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  1. Uber is the Uber app only. My son used Uber from the airport but the driver didn't want to go all the way to Ajijic and not have a fare back. He gave him extra so he did it.
  2. I have written "ask for ID" on the signature line of all my cards. More times that not, the cashier will ask.
  3. Is there a contact number for the hiking club? Have a friend visiting and want to go but need details
  4. Looking for new Shaw TV provider. Have recent box and dish. Anyone out there have room on their account? House is in El Parque.
  5. Armando was trained by Oscar the upholsterer in Chapala who is his uncle. Does good work. Made a mistake once and fixed without added cost.
  6. Yes, they are up in the shopping center by the car wash. Miquel now runs it and it seems much more professional and organized (thank goodness). They are offering more product including computers for sale. He did a quick fix on my iPad for $100 pesos. Excellent service I think.
  7. We are very fortunate to have such a store available to us. If you need something that does not seem to be there, Adriana is happy to get it on her next trip to Guad. She is also honest; if you ask if something is organic or where it is from, she tells you what she knows, not what she thinks you want to hear. Remember to support a business like this as without our loyalty, she will be gone and it's back to Walmart and Superlake.
  8. This is good stuff. I don't have any idea of the sugar or fat content but it tastes light but flavorful. The tiramisu with Irish Baileys is just right. If in doubt, ask to sample but, in my opinion, it's all good, except maybe the bacon.
  9. Does this mean that the lines to walk across have gotten shorter at San Ysidro? After I waited for over 3 hours in the hot sun on a Friday afternoon, I have been crossing at Otay.
  10. Since I am a walker and don't have a car in Ajijic, I asked about walking the Libramiento to the Carreterra and was told that there would be a sidewalk connecting at least from El Dorado (where I was buying) and the shopping center. In the US, often developers are required to put in off site improvements in order to get approvals. I "assumed" this to be the case but it never happened. It is a precarious walk for all those who use it including the many workers, Mexicans and ex-pats. Seems like someone should research the history first.
  11. What is the best option for setting up Shaw currently? Is Dish USA an option at all anymore? I am not interested in Dish Mexico. I would need receiver, dish and LPN (whatever that is).
  12. yes by the big church. on the same street as the ice cream. I found the selection at the tiangus very limited. Soriana had poor choices but the red and white check right off the Ajijic square was quite nice and "good price" as is said.
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