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  1. I paid to my contractor $100 per hour, but I paid gas and lonch.
  2. The finish texture is sand and cement or mortero, and the tools name is flota, you can get in the harware store.
  3. Granite Fantasi! In Riveras, in front of have hammers.
  4. Only in home depot, Berel paint.
  5. Yes is the same problem we have now, in ajijic, San Antonio and Chapala, for the ciclovia construction.
  6. Rully 3314451634, he speak english, honesto and realible. Saludos.
  7. Is 12x40m2. To get the permit anyone can get in the goverment office. But to make tha plan and the perito sing, need to be a architec or enginering whit jalisco state permit. If you need more info send me a PM. Saludos
  8. Well in 2 years ago, I tray to buy a comercial lot in Riveras del Pilar, the prices of the lot was $ 1 000 000pesos, like $52 000 usd sprox, and I ask a estimate for ar enginer in gdl to buid ware cost, and the prices was $750 000 pesos, like $40 000 usd, but not icluide septick tank and algibe, and the lot construction was 12x40. So the lot comercial is like $6 000 to $10 000 pesos, and $8 000 to $12 000 for construction. Saludos
  9. Make a extra septic tank only for the gray water, conecta a 4" or 6" pvc pipe, to the septic tank to the New for the gray water, and you're never goint to have that problema, I did't in my septic in Riveras. If you need the info of my contract, I can send you. Suerte.
  10. That's is not a problem, because they give a receipt, and then you need to go in 1 month for you tarjeta de circulacion, so you can have you re receipt in youre if you have any problem.
  11. You can find in madereria Real Ortega in Chapala, in front of Soriana, or whit hes brother nex building. Suerte
  12. I mexican friend have a nice house in fracc los lirios in san antonio, 1 block of walmart, 1block to la floresta, gate comunity, pool and terraze, 2 beth, 2 bath, garage, mirador, laundry room inside, all furniture, back patio whit terraze, 1 floor, price $850usd. If you more info call Rully 3314451634, he can send you some pict of the house, saludos.
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