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  1. Doctors at Ajijic site stressed to wait 20 days after first injection to have alcohol. I will go with the doctors' opinion. Why would they make it up? This may be very well only applicable to Sinovac.
  2. Took mine back to Katya and got about 135 pesos for my three. Trouble was finding their new location, somewhere off Pepe Guizar. Address is: Lirios 57. Colonia Las Redes. Call them for directions at 765-3999. No longer located behind the Chapala Mercado in the plaza. Why set them on the street when they are worth money ?? !!
  3. Are you saying the 42,000 p cost included the fees for Puerto de Hierro Sur Hospital ?? If so, that is a pleasant surprise. I had laparoscopic duo hernia surgery there and I got swindled by the hospital. It was 149,000 p just for the hospital and that was for one day in and out-patient stay. Based on that experience, I would never use that hospital again.
  4. OK, now that we THINK we may have resolved the location question, the important questions are: " HOW IS THEIR PIZZA" and price, please????
  5. I am disappointed, I loved their Thai food. From another thread, sounds like a good alternative might be the Thai place that delivers; Eduardo?
  6. Don't forget that Aero Mexico filed for the MX version of Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization last year. Maybe they have not made refunding tax credits much of a priority. Maybe going with a travel agent when flying Aero Mexico might be a safer bet.
  7. Agree with barrbower. No reason someone needs to challenge the definition of a "third world country". The questioner speaks for itself !
  8. My Expat health insurance just went up 30%. Gasoline was supposed to get cheaper with the "competition" created by Nieto's energy deregulation. Poor Mexican people are increasingly not able to afford to drive. SAD. Not sure about north of the border, but inflation is sure present here on most fronts. Seems like every time you shop at Walmart, many prices just keep going up. Some prices around Ajijic are starting to compare to the US., IMO.
  9. Yeah, fortunately more than a lick. But, I normally do not respond to moronic questions like yours !!
  10. Making an appointment online is the easiest part of the process. Having to deal in person with those working at the Sec de Transportes was a horrible experience !! Still think they take delight in rejecting us !! Kind of a bureaucratic power play !!! SAD to have to be subjected to this treatment. And , my recollection of last time they were open (8 yrs ago), was at least some of the people spoke some English. Not a lick of English among this current bunch of employees.
  11. Did you ever think that each vaccine is made differently and alcohol could have an impact on some and not on others ? Go ahead drink your hearts out !!
  12. Fred, have a contact for you for a plumber who lives in Joco. His name is Alberto Farias and he speaks good English since he lived several years in the US. His home number is 387-763-1200 and his cell is 331-706-9407
  13. What personal gain do MX doctors have to tell you to not have alcohol for 20 days after receiving the Sinovac vaccine? You are foolish not to listen to them. I doubt you know as much as they do about the vaccine , unless you are some Nobel vaccine researcher !!!! NOT !!!
  14. I really like Daniel Jackson at 29-A Hidalgo at Juarez.
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