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  1. Hello everyone , please help with information . We lived in Mexico for 5 years , an we both went through all the process , and got permanent visas . We applied separately , because we are not married . In 2015 we left Mexico to do some traveling . To our desperation , two years ago we were robbed , and among another things my Visa was stolen . I flew to Mexico , but on the airport I had to present my passport , which was stamped . I went to immigration in Gualdajara , to report my permanent Visa stolen . I had photocopy with me . Unfortunately , I was told, nothing can be done , because I am already in the system , as an tourist , and I would have to start , all the process again. Our financial situation is different now , not in good direction . We live on investment/rental money , which is not as lucrative now as it was before . My question , if we would get married, my partner has permanent Visa , would be requirements for my Visa a little bit easier . We both have and use American passports . Thank you for the input . Regards b
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