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  1. Walmart has them, in the electronics Dept. Inside the glass display case.
  2. If you want private Mexican health insurance the cutoff age to apply is 64 years of age.
  3. Acording to the guide lines restaurants fill out an online form submit it and then an inspector visits the restaurant and inspects it and makes sure the guide lines are met and then gives the restaurant some kind of certificate.
  4. Message me and I will give you his phone no. He lives in the gated community LA Huerta on Ocampo west Ajijic.
  5. My mixture is 4 teaspoons bleach to 1 liter of water.
  6. Must be the Mexican cards, I have sprayed my USA card with water bleach mixture a couple dozen times and never had a problem. I called my bank and they said the water bleach mixture will not harm my card.
  7. Mudgirl, every glove they sell is factory sealed. If you buy a sealed box you will get 100 gloves individually sealed. The farmacia just opens up a box so you have a choice of how many gloves you need. These are sterile gloves.
  8. Farmacia Cristina be El Torito has them, small, medium and large sizes. Box of 50 pair $250.00 pesos or you can buy from open boxes.
  9. This was from a Chapala Facebook group. I am posting this from a reliable source. We are posting here because we care about our Lakeside friends. Here is the latest news that I received from a reliable source. Maritza To all of our clients and rentals, Just wanted to pass along some information to make sure you are aware of the current situation of the coronavirus here in Mexico, specifically here at Lakeside. We were in shock to find out that so many Americans and Canadians were not even aware of the Governor of Jalisco announcement last Friday asking for a 5-day lock
  10. Holalola. I live by Rio Bravo and Ocampo, I get trash pickup every day except Sunday and a couple of Holidays.
  11. What does PVC pipe have in common with surgical tubing? Nothing.
  12. CITES has removed this ban on Nov. 26th 2019. It all depends if customs are up to date with this removal ban.
  13. Amazon Mexico has a nice digital scale in pounds only, around $25.00 US dollars, was delivered here the next day.
  14. Lydias medical supplies on the Carraterra between Bobby's restaturant and Vino's Americas.
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