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  1. You can request for a correction but only if you have a copy of the document to send as proof. Our problem is they collected our original at the time we received our second vaccine. Since we did not have a download of the first original we are out of luck. They don't cut you any slack because they collect the first original vaccine document from you, whether or not that was their intention. Hope the world does not implement a vaccine passport or we will be stuck here.
  2. Most have covered this already. First, on taxes, the Mexican Federal Govt gets it share taken directly from your investment, I think monthly. The tax rate was was almost 1.5% but is lower this year to just below 1 % ( .96%). Second, some of your higher return funds can be risky. I remember having a 4 yr bond with Multiva. However, lost the entire investment when the entity holding the bond went belly up. They were a premier housing corporation for govt housing and then Nieto decided to change housing policy and as a direct result, they went bankrupt. So, beware of attractive returns -- they have risks. I have had good experience with one year notes with Multiva. Now, they are getting between 3.5 - 4%, after taxes are taken. Talk to Juan in the Casa de Bolsa side. If you want to do stock market fund type investments, they are available with them, but again come with risk.
  3. Since we have been without power from 8:30 last night until 3:30 this afternoon, took advantage of their delivery service to order a vegetarian pizza from Pizza 2 Go Go and the pizza and service were just GREAT ! Josue, the owner, formerly of Perry's and partner in M&J Pizza, said when I was ordering that they could use more business due mostly to the pandemic. So, please utilize and patronize a very good pizzeria !!! We need to keep them in business now more than ever !! Thanks.
  4. Gracias.. Connected with him and he will have them back to me tomorrow, ( Lunes).
  5. That is Lety's cellphone, who is the desk/ office manager there. They have had landline problems since they moved there. Lety is very good, despite this stressful situation ! They also give out out a second number for her assistant, Beth. That number is 332-050, 4009. However, I don't know how good her English is.
  6. Thanks for all your replies. I got a hold of the juice guy at Guad Farmacia today and he showed me that he is now in a little white bodega at the far east side of the strip where Multiva is located. Just a white metal doors by the side where the food trucks, etc. are. He tried to say bodega to me by Dona's Donuts but I could not comprehend what he was saying. So gracias to the juice man for clarifying it for me. Connected with Carlos at the bodega and hope to show him the chairs tomorrow.
  7. Hi: Spoke once with Carlos, who used to hang out on the corner by Guad Farmacia, but could not find him there or across the street near Dona's Donuts where he said he was. Anyone know where to find him or somewhere else I can have them done? Thanks
  8. Their cell phone number is 331-438-4969, listed on Facebook.
  9. That is a contradiction of terms here: Noise enforcement !! Mexico loves its noise !!!!!
  10. UGH, we are not talking about M&J 's schedule. We are talking about Pizza 2 Go Go !! I thought I read that Pizza 2 Go Go is open 2-9 pm Tues- Sat. I like Josh, think he pronounced his name: Josue? --first met him when he worked at Perry's, before he opened M&J Pizza. He is a good man. Thanks.
  11. If you want great Italian sausage, but in a casing, go to Tony's Meat Market in SAT, just west of Super Lake. Tastes like the good stuff in the States ! Also a bargain at 100 p per kilo.
  12. Thanks so much !! Sounds like they are definitely worth a try !
  13. Located in Plaza Bugambillas on the Second Floor, over El Torito. How is it, for those that have tried it?
  14. Noise restrictions? What a joke !!!!!! Unfortunately, it is part of the culture here !
  15. I appreciate the one useful response. My answer to that one is that the contractor I mentioned was one of the window shop guys located on the carretera !
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