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  1. In my visits to Quality Care, Lety usually says you need to go through the doctor to provide you with a factura. I have received facturas from two different QC docs and had to receive them from their assistants in their Guadalajara offices. Poor Lety is just too darn busy to manage the factura process.
  2. Wow -- I paid 13.65 / liter with Juan of Los Altoss on February 14th.
  3. Bought ours at the sports clothing place in Central Laguna Mall. Think it came with a hand pump.
  4. Definitely take the the high speed train and first class space is worth it. It goes into Gare de Lyon station not too far south of Notre Dame. Cab is worth the trip to the Sorbonne area, think in the 2nd District, just across the Seine. Have a great trip!
  5. It's Buena Suerte !! Or, lo olvide !
  6. Check out Seven Corners Travel Insurance.
  7. I flew Aero Mexico once ! Pilot missed landing on the runway in MX City three times. Headed to Acapulco for refueling and got back to MX City to miss my connection to San Antonio. Last time flying with them. Then have had so-so experiences with Volaris. They call to cancel your flight about 50% of the time. Then when you do get to go, they charge an arm and a leg for luggage. And, those luggage options usually are not logical. After their add-ons, you usually do not save money by flying them. I loved reading a review of TAR Airlines. The guy said "he would rather walk to PV than fly on TAR there." Mainecoons is absolutely right -- before 9/11 flying used to be almost enjoyable. Now it is normally a nightmare and no longer look forward to it.
  8. Seven Corners Travel Insurance https://www.sevencorners.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwoduRBhA4EiwACL5RPxNmdqX1vL03tL-PQMGgVtg3xp3wy4wz8_O-ep3aRLPUbXh88WC53hoCBQgQAvD_BwE#start?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SW_BR_Branded_All_US&utm_term=seven corners travel insurance&utm_content=Seven+Corners+-+Exact
  9. This Government doesn't get it-- dumb in so many ways. Best way to drive away the people most helpful to the economy, EXPATS !
  10. Keep assets in CANADA , PERIOD !! Mexico is uncertain, now more than ever with this current government !!
  11. Definitely try The Ranch. Lucky Dog is usually limited in numbers of dogs they can take.
  12. Fred, you referred to having a copy of your "old person card". Was that your INAPAM card? If not, please explain what that was. Thank you !
  13. I think you need to go with someone like Scott. Don't forget that, legally, U.S. citizens are required to pay tax on WORLDWIDE income, which means including Mexico. I am sure someone like Scott can help you also in claiming foreign tax credits for the capital gains tax you will have to pay to Mexico for your home sale here.
  14. Very sorry to hear about this Fred. All the best to you and Barbara ! Thanks for sharing your story and Buyer Beware at Lakeside Medical.
  15. Does Northtek understand that we have a lake and mountains with one carretera going in between, with no flexibility like in the US to make infrastructure changes? Maybe he can film the infrastructure disaster done at the Walmart intersection with the Libramiento. That would be really constructive !! I hope you sense my sarcasm with this farce. Get over it !!!
  16. Why promote an already overcrowded place, with too little infrastructure capability to serve it ? Leave well enough alone and don't create more problems ! Please do your project somewhere in the States.
  17. We get our hamburger meat from Tony's in SAT. We ask for hamburguesa sin grasa. What they give you is ground sirloin. About $165 p/ kilo.
  18. All good advice for you, except from T-Mobile. You want to make your phone and computer purchases in the U.S. Agree that having a dual sim card is best for your phone -- one from the U.S. for financial institutions and also one for here. Or, you can get MagicJack with a US number and do your financial interactions that way ! Also, the TelMex landline calls to the US for personal use are free, part of your monthly bill.
  19. Hi: We just had domestic tuna from Costa Alegre on the grill. It tasted pretty good and less chewy than their imported tuna steaks. Our question is: do you think the domestic tuna is artificially colored, because it remained a dark pink even after grilling? There is quite a difference in color between the grilled domestic and imported tuna steaks. I won't bother asking them since I recall another question on the webboard regarding whether or not their fresh salmon is farmed or freshly caught. The person said he called twice and received two different answers. Thanks.
  20. In addition to Hector, whom I use, I also highly recommend Daniel Jackson at 29A Hidalgo ( at corner of Juarez) in Ajijic. His number is 376-766-2223. His work is better quality than Hector's, if you need more than a new watch battery. Daniel is a very caring and honest businessman and sometimes sends his work to Guadalajara, if out of his range of work. He is very reasonably priced as well.
  21. I have heard really good things about Dr. Sam Thelin and liked dealing with him several years ago when he worked at Cruz Roja. He fits the competent and compassionate criteria. A second doctor I would recommend is Dra Justina Lopez. Although she is a regenerative and rehabilitative specialty, she is fabulous at diagnosing conditions and also can refer you to the right people if she feels you need further expertise in an area. She is on the lakeside service road of the Carretera in West Ajijic, just west of Dental Express. Her phone number is 376- 766- 5563.
  22. I have a friend who has had direct deposit of his monthly Social Security check at Actinver for several years. Ask Multiva about direct deposit of your Social Security check, I am sure it is an available option there. I left Actinver after multiple problems with their lack of responsiveness. For example, tried to do direct transfer to my surgeon's account. It never occurred. REASON: the account rep FORGOT to liquidate my fund to send the cash after we had discussed it thoroughly. That was it for me. I now bank exclusively at Multiva. However, several favorable comments about Intercam on this thread.
  23. Well, I had private insurance which did not cover my back surgery because they deemed it a pre-existing condition ( prior back operation 29 yrs ago). Second one, where I was way overbilled, I did not get prior authorization because I thought it would come in much under the amount I paid at Hospital Country 2000, and therefore would below my insurance deductible. Basically, they were billing me as a private individual, not knowing or caring if I had insurance! I could have seen Puerto Hierro Sur jacking up that price so outrageously if it had been direct billing with an insurer, but that was not the case. As a result, an agent told me that insurers are starting to see some of those outrageous billing practices and are removing them from their direct billing listings. Also, you are seeing fewer non-Mexican private insurers in the market place. These billing practices might well lead to the only options of: individual paying out of pocket, having private Mexican insurance (with totally different co-pay and deductible options and issues); or, IMSS.
  24. Agree, and the prices of the private lots sound like it is more of a hassle than benefit in using them, especially with having to use retornos, etc. They need to build a multi-level structure where the current single level outside parking is around the Oxxo. That sounds too logical for here !
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