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  1. Hi:


    Do not use Fernando Anaya.   He actually taped my pipe only for me to find out it was cracked and that is how he fixed it.

    Good Luck!

  2. Hi Eric:

    Try Dr. Juan Lastra, Pain Management Specialist, on Constitution in Ajijic,  766-1740.

    He has helped me more than anyone else and I have had a lot of neuropathy in lower legs and feet from spinal stenosis surgery 1 1/2 yrs ago.  Tried Dra Justina, both drugs, stem cell injections and PT.   Lots of PT with Jorge Ulloa and worthless shot from Dr Gonzales at Maskaras Clinic.   

    Good Luck.


  3. Hi Eric:


    I have not forgotten you about the wetsuit.   Fact is that I have not been feeling well at all with my back and not getting out much.

    How would it be if I come by maybe this Wed for the wetsuit?    Do I just go to the  gate at Chapala Haciendas #2 and ask for you -- or how is best way to get in?

    Thanks again for your kind offer.

    Jim Schlicht   

  4. Hi Eric:

    Can I hold off picking up the wet suit until after the holidays, since traffic through Ajijic is absolutely horrible right now? 

    I am now getting about 5-6 hours sleep thanks to Dra Justina in W. Ajijic.   I am taking a combination of things, including CBD oil.   Tasedan no longer  works for me.




  5. Gracias.

    1. mexijims1


      Thank you for printing that out.

      So, that is what it will be if you pay in January, correct, with the 10% discount.?


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