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  1. Madereria Real Ortega in chapala, infront of soriana.
  2. You can have one in Ferreteria Calzada harware store in Chapala, before delicias restaurante.
  3. Yes! In ajijic they are a big famili, they do all yard works, theh do my, they live in la montaƱa center, he sold some parota desing in ajijic, if you need the contac, info? send me a PM. Saludos
  4. Super luz is 2 blocks down fron the Sunraise restaurante in San Antonio.
  5. The owner of the super lake, "pollo", ran them, since he sells, and he did not want them to keep selling outside of his business! So sad!
  6. Oxireyes in riveras! He have for rent or sell!
  7. I did two times! The firts one person install sod in mi yard, and not what's a good work and the sod what's in bad condition, the second person how did, he make a nice level and he buy the sod in tlajomulco, and install rith the sod and look so good! Send me a Pm for more info! Saludos!
  8. Rully is the best! And very honest person! You will be happy whit youre new roof! Saludos!
  9. Oh ok! Send me a PM I have some person, and he can help you! Saludos
  10. You have all ready the skylith ready to install? Or you need to get a skylith and some one to installed?
  11. In Riveras the name of the company is Andamis Resendix, is in front of s&s autos, is a yellow building.
  12. What cain of fence? I have around in my pool stainless steel, that's more expensive but I thinks that's the best. Or normal metal fence work's to. I have the contact how make my! Send me a PM, if you like the contact. Saludos!
  13. That areas in youre brick ceiling if because you have some problems in youre roof, first you need to fix youre roof or terraze area, them all the are was humidity start to dry and going to youre brick area, so them you need to clean all youre brick ceiling whit acido muriatico, and you will be ok fot a couple years, thats a guarranty work, thats what they doing in my brick ceiling and in 2 cupulas to. If you need more tips or info send me a PM. Saludos
  14. They move now to the parke la cristiania, when was before the tianguis the goverment start to repair the street and suggar lines.
  15. I have my rainwater lines from my roof, connected to an absorption well, rainwater collector, and I have 2 French drains in my backyard, and that water I use for my pasture and some trees, that's materi prima.I now when you need to build a new house in the goverment office they want this buil and the litle desing in the permits plan desing.
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