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  1. Lots of good people to help at reasonable cost. We recently used MAGO's Office in Chapala for processing our permanente visa beginning to end and it was smooth and well worth it. They were very personal and helpful at every stage, kept us fully informed of the status at each step. Email is nnatali_2000@yahoo.com and Norma is the contact. They are located on AV MADERO #230-1 in Chapala across the street from the Chapala Market.

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  2. 10 hours ago, RickS said:

    In addition to RV’s excellent reply......  a NAFTA vehicle will have the VIN# starting with either a 1,2,3,4 or 5. Otherwise any ‘model’ can come. There may be some restriction on diesel trucks over 1 ton. Fees to Import a US vehicle into Mexico will be ‘north of $2,500’. 

    If one is a tourist or a Mexican Residente Temporal, there is a permit (TIP) that must be obtained for the vehicle. It is good “for as long as the owner’s visa is good”... 6 months for a tourist and for up to 4 years for a Temporal if renewed annually. As RV suggests, a Residente Permanente cannot have a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico. A TIP costs less than $50 but a refundable deposit of between $200-$400 will be assessed (cash or credit card).... refundable when the vehicle is taken out of Mexico.



    So a "NAFTA" car can be brought to Mexico and "legalized" if the owner decides to obtain a permanente visa?

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