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  1. In la floresta are 3! Alicias place San antonio Mi casita In riveras like 5, there I can remember is casa nostra and casa anastasia, I can remember the name of the others. In chapala 1.
  2. Yeap! Many around the lake chapala área!
  3. Maybe you have a leak, and make the black mould and the salitre, and mould can be dangerous, send me a PM, I have some one, how can stop the salitre, and he can check the leak. Susan
  4. I have some one, can help you! He take care to clean and remove all weeds and trash nex to my home, he have equipment and speak English well. 3314451634 Rully name
  5. Sorry! Can we have the name? To never used! Please
  6. My contractor put silicon, and sellacrill in all area, and the leaking stop, some time is the glass broken to.
  7. Estetica 9.5, everything works perfectly, not scratched or beaten, only used very little, free for any company. Ready for any test.
  8. Honest! On time! Friendly! Said Susan recomended
  9. I just make one for me!! Rully did!! He make the desing, get the permit in the fracc, call hem at 3314451634
  10. Call Evelin! 3312520663 she take care of casa anastacia home care! She can find some person to help you!
  11. My contrator repair 6" more all around the salitre área, because the salitre is inside and we can not see, but if you fix only the salitre área, they come Like 3" around in a couple months, he fix 4 years ago for us, and we don't have any salitre problems.
  12. How many m2 you like to build!? If is lest of 40 just you need a normal casita desing, and you dont need a perito sing, but if is more than 40 you need a desing of all you property, peroto sing, and more paper of you home, tax, payments, ect.
  13. Raul 3314451634 warranty and honest.
  14. Poliform, thats the name of the seal, when they clean my saltillo floor tiles, the remove the old seal, clean whit thiner special name to is poliform, them apply two coats of seal.
  15. I buy an A/C, for this time, is very hot, I get one of 1 ton, I paid the amount of $8500 PESOS, equipment and installation, my A/C is cold and hot, so if you need some A/C, call 3314451634 Raul, we are happy, whit our A/C. Greetings.
  16. Call Raul, 3314451634, he is Enrique pineda helper. Probably he have Enriques cell phone number!
  17. Simapa chapala, price $1500 pesos, x 1 hour or 5000liters.
  18. May be yes, may be no! Where you live, you have water all day?
  19. Membrane torch is the best! More warranty, fast, and clean work procees, if the roof have more cracks in the future, the membrane torch not crack, and is not expensive is like $230m2, labor anf materials.
  20. Like $400 pesos. 4liters gallon. And cover like 15m2 whit 2 coats.
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