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  1. vista lake

    contractors in 2018

    You can find in this forum great references! I used only 1, for 7 years!! Great quality, honest, and good prices!! Call hem at 3314451634 said Susan recomended!! Grettis
  2. No!! Other person can bring youre car, but you need to go whit that person! Thats the only way you can!! Because the permit you get have the name of the owner of the car!
  3. You can go to the palacio municipal in Chapala, the Ecologi deparment!!! Departamento se Ecologia!! You can ask there and they goint to let you now!!
  4. vista lake

    Septic tank questions ( arghhh ! )

    To build a septick tank, for grey water and dark water cost like $30 000 to $35 000 pesos, and Here in Riveras I install a heavy dutty water pump in the grey water tank, so when they almost full the pump start on to drain the water!! Conected whit the raing water draing!!!
  5. vista lake

    Wood floors anyone ?

    You can used a Parota Wood for floor tiles!!! But you need to have a good concrete work before to install!!! You need to remove the old concrete, then you need to put a special plastic, and them the concrete what they used for pools, thats special, them the wood floor! Thats give you warranty!! Grettis
  6. vista lake


    $450 to $600 pesos,
  7. vista lake

    Vi Lu Ma Experience

    They do the same whit me!! I think they no like to do some small job! I call a contractor and he make me screen door.... greetis!!
  8. Mexicans cartel vs soldiers, federales tray not go outside today!!
  9. vista lake

    Palm Tree Trimming

    They charge per tree, and the price is diferent and how difficul is the tree, and check is you need some permit!!! But they are like to $400 to $700 inch 1!! 3314451634 call hem he speak english he can get you and estimate!! Grettis
  10. You can find many contractor for pool construction, I have one how make a renovation in my pool, he make everithyng new and take 2 months, whit all sistem, ligths, solar panels and equipment, honest person and quality wprk, if you want the contact send me a PM, grettis!
  11. vista lake


    In my opinion! The best for you is buy a land and build youre dream home! Thats what I do! You see the procees, materials, quality, and when you finish you will be so happy in youre new home! Grettis
  12. vista lake

    Chapala plus direct bus

    Yes! You can get in las 6 esquinas in front of la casa del wafle or in the bus stop in the center in ajijc!
  13. vista lake

    Garden Clean Up

    Call Raul 3314451634 he have a pick up trock, je now a place in riveras where he take and make composta. He speak english, have a nice day.
  14. vista lake

    Seeking Cement Floor Installer

    I have a person how can make that for you! He make some cement whit red and yellow color in our terraza, in chapala haciendas, and I liked, I don't now where you want to installed if is in a new area or tou have something now, but he can help you! Send me a PM, 4 more info! Grettis