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  1. They can get the facturas for the materials, at youre name!
  2. The best is make a contract whit notario, and put how is goingt to be the payment! The normal is paid some % of the total price them every week, but some times is diferent whit the contractors that's what me and my contractor doing!
  3. here is hard to get the skilights we chance two and my contractor buy in guadalajara! but some time they no have the same size and they have to maked!! here you can try in the harware store. suerte!
  4. like $7000 pesos m2, plus permits, desing, perito and imss, some architec or contractor they pay permits and imss!! and the best is build youre dream home, and you can see the procest and now you have a good foundation and quualiti material and labor!! because if you buy a home you never now how qualiti materials and foundation that home is!! or how old is the property!!
  5. is $3.30pesos x pz!!! in lopez materiales
  6. Clean the surface, seal the surface whith castores seal, and paint whit waterproof casther! Is the best!!
  7. you can find in riveras!! in front of counteiner restaurant!!
  8. My old pool was a complete renovation first they take the old tiles! Them put a new rods in floor and walls! Them new concrete special for pools and the new tiles! And new plumbing, electrical and new equipment!!
  9. They are another one in the center!! I block up from the restaurantes plaza!!
  10. Well in Sayulita is pueblo magico only for 1 block!! They have oxxo store!! and the street are ugly around the squeare!!
  11. Hi!! You can find in jocotepec!! They have like 3 tipes of terracota tiles!!
  12. Is not a good time to built!! in the rainy season!!! A second floor!!!
  13. I think!! Is not a good time to make a second floor!!! Better wait!!! Suerte!!
  14. Before 3 months!! Afther you by!! Yes
  15. My contractor install for me, aluminum gutter, and we buy in ajijic, in La Casa del Plomero, harware store. You can buy there!! Suerte..
  16. In Riveras del pilar, two lacator more from de gas estation driving to chapala, the office is there. Suerte!
  17. My contractor make good work in my tiles pool problem, they remove and install the new tiles, but before to install, they apply some waterproof concrete for pools, them the new tiles, he is very honest! Is an Architec General Contractor! Try whit Hem, and get some ideas whats the best for you! Email: general_contractor2451@yahoo.com.mx .suerte
  18. I used my contractor, and he bring the maistro labañil, he me make the estime by m2 of installation of tiles by .55 x.55cm. Like $140 pesos by m2.
  19. I think is not good idea, install ceramic tiles in exterior roof, to many problems whith the grout.
  20. The problem can by, the algibe has to be clean, they have to check, probably the algibe have sone cracks inside and the sand going inside to the algibe, tha tinako, has to by clean, and like is a old house the galvanizado pipe is in poor condition, so they make that yellow color whit the water! And is not save to ised that water!
  21. I repair and remplace my old roof in 2011, they take the old tile, them the plastic, and my contractor make a inspection in my wood beam, he chance somes wood beam, them he put petate, plastic and ths new tile. Before he put the tile, he clean tile by tile and them he, seal all tiles. My be you have to do tha same. Suerte!!!
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