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  1. For IPTV services with ilox you do need a public ip address, the problem is getting one, their is a shortage of public ip addressing on IPv4 no fault of ilox. Until the switch to IPv6 is completed world wide your best bet is to email ilox NOC and request one and hope for the best?
  2. I have seen some nice ones from Tony's.
  3. Nicoderm patch available from mercado libre. Champix(same as Chantix) availabile locally or you can order online from Walmart. My local doctor wrote me a script for Champix and told me it is available at some pharmacies locally.
  4. I had the 599 peso plan and was getting around 4 down load and 2 upload. I switched to the 389 peso plan and my down load speed is 8.97 and 4.2 up load.
  5. Does anyone have directions to Oscar's shop? I could not find his shop and nobody is answering his phone when I call. Thanks
  6. Only problem with WEA is they are not licensed in Mexico, if they went belly up you are screwed. If a Mexican Insurance company such as GNP went belly up another Mexican Insurance has to take over your policy.
  7. Couple months ago the ATM at the bank at the Ajijic plaza did not return my card, I talked to some one inside and within minutes after showing my I.D. I got my card back
  8. Red Swan- Beware that with AWD that once you put some miles on your tires and for some reason (flat tire ect.) You cannot replace the bad tire with a new tire, depending on how much tread wear you will have to find a used tire to match the tread wear of the other tires, other wise it will effect your computer traction control.
  9. Lake Chapala Painting Service. 331-741-5501
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