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  1. Steren electronics store sells them, you can program two different phone numbers. They will come to your house and set it up. Works using Telmex line.
  2. It is free, if you have a smart TV you can stream it on your TV. You will need to go to the Telmex office to have it set up, they will send you a password to your email address.
  3. My friend here has an Intercam savings and checking account that she just added me too. I just got here into a nursing home and has stage 4 dementia. I am good friends with her family in the States and want to keep the money in the Intercam account. They are beneficaries with Intercam when she passes.
  4. I have POA to sell a friends house in Ajijic. Where is a good safe institute to put the sales proceeds for a couple of years. TIA
  5. I Thanks I will email you now. I have contacted Lakeside TV.
  6. Thanks I will email you now.
  7. Is lakeside TV with Clear Choice still operating, I have called them at 333-490-3429. I have also e mailed them with no results. TIA
  8. I believe they pulled out of Mexico.
  9. Oregon. The water damage came from cracked tiles on the terrace above this ceiling. So the ceiling would have concrete with plaster over it.
  10. Looking for recommendations to have a plaster ceiling repaired. English speaker preferred.
  11. Hardware store next to Telmex office has bags of them.
  12. Most older devices have a Max speed off 100 Mbps, that speed is for WiFi and Lan connections.
  13. Your laptop,PC, cell phone, these devices may only be capable of 100Mbps wifi and nothing more. Most older devices are topped out at 100 Mbps.
  14. All depends at what the Max speed of your devices are, you need to check this.
  15. The original post is three years old, maybe you should start a new post. Maybe you could mention your brother's name as members on this forum might know him or have heard of him.
  16. It is a very nice full service hospital, english speaking nurses take care of everything.
  17. Restaurants closed from 7:00PM to 7:00AM for sit down service on week days, no sit down service on weekends.
  18. Gringohombre, ilox speed is all over the place, for $340.00 I get 150 down and 67 upload using a net work cable. WiFi I run through a Linksys router and get 107 download and 45 upload.
  19. Walmart has them, in the electronics Dept. Inside the glass display case.
  20. If you want private Mexican health insurance the cutoff age to apply is 64 years of age.
  21. Acording to the guide lines restaurants fill out an online form submit it and then an inspector visits the restaurant and inspects it and makes sure the guide lines are met and then gives the restaurant some kind of certificate.
  22. Message me and I will give you his phone no. He lives in the gated community LA Huerta on Ocampo west Ajijic.
  23. My mixture is 4 teaspoons bleach to 1 liter of water.
  24. Must be the Mexican cards, I have sprayed my USA card with water bleach mixture a couple dozen times and never had a problem. I called my bank and they said the water bleach mixture will not harm my card.
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