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  1. I have had it for over a year and a half -- it is triple filtered and the safest drinking water we have found in Mexico.  The installers are efficient and do it right the first time.  We have had it in two different homes now.

    The people at Augagente are professional and a pleasure to deal with.   

    Yes, people do get reductions in their prices for referring others to become clients.

  2. But, don't you have to sign up for Sin Limite if you want Tel Cel service when you are in the States? That is when we buy Sin Limite.


    This applies to your last sentence:    No, maybe she is something that rhymes with WITCH !!!  Or are you like her??

  3. Speaking of Ana , the Tel Cel person, next to Alex's Pasta, she is the rudest vendor I have met here.  She lies constantly! She told us twice that she opens at 8 am.  Went there today at 8:03 am and store all shuttered up.  The lady at Alex's Pasta told me that she always tells people that she opens at 8 am but NEVER opens until ( am.

    That is just indicative of how she is.   When we first signed up for a Sin Limite Paquete, she yelled at us " I don't know" when we asked when the exact time it would expire on the date stated!

    I recommend going anywhere BUT to Ana for Tel Cel service.


    I re


    I re   

  4. Boy, Ferret, you have life by the a-- if you complain about the weather here !   This is truly one of the best climates in the world.    Go other places and then you might find a real reason to gripe about the weather.

    I lived in the DC area for 35 years and we had incredible humidity for 4- 5 months of the year and then get to shovel snow in the winter.   Or, live in Buffalo where you have snow off and on for 6 months of the year.

    If you want to really complain move to the southern U.S. or go to Arizona and Texas in late Spring and summer and deal with hurricanes and tornados.

    Where have you lived where you have had a better climate or better utility bills for heating or air conditioning ? 

    WOW -- find something to really complain about !  GET A LIFE !  

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  5. Basic line of thought is that "all banks and insurance companies SUCK -- they just vary by degrees ! " 

    That said, the use of Medicare here, unless truly treated within the specific time frame of your visit here ( not living here) is fraud !  IT is just a matter of time before the US catches up with these practices.  I am surprised they have not been already caught.  Unfortunately, these current practices artificially drive up the medical costs here.

    Your best bet is to pay for medical out of pocket ( savings).  Unfortunately, everything here is catching up to the US in terms of cost of living, including cost of medical care.   

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  6. Dra Justina because if your body is weak from post-surgery or other things, Jorge may be way too strenuous on you ! 

    I know because I have used both for long periods.  Dra Justina also will have a limit on how long she treats you !

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  7. The number of Mexican drivers would obviously go way up on weekends because of all the Tapatios viewing lakeside as its playground !  They are also buying some of the high priced real estate out here.  

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  8. I have said for about the past 5 or 6 yrs that you can hardly tell when the snowbirds arrive or leave because traffic is permanently bad now that Ajijic has been found by babyboomers from the north.

    It is not about the local governments tying things in knots, as Mainecoons claims.  IT is the shear number or volume of traffic and people now living in the Lakeside area.  You cannot blame the government when we have no real room for infrastructure improvement when the carretera is between the lake and the mountains.  Tough situation.

    I feel sorry for many of the poor Mexicans who cannot afford the price of gasoline. We gringos are to blame for the traffic gridlock.

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  9. Put all the b.s. about the last U.S. administration and other politics aside. Insert the words Covid, supply chain and the resulting FED spending to keep the US economy afloat.

    All this and the ensuing Congressional spending by both parties has led to incredible upheavals in fiscal spending.  Remember when Evil put his signature on the first Covid checks?  You can blame both parties and the overstimulation of the economy because of Covid shutdown of the economy.  Get Real !

    OK, talk about the topic of inflation in LC:  All you need to do is go into Walmart every two weeks and you will see products continually increasing.  Go to the tortillerias on the street and you will see how much the cost for the common Mexican family is increasing for its food staples.  Take a look at OUTRAGEOUS prices for avocados ( gracias, cartels!) -- we have even quit buying them.  IT is more than restaurants and local governments raising prices here.

    The sad thing about MX is that the average MX person here is really hurting from ongoing inflation, which ended around 7.8% in MX at the end of the year, well before the war.  The war in the Ukraine is certainly not helping ease inflation any time soon and that goes for the entire world.  Oh, and if we are discussing governments --- this MXN administration has done nothing for its people.   Covid be damned -- if it weren't for other countries helping MX, it is doubtful we would have even seen vaccines here. The Economist magazine just had an article about countries who helped their impoverished populations with and without Covid and Mx came in at spending less than 1% of its GDP, less than some poor African countries.  Meanwhile, one of the most indebted countries in the world, Argentina, spent 5% of its GDP to help its impoverished.

    Brazil, with a questionable guy like Bolsonaro as its head, has reduced poverty by a quarter in the past decade.  So, compare that to how MX is helping its people!  

    As far as the question goes about the inflation in LC?  Well, you can see how kaputz much of the real estate market is for many people, thanks to many gringos selling their US real estate at outrageously exorbitant prices and bringing the cash down here to "downsize".   That has drastically affected real estate here and not in any good way, unless you are a real estate agent here.   


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