac, since Sinovac is on the WHO approved list. However, the other Chinese vaccine, Cansino is not on the list.
  19. If you are concerned about Omicron, none of the vaccines will prevent you from getting it. However, it will give you a lighter case of it.
  20. OK, to get back to the relevant topic ( sorry, but there are enough other threads to argue about Covid protocols and safe practices, etc.) ---What is the total cost of taking the toll road from picking up the Macrolibramiento off Lopez Mateos Sur to San Pancho? Thank you !
  21. Thanks NoVADamer for the good answer regarding US airlines flying back to Mexico ! Oregontochapala: -- I knew that Mexico is not requiring Covid test to enter. That was not my question.
  22. I have heard various stories, but cannot pin down what is the most accurate. Some weeks ago a friend said she did not need a Covid test to return here from the US on Volaris. Is there different policies if you are returning here on a US airline carrier? I am thinking they might be subjecting you to do a Covid test just to get onto a US airliner. I have found plenty of sources saying you do not need a Covid test to enter Mexico. Thanks for any clarification on the airliner requirements.
  23. Thanks sm1mex for the reply on the sirloin... Pork arrachera sounds interesting. I know that Alejandra mentioned that they have marinated beef arrachera for 299/ kg
  24. How is the sirloin from Sonora at Los Tres Butchery? Has anyone tried them?
  25. I believe that Dr. Gonzalez at Quality Care is a NERUOSURGEON and have heard he is very good. However, my experience with the previous Neurologist at Q.C. was a huge disappointment and was glad he went to Merida.
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