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  1. vista lake

    Building a wall!

    In Riveras nex to maskaras clinic! Casa Amastasia thats the name os the nursing home!
  2. vista lake

    Building a wall!

    I don't think! This wall has build 30 years ago and looks good like new! This is an interior wall! And they are maked new wall in yard area!
  3. vista lake

    Building a wall!

    Hes is building a nice rocks walls in Riveras in a Nursin home! Wall garden clean work! I take the pict last week!
  4. vista lake

    Building a wall!

    Rully can make 4 you! Great team, and honest person!
  5. vista lake

    Septic Tank Locator

    How old is youre home? You don't have any plan or desing for you home? Thats can be a great help!
  6. vista lake

    Who pays for trash collection?

    When we piad our taxes includes tha trash collection, but the guy for the trash they tell me the new goverment of chapala they goint to start to charge for the trash collection! So thats the point whit thes new goverment of chapala!
  7. vista lake

    Concrete counters for outside barbeque?

    Any maestro of masonry can make! Just only show the desing and they make for you! In my opinion the concrete polished look nice!
  8. vista lake


    And 4 salitre repairs problems! Prevention of settlements by wet! Send email whit the experts general_contractor2451@yahoo.com.mx May be they can help you!
  9. vista lake

    Arq Ignacio (Nacho) G Osuna Eskenazi

    Sorry 4 u!! I hope u can finish you project, I now sometimes we have only the money to finish and whit this problems is complicated to continue or to trust in other Arq or Contractor!! But you can fin other Arq or Contractor to continue!! Grettis!
  10. vista lake


    You can find metal gutter in ajijc, in la casa del plomero hardwarestore!! Grettis!
  11. vista lake

    Jocotopec mountain construction

    Is bad for our mountains!! But What I now the mountains have owner like we are owner in our lot house!! So the Ejidatarios or Comunidad Indijena, they not like to work whit any goverment! And they have some ofert for the mountain and sell!! 😔
  12. That year don't need!! I thinks is 2016 lest!!
  13. vista lake

    Wooden rods?

    Madereria Real Ortega!! They are acros from Soriana in chapala!! You can find there! Or they can make for you!! Grettis!!
  14. vista lake


    Normal clean $1000 pesos, when they used the power washer is like $2000 pesos, more warranty and better clean whit the power washer! Grettis!!
  15. vista lake

    Older style roof tiles

    I now a guy! He bring for me when I need! He can sell the tiles whit seal! He used Sellador Casther! Ready to install the tiles! How much you need? I can tell hem! Is you want the tile clean and seal, or only the tile and you can sealer!!