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  1. Raul 3314451634 warranty and honest.
  2. Poliform, thats the name of the seal, when they clean my saltillo floor tiles, the remove the old seal, clean whit thiner special name to is poliform, them apply two coats of seal.
  3. I buy an A/C, for this time, is very hot, I get one of 1 ton, I paid the amount of $8500 PESOS, equipment and installation, my A/C is cold and hot, so if you need some A/C, call 3314451634 Raul, we are happy, whit our A/C. Greetings.
  4. Call Raul, 3314451634, he is Enrique pineda helper. Probably he have Enriques cell phone number!
  5. Simapa chapala, price $1500 pesos, x 1 hour or 5000liters.
  6. May be yes, may be no! Where you live, you have water all day?
  7. Membrane torch is the best! More warranty, fast, and clean work procees, if the roof have more cracks in the future, the membrane torch not crack, and is not expensive is like $230m2, labor anf materials.
  8. Like $400 pesos. 4liters gallon. And cover like 15m2 whit 2 coats.
  9. They said to pay the father and son! I dont see where said for more payments, like cfe, water simapa, rent, etc. My be you dont now read, or give a good answer.
  10. So $84000 pesos for both? Wow is a good payment? Hiw much they charge x week? Im courios!
  11. You're wrong, the Dr Garcia, is the official dr in casa anastasia, you can and ask in the goverment office, about casa anastasia, and you will see hes name, and title in the office.
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