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  1. Rully is my contractor! He used Casther waterproof paint! And the membrane rolls is PASA products!
  2. Hi! Is time to repair ours roof! My contractor did some area in my home 70m2, he charge $250xm2, clean old waterproof, repair cracks, apply primer, install new membrane roolls and apply waterproof paint! Warranty for 7 years! I paid $17,500pesos. Labor and material! And Im very happy whit the prices but more when they finish! Saludos
  3. Hello! My contractor can help to you! He speak reliable English, and very honest person! You can contact at 3314451634 Raul is hes name! Said Sussane recomended! Grettis!
  4. I used couple years back! And they finish the project! But they take more time to finish and the final estimate was 3 times more money what they said first! So I never used again! If you need more info send me PM! Grettis
  5. I have 1 person how lives in san antonio! She can help you! She is a good person! Send me a pm for more info! Saludos!
  6. Home depot! Berel or Berth! They have machine to make matching colors!
  7. Is complicated! But if you used other material, and no cement, you can have many problems, if you have some roof leaks! I think you need to plasterin all youre ceiling and make all looks same desing or finish! and get a contractor whit work guarantee! Saludos
  8. Other option is plastering again! They install chiken wire in the old inside plaster, them put new concrete! They put in the new concrete fiber glass to have a better concrete warranty! But check prices to! To make new algibe 2x2m2 the cost is like $40 000pesos. Saludos!
  9. 24/7 = $2000 pesos x day! I ben used some nurses but was really expensive! And I decide to go a nursin home, I paid $23000 pesos x month! But incluide everything! Tv, internet, food, nursing 24 hours at day! Saludos!
  10. Hi! To have a better foundation and structural desing! You need to make a soil text! Them the Engineer can desing the best Foundation for you and you're project! Suerte!
  11. If you live in lake chapala area in Chapala of course! And if you live in mazatlan in mazatlan! Youre goint to spend more money travel them the money you have to paid for dental work! ­čśů
  12. A mexican friend have two car 4 rent! Jetta 2011 automatic $450 per day! Send me inbox for more info! Grettis
  13. Call Raul he lives in Riveras to! He now what to do! Speak realible English and honest person! 3314451634 grettis
  14. That's the problem! We have in Lake Chapala area Architecs and Engineer! But now you can find many Contractors but they are Gardener or any people how they said I can do o I have some person to do any work!And the Architecs and Engineers how the paid to finish and have cedula they no have much work becuase the contractor charge more less than Architecs or Engineers!!
  15. Yes you need! And need a permit of Prtoteccion Civil, Bomberos! They make a inspection and see if not any problem or if you have some problems! Any contractor or Arquitec can make the proces for you! If you dont have any one I have one person how can help to you to make rigth! Suerte
  16. Is 2 places in ajijic, 1 is in the block when is the market day in ajiji in the corner front the soccer field. The other is 3 block to the mountaing from the oxxo in ajijic.
  17. Nop! Maybe is new in this area! But in my opinion I never see hes name on this forum or other!! Bien dia!
  18. Is hard to stop! But this is the best proces to have a good warranty for many years! This´╗┐ are the best products for salitre 1.- afther remove the plaster in salitre area problem clean the bricks whit ´╗┐muriaric acid. 2.- them apply the seal. 3.- apply the first coat of plaster whit river sand, grey cement and the sikalite. 4.- apply the last coat of plaster whit fiber grass to make more solid the plaster, because all new plaster make cracks. 5.- when the work area is ready to paint we apply the special primer bio muros.´╗┐ 6.- and the final the paint. ´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐
  19. In Riveras nex to maskaras clinic! Casa Amastasia thats the name os the nursing home!
  20. I don't think! This wall has build 30 years ago and looks good like new! This is an interior wall! And they are maked new wall in yard area!
  21. Hes is building a nice rocks walls in Riveras in a Nursin home! Wall garden clean work! I take the pict last week!
  22. Rully can make 4 you! Great team, and honest person!
  23. How old is youre home? You don't have any plan or desing for you home? Thats can be a great help!
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