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  1. Just sent you a private message, as I know a very reliable person who would like to do this for you.
  2. Hi Eric: I PM'd you about picking up wetsuit. Thanks. Jim
  3. Hi Eric:


    I have not forgotten you about the wetsuit.   Fact is that I have not been feeling well at all with my back and not getting out much.

    How would it be if I come by maybe this Wed for the wetsuit?    Do I just go to the  gate at Chapala Haciendas #2 and ask for you -- or how is best way to get in?

    Thanks again for your kind offer.

    Jim Schlicht   

  4. Thank you Tomgates, for answering my question directly. It is nice to get a direct answer on this board.
  5. Does anyone know the fee for 2020 ? I know it was 590 p in 2019. Thank you.
  6. Hi Eric:

    Can I hold off picking up the wet suit until after the holidays, since traffic through Ajijic is absolutely horrible right now? 

    I am now getting about 5-6 hours sleep thanks to Dra Justina in W. Ajijic.   I am taking a combination of things, including CBD oil.   Tasedan no longer  works for me.




  7. Where are they open, now that they are not on carretera in heart of Ajijic? Thanks.
  8. I am interested ! How do I PM you? Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks,
  9. We are looking for a fourth partner for a medium size box at Ishop. The original holder of our mailbox recently passed away. Fee for new partner is $140 (USD) or equivalent in pesos, per year. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank You !
  10. THANK YOU ---this is a great resource to manage an insane situation !!! Let's please keep this up as long as the "crisis" continues.. Thanks to this information, I only had to wait in line for 7 minutes at BP in Los Sabinos and Magna is 20.15/L. Did not know if there was limit or not.
  11. Gracias.

    1. mexijims1


      Thank you for printing that out.

      So, that is what it will be if you pay in January, correct, with the 10% discount.?


  12. How much will it cost for 2019, especially if done in January (discount rate)? Thanks,
  13. Cost for 2019, registration, particularly if done in January? Many Thanks !
  14. What will cost be to register vehicle plates for 2019? Anyone know? Thanks !
  15. Hi Ladner: I have been in and ou tof bed and mostly just out to Physical Therapy. So, Sorry for not responding sooner. I have bought a cassette player (which does not record) after mine that I brought from States stopped rewinding.. What I would be interested in is borrowing a device that simply records my existing tape. Would that be possible? I have both used metal and plastic tapes that can be recorded over. If so , my phone number is 766-1520. Thanks so much! What
  16. After recent surgery, I have a healing/relaxing audio cassette tape which I would like to make a copy of. Does anyone know where I could make a copy, or how I can do it on my own? We checked LCS and they said they don't make copies of cassette tapes. Would appreciate anyone's insight/information/help. Thank you so much.
  17. Agree, he is great addition to medical community. I first met him when he was on carretera in West Ajijic, just west of Dental Express. He approaches healing in a way many western trained docs do not. He has been helpful to me with electrical accupuncture. Also, has some really good homeopathic meds, many in Germany.
  18. A couple of things, having been members of both Best Doctors and WEA. First, be wary of all insurance companies. Best Doctors is basically catastrophic and very limited in disease states covered. WEA is scaling back coverage and not as customer friendly. Used to have direct pay contract with about 10 Guad hospitals and now down to about 3. They want you to pay out of pocket and then they might reimburse you. MX insurance companies can be expensive. You pay a big co-pay for various illnesses. Say, you have a heart attack, a car accident and a gallbladder removal. Since they are separate disease categories, you will pay a large co-pay for each on top of your hefty premium. Only advantage of MX insurance is if you have multiple claims within same disease category ( i.e., cardiac), THEN you have only one co-pay for life of policy.. IMSS and Seguro Popular ---- you get what you pay for. IMO, Seguro Popular should only be eligible for the MX population since their tax dollars are paying for it. Tempting to consider Medicare -- but the US Govt will screw that up sooner than later -- since entitlement programs have to get hit some day.. Several docs in States no longer having to take medicare patients.
  19. Clark Howard just had an article that says US passport fees will increase to $145 after April 2. They new fee will apply if you use Consulate Services, or via mail.. However, this increase may not apply to US passport CARDS. Take a look at Clark's article for details. https://clark.com/travel/passport-price-going-up-apply-renew/?utm_source=Clark+Newsletter+List&utm_campaign=73332ae148-Clark_Daily_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_afa92deb83-73332ae148-71571677
  20. My RFC was listed on the Recibo oficial for the license plate, which I got at Recaudadora last year as well.. Sorry, should have said for drivers license PLATE renewal.
  21. Went today and after doing the website and all to get an RFC ---- the correct RFC already appears on your last years receipt of your drivers license renewal. look for RFC # GEEZ !!
  22. Dear Alan Mexicali: Thank you so much for your thoughtful walk through of the process. Although, they did not have my Permanente number down or allow me to add it,the RFC still went through !! I appreciate it --- and still cannot believe how they add to the bureaucracy all the time. Had hoped that ended when I finished with my Permanente.
  23. Dr. Daniel Briseno, Gastroenterologist at Quality Care is excellent and thorough. He did mine a year ago at a clinic he uses in Guad and total cost was about 6,000p. Their number is 766-1870.
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