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  1. Call Rully! He can help you! He is specialist in water filtration and humidity salitre problems, he make many solutions in my big home, some craks, salitre, fixied, the problems was gray water filtration, and he find the problem and repair, and now we have 2 years and everithing is fine, no dark and bad smell water. 3314451634 is hes cell phone. Saludos
  2. Yes! But sometimes you can make a deal, pay 50%, the buyer and seller! Because if you're car is like 5 yeras old, to pay the tax is like $13 000 to $20 000 pesos.
  3. If you from home telephone line you have to call that number, if you have a cellphone line you have to put first 376 them the number.
  4. That's truth! Maybe he is a private driver, but the call to Uber drivers!
  5. Send me a PM, we now some person, he can get for you the size do you need!
  6. I get in the last month 2m3 in jocotepec, in fracc roca azul, they have diferents cain of gravel, 1inch, 1.5 inch. I used for my yard to, but we install like 4 inches high.
  7. My contractor work for me in fracc las fuentes! If you want more info send me a PM. Saludos!
  8. My contractor did some similar for me, just a show the picture wath a really a need, and he contact a company in gdl and they did for me and install!
  9. A Good installer and a Good quality person, they need to be very careful about to have the most clean possible, and they tell you the true, I have one person, my home is 20 years old, and he did some remplace tiles for me, and he did a great job, and the most important he found the same tile, because somethimes is impssible to fine the same tile. Send me a PM if you want more info. Saludos.
  10. I think you have 2 problems! 1 is in the sink, thats a sewer sistem, if you have in the sink that bad smell is because you need to clean that line, maybe you have something food or other think, and when they install the plumbing in tha sink they no install a Trampa, trap, the Trampa stop the smell of the sewer line sistem. And about the sprinkler sometimes is the hose you need to wait a couple minutes to the smell go! You have algibe? If you have, maybe you have some filtration of the septictank to youre algibe.
  11. Madereria Real Ortega in chapala, infront of soriana.
  12. You can have one in Ferreteria Calzada harware store in Chapala, before delicias restaurante.
  13. Yes! In ajijic they are a big famili, they do all yard works, theh do my, they live in la montaƱa center, he sold some parota desing in ajijic, if you need the contac, info? send me a PM. Saludos
  14. Super luz is 2 blocks down fron the Sunraise restaurante in San Antonio.
  15. The owner of the super lake, "pollo", ran them, since he sells, and he did not want them to keep selling outside of his business! So sad!
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