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  1. You paid for meter and for the workers you have! But before to start the building you nees to paid the IMSS, because if they stop in the process and yoy don't pay the IMSS they charge more. How many squerer meter is youre building??
  2. I send you a PM! My contractor used a better material, for warranty of years, and can work and seal the leaks in the rain season.
  3. Juan Dieguez! Hes not working here anymore, he is in USA.
  4. Sellacril is not for floor tiles, he only used for the glass block, and for the floor tiles, he used Poliform, to install in my saltillo tiles, sellacrill you can used in many areas and materials, butt before they have to now how to install, clean before the areas.
  5. I used Raul, he is my contractor, he hace ladders and scaffolding, to go tu my roof, my roof is to high and whit rood tiles, so he used the scaffolding to do, 3314451634 is hes phone númber. Susan.
  6. Send me PM! I have some one, he can help you. He clean the mold first, found the like, remove the plaster in mold area, to stop the salitre. Susan
  7. In la floresta are 3! Alicias place San antonio Mi casita In riveras like 5, there I can remember is casa nostra and casa anastasia, I can remember the name of the others. In chapala 1.
  8. Yeap! Many around the lake chapala área!
  9. Maybe you have a leak, and make the black mould and the salitre, and mould can be dangerous, send me a PM, I have some one, how can stop the salitre, and he can check the leak. Susan
  10. I have some one, can help you! He take care to clean and remove all weeds and trash nex to my home, he have equipment and speak English well. 3314451634 Rully name
  11. Sorry! Can we have the name? To never used! Please
  12. My contractor put silicon, and sellacrill in all area, and the leaking stop, some time is the glass broken to.
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