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  1. Hello everyone , please help with information . We lived in Mexico for 5 years , an we both went through all the process , and got permanent visas . We applied separately , because we are not married . In 2015 we left Mexico to do some traveling . To our desperation , two years ago we were robbed , and among another things my Visa was stolen . I flew to Mexico , but on the airport I had to present my passport , which was stamped . I went to immigration in Gualdajara , to report my permanent Visa stolen . I had photocopy with me . Unfortunately , I was told, nothing can be done , because I am already in the system , as an tourist , and I would have to start , all the process again. Our financial situation is different now , not in good direction . We live on investment/rental money , which is not as lucrative now as it was before . My question , if we would get married, my partner has permanent Visa , would be requirements for my Visa a little bit easier . We both have and use American passports . Thank you for the input . Regards b
  2. My first post about her was on 28 of March, day after I left her in Ajijic . In that post are more pictures of her, please read if you can ...
  3. Yes she is at Dr. Pepes for 5 weeks now . I left her there for sugery, because in spĂ­te of young age she was already pregnant . I described her story in my first post about her . And again , I beg , please adopt her, I have already two dogs and I do not have the house . She is really the dog with lovely personality . She went thru the hell , someone left her in front of the place which I am renting in Mazamitla . She was not able to walk, she was under my care for 2 weeks . I took her to Dr Pepe, I paid for surgery, gave donation... I am willing to help a little bit financialy with start up with her, my heart is broken, I do not know what to say, she is lovely.. e
  4. Hello All; I am writing one more time hopping... My previous post , is already old . She is still waiting in terrible conditions , in the cage, she is really , really very special dog, if you take her , and contact me I will help a little with star up with her, food etc .
  5. Thank you very much Jay, please, please if you can, help spread the word about this very good and very poor girl . I love the list of your interests . many greetings eva
  6. Below I will paste the message I got from moderator on another forum, I still can not believe it really happened . This message includes as the quote my post , post which was of course deleted . If you do not have time for anything else, please read this post of mine Yes this is about the dog, and maybe you want to have a dog, and you want good, fine, well behaved one . THIS IS THE MESSAGE I GOT FROM MODERATOR You have received an infraction at Expat Forum For People Moving Overseas And Living AbroadDear evafla, You have received an infraction at Expat Forum For People Moving Overseas And Living Abroad. Reason: Rule 10 - Advertising ------- Hi, Please dont keep posting "adverts" as it is against forum rules. There are no exceptions - even for dog adoption emergency situations. Thanks Steve ------- This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. MY POST Original Post: adopt her Quote: Hello All; It is about the dog, I tried without success to include pictures, and got immediately warning, what is wrong, I am not advertising anything . 2 weeks ago, someone drop the dog in the front of the cabin, in the middle of nowhere, where I am staying in Mazamitla . Her , was so hungry and dehydrated , so she was not able to walk . Traces of physical abuse, 2 months to tight colar... I fed , gave water . She is very beautiful, 6, 7 months old Pit-bull mix, brown, with white front . Extremely cute , submissive, friendly, and very hungry for human love . I have already two dogs, and simple can not . I took her to the vet , I think famous one in Chapala , and Ajijic, Riberas del Pilar he does sort of placements . He sad she is already pregnant, he will do surgery , because is early and still can be done . I cover cost of it and all vaccines, and gave donation . I know this is a grain of the sand on the beach, I know ... But if you think about having the dog, go see her, she is really very special, is smart, responsive, made friends with my dogs immediately , and my dogs are not easy for that . I am afraid to put info here, because of the warning, this vet is called Pete, his name is Jose Magana, with soft n , please send me message I will give to you all info and send pictures to email, this part I can manage . Just to let you know, maybe you think about having the dog.... Please, please take her out of there
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