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  1. Please pass on any info and tips for home delivery of groceries. Thanks!
  2. I saw it too. Not like any lightning I've ever seen. I would have thought it was some kind of silent bright white fireworks until I heard one roll of thunder. I would definitely put it in the "unusual" category.
  3. There will be an art opening on friday night (Nov 3) at the studio of Jesus Lopez Vega. The time is 4-6:pm I think! His studio is in West Ajijic- don't know the address. There will be other artists showing along with Jesus. Should be good!
  4. We heard yesterday that Efren Gonzalez will light the skull wall he created across from San Andres church at 8:pm tonight. (Missed it last year and looking forward to seeing it tonight!)
  5. Is there a sign on the carretera for their San Antonio location? We looked for one and didn't see a sign indicating where to turn. Now we will look for San Jose.
  6. Does the smell still blow across the road? Long Live Dusty Chicken!
  7. Does anyone know what is required to change the name on an account when a new person takes over the bill? Do I need to bring a translator to the CFE office? ( not fluent in spanish)
  8. I agree with El Saltos & Daisy2013. I used the same route planned by a local travel agent. Have a great time in France!!
  9. The vivero in San Antonio behind Superlake has herbs, and I have bought flat leaf parsley there.( I have not seen curly leafed parsley for sale at any vivero Lakeside.) They have a varying selection, so checking in often is good if you are looking for something special. The herbs are located by the west fence by the entrance.
  10. I concur about the agreeable qualities about Los Telares, AND about the disagreeable house wine. What the heck? how hard is it to offer a decent wine by the glass? Lots of other restaurants Lakeside have figured it out! In my opinion they would be much busier with locals if they did that one thing.
  11. I'm looking for a place in Ajijic village that I can walk to that sells good homemade chocolate chip and chip/nut cookies. Any suggestions? Thanks! ( no special dietary concerns- just good tasting cookies)
  12. You should call Art House and check to see if they are still in business.
  13. You might want to try Victor Youcha. He is a good chiropractor. He goes right to your problem areas and fixes you up. He is my only recommendation Lakeside.
  14. I need good color copies done on card stock for a thank-you card project. Does anyone know where, in Ajijic or Chapala, I can get CLEAN color copies that don't have lots of little black specks showing up unexpectedly on the finished product?
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