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  1. You can find many contractor for pool construction, I have one how make a renovation in my pool, he make everithyng new and take 2 months, whit all sistem, ligths, solar panels and equipment, honest person and quality wprk, if you want the contact send me a PM, grettis!
  2. vista lake


    In my opinion! The best for you is buy a land and build youre dream home! Thats what I do! You see the procees, materials, quality, and when you finish you will be so happy in youre new home! Grettis
  3. vista lake

    Chapala plus direct bus

    Yes! You can get in las 6 esquinas in front of la casa del wafle or in the bus stop in the center in ajijc!
  4. vista lake

    Garden Clean Up

    Call Raul 3314451634 he have a pick up trock, je now a place in riveras where he take and make composta. He speak english, have a nice day.
  5. vista lake

    Seeking Cement Floor Installer

    I have a person how can make that for you! He make some cement whit red and yellow color in our terraza, in chapala haciendas, and I liked, I don't now where you want to installed if is in a new area or tou have something now, but he can help you! Send me a PM, 4 more info! Grettis
  6. vista lake

    Suggestions for small-ish sidewalk tree?

    Arallan ! No make big roots like jacaranda and tabachines! So you don't have problems whit the sidewalk. And looks great!
  7. The galvanized fencing are expensive to, probably only 20 % more cheap, but is you make a brick wall you have more warranty and secury for youre property, check price, I have a contact for fencing they are in san antonio, if you want the contact, send ma a PM, nice day.
  8. Well in my opinion the bricks are much better, and yes you need a permit! And is to high so you need a good foundation and a great concrete to have a good work and quality wall!
  9. vista lake

    Building contractor

    Warranty, great Team, honest person, the labor on time, all permit what you need, they take care, reliable and good prices! Grettis.
  10. vista lake

    Tiling roof

    Is not a good option to install tile in the roof, because the grout is not warranty for the rain and sun, but you can put in the grout some sealer special, and the maskint like what the albaƱiles used for pool tiles whit this you have more warranty and saved for a couple years. Other option is before to install the tiles you can put membrane and them the tile, because if you have a leak the leak staid in the membrane, but not going inside of the ceiling!
  11. vista lake

    Closet Designer

    Hi! Is difficult to fine a closet designer! But if you have the idea the carpenter can help you some others ideas, and make the closet for you! I have a carpenter if you are interesting in now hem, send me a PM, buen dia!
  12. vista lake

    San Antonio Tlaycapan fiesta

    Yesterday was the last day! Whit some group of rock! Thanks god is finish! Jaja
  13. vista lake

    Looking for Architect Builder

    ARCO - ARQUITECTURA & CONSTRUCCION I used them, they are brothers working in this area for many years, good quality, honest, excelent workers, and the most important quality materials, they make the desing, take care of permits, and build to! You can contact at 3314451634 Garcia Gonzales team! Greetis!
  14. vista lake

    World Cup. Mexico v Germany

    Marios restaurant in san antonio! They wach the soccer game!
  15. vista lake


    The best products for waterproof is Fester and Casther (tonal), you can get the product for 3, 5, 7 and 10 years of warranty. But remember if they make a good work before to apply the waterproof paint you goint to have a real warranty, if they not you can get the product for 10 years warranty but you goint to have problems in 2 or 3 years! My contractor tell me that! And we make a good choice and they doing a great job! Send me a pm if you want more info of my contractor! Grettis!