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  1. Thanks Ellie for the info on LCS' fee for last year. Please keep us up to date when you can on the 2020 LCS vaccine fee ! Thanks again
  2. I think Bancomer is one of, if not the most customer unfriendly bank lakeside! I had an account there once and could not wait until I could close it. They had strange charges always attached to my account and my balance never seemed to add up. They always had excuses and I felt that they were never honest with me. My entire experience with them was a nightmare. I would recommend having your money at Multiva or Intercam.
  3. I also highly recommend Dr. Daniel Briseno. Very personable and knowledgeable. Had endoscopy done by him about 4 yrs ago.
  4. Congrats on your recovery and your bill. Unfortunately. I paid 149,000 pesos for a laproscopic hernia surgery at Puerto Hierro Sur Hospital in late February. It was a huge rip-off. That was for hospital only and my surgeon said that was the third occurrence of outrageous billing of his patients there in one week. That did not even include spending a night in the hospital. In and out the same day. I certainly recommend staying away from Puerto Hierro Sur Hospital !! It might be more convenient than going into Guad, but not at that price !!
  5. Does anyone know what the fee will be for the 4-strain flu vaccine at LCS? Thanks.
  6. You really would trust taking the Russian vaccine?? I do not think it has been properly vetted by any world health organization standard.
  7. About 3 weeks ago, I got there on a Monday morning and she said I was too late, that the mail for Laredo leaves at 8 a.m. on Monday. And, that was after stopping on the Sunday before to realize they are closed on Sundays.
  8. They have the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted and only 12 pesos !! I ask for and they pleasantly give more glaze on them. Best of all, no raisins.
  9. mexijims1


    I second for Tony's butcher shop in SAT
  10. WE found the same thing with Walmart -- the 80/20 is disgusting ! We could not buy it anymore. Tried to form patties and it stuck to my hand like glue. We now go to Tony's butcher shop in SAT and much happier and worth a few pesos more. Even get the sirloin ground up in front of us there and about 140 per kg.
  11. Hi Eric:

    Try Dr. Juan Lastra, Pain Management Specialist, on Constitution in Ajijic,  766-1740.

    He has helped me more than anyone else and I have had a lot of neuropathy in lower legs and feet from spinal stenosis surgery 1 1/2 yrs ago.  Tried Dra Justina, both drugs, stem cell injections and PT.   Lots of PT with Jorge Ulloa and worthless shot from Dr Gonzales at Maskaras Clinic.   

    Good Luck.


  12. Sorry not to have replied earlier. Filled the Shaw account with a third partner on July 3rd. Closed. Thank you.
  13. Hi: I have tried your line several times this morning and it keeps saying" linea occupada" so do not know if you are on the phone of if line is off the hook. Anyway, I am going out until about 12:30 today and you can call me if you like at 766-1520. Thanks, Jim Schlicht
  14. Hi: I am looking for a new partner for our Shaw TV satellite account, since account holder is moving back to U.S. I am taking over the account since I am happy with the current schedule of channels we have. Partnership would begin on July 16. Please respond if interested. Thanks very much !
  15. Just sent you a private message, as I know a very reliable person who would like to do this for you.
  16. Hi Eric: I PM'd you about picking up wetsuit. Thanks. Jim
  17. Hi Eric:


    I have not forgotten you about the wetsuit.   Fact is that I have not been feeling well at all with my back and not getting out much.

    How would it be if I come by maybe this Wed for the wetsuit?    Do I just go to the  gate at Chapala Haciendas #2 and ask for you -- or how is best way to get in?

    Thanks again for your kind offer.

    Jim Schlicht   

  18. Thank you Tomgates, for answering my question directly. It is nice to get a direct answer on this board.
  19. Does anyone know the fee for 2020 ? I know it was 590 p in 2019. Thank you.
  20. Hi Eric:

    Can I hold off picking up the wet suit until after the holidays, since traffic through Ajijic is absolutely horrible right now? 

    I am now getting about 5-6 hours sleep thanks to Dra Justina in W. Ajijic.   I am taking a combination of things, including CBD oil.   Tasedan no longer  works for me.




  21. Where are they open, now that they are not on carretera in heart of Ajijic? Thanks.
  22. I am interested ! How do I PM you? Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks,
  23. We are looking for a fourth partner for a medium size box at Ishop. The original holder of our mailbox recently passed away. Fee for new partner is $140 (USD) or equivalent in pesos, per year. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank You !
  24. THANK YOU ---this is a great resource to manage an insane situation !!! Let's please keep this up as long as the "crisis" continues.. Thanks to this information, I only had to wait in line for 7 minutes at BP in Los Sabinos and Magna is 20.15/L. Did not know if there was limit or not.
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