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  1. Is not a good idea to have tiles on cupula, because is not a flat area to install tiles, and allways is problems between tiles in the grout, you can remplase the grout and instal some seal, thats work only for couple years, but my opinion is take out the tiles, and live only whith concrete plaster finished. Suerte.
  2. My contractor used Poliform for my tiles and cantera, is clear and work good for exterior. And great work whith my salitre and roof problems. He make diference job to the others contractors.
  3. That is whit Architec, I think whit a Contractor is more expensive, because the Contractor new to paid for Architec or Engineer civil, to make inspection for the work project!
  4. The cost For the labor and materials aré the same price in chapala and ajijic, Now the prices For New construction is $7,000.00 to $9,000.00 pesos m2. The remodeling some times aré more expensive.
  5. I so in a Facebook magazine reporter, Uber now is working service in Chapala, Im not sure, but is it real, great for Chapala and Us. Suerte.
  6. Tray in Jocotepec, there is many stores in the entrance and beteer prices to. Suerte
  7. I use Rully great prices and excelent worked, 3334595533. Suerte
  8. How many squere meteer you need to install?
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