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  1. Missed the flu shots at LCS, as they ran out before 1:pm. Anybody know where we can get the quadrivalent flu shot Lakeside? Our doctor in Ajijic just informed us he may not have the shot until January!
  2. Willie...thanks for all the info on your visit to Laboratoria Clinico El Lago A few more questions: Is the cost for the test 5,000 pesos if you need the result in 24 hours? Are you notified by email of the results? Are there specific pre-test requirements as in fasting?
  3. Does anyone know if Chopo Lab in Guadalajara can give a 24-hr result on a PCR test for travel? If so, could you please include the address and phone number of the local Guadalajara Chopo Lab? I'm having trouble finding information on the Chopo website for Guadalajara. Any help appreciated!!
  4. Does anyone know of a private lab that gives a 24 hr result? Not 24-48, but actually 24 hours? Also, need result by email. (The come-one-come-all at the Laboratorio Clinico El Lago doesn't sound the best. Want a place who gives appointments and does distancing.) Lakeside preferred, Guadalajara ok.
  5. Anyone know of a local lab that performs the Molecular RT-PCR Test required for international travel? Must be performed and have results within 72 hours prior to departure.
  6. Ubaldo Unzueta Renteria @ HerrerĂ­a Unzueta. Carr. Ote No. 37 Ajijic. Just East of the Pemex station in Ajijic, same side of the street (mountain side). herreriaunzueta@hotmail.com Open 9am-6pm (not sure about weekend hours), closed between 1-2 for lunch. Ubaldo is very good. His family has been in the iron biz for many years. 766-0041 cel. 331-072-5794.
  7. Yes, try a garden store. The bags are marked "sulfato de magnesio". Or for medicinal purposes most farmacias will have it if you ask for it like this (smaller amounts and more expensive than the big bags for the garden).
  8. Some nice wall art around Ajijic signed "Phil". Anyone know if this artist has a studio or does shows?
  9. Like bats, think bats are great, and don't want to harm it. Don't, however, want to clean up bat poop every morning. Since the open wall to the garage does not allow for a closed door, the bat can come in whenever he likes. Thanks for the suggestions, ie the sonic method, and will keep trying to discourage the little guy in a humane way.
  10. One wall of the garage is open to the outdoor patio. The bat can come and go. It's a problem!
  11. Trimmed the tree and the bat moved into the garage (one wall open to the outdoor patio). Looking for suggestions for humane bat removal or ways to discourage the bat that won't hurt the little guy. It moves around to different high areas of the walls, so not just one spot. Anyone have success with this problem Lakeside? Thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone! Your help is appreciated!
  13. I am looking for a mattress-top piece of foam that is NOT memory foam. Some years ago I got egg-crate foam in the bedding department of the Lakeside Walmart, but they no longer carry it. Anybody know who might locally (Ajijic, Riberas, St. Antonio, Chapala) sell a large piece of foam, bedding or firm upholstery type?
  14. Concrete fountain has a leak. Any suggestions on a good pool/fountain person to FIND and repair leak? Thanks!
  15. Please pass on any info and tips for home delivery of groceries. Thanks!
  16. I saw it too. Not like any lightning I've ever seen. I would have thought it was some kind of silent bright white fireworks until I heard one roll of thunder. I would definitely put it in the "unusual" category.
  17. There will be an art opening on friday night (Nov 3) at the studio of Jesus Lopez Vega. The time is 4-6:pm I think! His studio is in West Ajijic- don't know the address. There will be other artists showing along with Jesus. Should be good!
  18. We heard yesterday that Efren Gonzalez will light the skull wall he created across from San Andres church at 8:pm tonight. (Missed it last year and looking forward to seeing it tonight!)
  19. Is there a sign on the carretera for their San Antonio location? We looked for one and didn't see a sign indicating where to turn. Now we will look for San Jose.
  20. Does the smell still blow across the road? Long Live Dusty Chicken!
  21. Does anyone know what is required to change the name on an account when a new person takes over the bill? Do I need to bring a translator to the CFE office? ( not fluent in spanish)
  22. I agree with El Saltos & Daisy2013. I used the same route planned by a local travel agent. Have a great time in France!!
  23. The vivero in San Antonio behind Superlake has herbs, and I have bought flat leaf parsley there.( I have not seen curly leafed parsley for sale at any vivero Lakeside.) They have a varying selection, so checking in often is good if you are looking for something special. The herbs are located by the west fence by the entrance.
  24. I concur about the agreeable qualities about Los Telares, AND about the disagreeable house wine. What the heck? how hard is it to offer a decent wine by the glass? Lots of other restaurants Lakeside have figured it out! In my opinion they would be much busier with locals if they did that one thing.
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