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  1. In Riveras the name of the company is Andamis Resendix, is in front of s&s autos, is a yellow building.
  2. What cain of fence? I have around in my pool stainless steel, that's more expensive but I thinks that's the best. Or normal metal fence work's to. I have the contact how make my! Send me a PM, if you like the contact. Saludos!
  3. That areas in youre brick ceiling if because you have some problems in youre roof, first you need to fix youre roof or terraze area, them all the are was humidity start to dry and going to youre brick area, so them you need to clean all youre brick ceiling whit acido muriatico, and you will be ok fot a couple years, thats a guarranty work, thats what they doing in my brick ceiling and in 2 cupulas to. If you need more tips or info send me a PM. Saludos
  4. They move now to the parke la cristiania, when was before the tianguis the goverment start to repair the street and suggar lines.
  5. I have my rainwater lines from my roof, connected to an absorption well, rainwater collector, and I have 2 French drains in my backyard, and that water I use for my pasture and some trees, that's materi prima.I now when you need to build a new house in the goverment office they want this buil and the litle desing in the permits plan desing.
  6. Call a plumbing guy! But whit a good references! Them you will be happy! Saludos
  7. My architect when I renew my pool, I contract to the ready mix company that is located in ixtlahuacan of the quinces, they have different types of constets, it depends on what you occupy, and on material they give you the price. If you need more info or contact of that company send me a PM. Saludos
  8. Wow! Thats a goods question? I think they charge x m3, but all depends how thick you liked, and the prices change to! But in my opinion you need a good inspection to make you retaining wall, and have a better idea, and try to get a good Contractor or Enginering, my contractor make 1 retaining wall whit a france draing, and he make my stone wall like 18ml x 5 higth, and the thick he start the foundation 1.5 and finish in 1m. And install rods ins diferents areas whit concrete! They make 5 concrete columns to. If you need more info send me a PM. Saludos.
  9. How many you need? You have a example roof tile? I now some person how can help you to find the roof tiles! If you want? Send me a PM! Saludos
  10. Yes they make! You can go to Jocotepec to see some examples or in tonala you can find more desings.
  11. I have my contractor he can help you, maybe you need new grount tiled pool, he clean and brush my old pool, and install new grount, and looks great! No more green water. Saludos!
  12. La mojonera gas estation! Is horrible what they did!
  13. My contractor make my roof and he make a great work! He is very honest, and good prices, he have warranty for the work 7 years installing the membrane rolls, I make in diferents areas my home is very big, he did the first area 3 years ago, and no problems, and he did the other area 2 months ago, you can contact hem at 3314451634 Rully is hes name. Said miss Susan recomended. Saludos!
  14. Cantera looks great! But I think the quimics what the pool have, start to make the cantera in poor condition, and lost the color and the seal of the top, that's my opinion. Suerte
  15. Hi! You can find in Jocotepec the concrete pavers! They have diferents colors and desing, in they have the Flat Stone to! Of if you need some person how can find the concrete pavers or the flat stone, I have some person how can help you! Send me a PM, if you need more info! Saludos
  16. Well diferences prices and diferences contractor! But is like $230 xm2 , labor and materials! But can be much diferences all depens how is the area to install the saltillo tiles! Suerte
  17. Well, sorry 4that! I used a local product in fester! And works great! Try that! Saludos!
  18. there is a product, liquid (special acid) that is applied on the polished floor, and this makes the floor porous and non-slip, it is clear it does not change color. Saludos
  19. any materials are good, you just have to know how to apply them! and also in what type of work area: some are very flat, others with a lot of unevenness, so the detail is in that they know how to apply the best method, and above all guaranteed. Saludos!
  20. Yes hes an Architect! Before to do my roof a get two more estimate! 1 wants to remove all my old roof tiles and the prices was $65 000pesos. And the other was $24 500 pesos, but only a normal process and only 3 year of garranty! And the Rully ofert better price but the more important a garranth on hes work and materials! Thats more better! To paid mich money and not have a nice work! Saludos
  21. He used PASA products Membrane Rolls and primer! And Casther for waterproof paint! Rully is my contractor! You can get at 3314451634!
  22. Rully is my contractor! He used Casther waterproof paint! And the membrane rolls is PASA products!
  23. Hi! Is time to repair ours roof! My contractor did some area in my home 70m2, he charge $250xm2, clean old waterproof, repair cracks, apply primer, install new membrane roolls and apply waterproof paint! Warranty for 7 years! I paid $17,500pesos. Labor and material! And Im very happy whit the prices but more when they finish! Saludos
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