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  1. I was phishing. For some meaningful replies. Thanks
  2. Seems to be everywhere... http://digg.com/2017/climate-change-kidney-disease
  3. Has anyone seen these around lakeside? I'm in need of some cheap shade cloth for my patio and am considering this or secoundhand blankets or the shade material available at the hardware stores. I would prefer cloth though. TIA Also, are the mexican woven blankets around town still made of wool?
  4. I have seen these at the small kitchen supply store in Chapala. It is next to the La Lena and Il Giardino restaurants, at the foot of the stairway going up to the Chinese restaurant.
  5. Has anybody seen one of these around? TIA
  6. Is anyone playing online poker for real money? I need some info on funding an account. TIA
  7. I went to the art store on Hidalgo and asked the man working there specifically for rubber cement. He has Elmer's spray on adhesive and a bottle of something called IRIS ( that looks like watery rubber cement. Is this what you are talking about?
  8. I have not done it in awhile, but there is a night ride every Tues. and Thurs. starting around 7.30 at the beer garden on the malecon in Chapala. It's all younger Mexicans.
  9. Also, could you clear the cyclopista of your sedimentary runoff, thanks.
  10. Have you found the good plumber? I´m looking for one also, the past few can't seem to fix the problem with the pressure switch.
  11. Have you found the good plumber? I´m looking for one also, the past few can't seem to fix the problem with the pressure switch.
  12. I have used Kingo Root on my tablet and phone. You can get the app on their website.
  13. I have several plants around my terrace that seem to keep away most flies and mosquitoes. I can sit outside undisturbed for hours, until dusk when a mosquito or two will show up. I have 3 mint plants, 3 large basil bushes (4 feet tall and nearly 3 wide) and a few marigold plants. I have noticed the mosquito coils don't work well here, not like the ones in Thailand anyway. Also, heavy smoke draws flies and maybe mosquitos as well.
  14. Thanks for the concern. I can walk around 10 miles a day on the cobblestone like this without any problems. I think the double insoles help alot. My feet don't really move around inside the shoe, but I do trip over the toes sometimes.
  15. My trick is shoes two sizes two big, with double insoles. I get some serious spread across the stones, real clodhoppers.
  16. I would never expect a bike lane down the main highway through town, but a 3 foot wide section of flat pavers running east-west through town on any side road would be a real blessing. I have been riding bicycles for 45 years and had never been hit by a car until I came here and was sideswiped in front of the OXXO in Ajijic. Naturally, the driver did not stop.
  17. A small bit of bike lane down Constitucion and Ocampo so bicyclists can bypass the main road would be very, very nice. I have been thinking of taking up a campaign on this, not sure where to start.
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