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  1. Wow! Judging the character of people about whom one knows literally nothing. Interesting to say the least.
  2. The cost of living is certainly higher in Ajijic as opposed to the most of the rest of Mexico . . . I wonder what the impact is of the millions+ spent by expats in that economy?
  3. An important factor in this discussion . . . in 2014 exchange rate was about 12 pesos to the US dollar . . . now that rate is pushing 20 pesos to the US dollar. That's about a 60% increase in value of the US dollar.
  4. Lots of good people to help at reasonable cost. We recently used MAGO's Office in Chapala for processing our permanente visa beginning to end and it was smooth and well worth it. They were very personal and helpful at every stage, kept us fully informed of the status at each step. Email is nnatali_2000@yahoo.com and Norma is the contact. They are located on AV MADERO #230-1 in Chapala across the street from the Chapala Market. i
  5. First digit is "5" and 11th digit is "P". In any event, we're likely to sell and buy here when we come in 1019 or 2020.
  6. As I read the VIN number this car was built in the US in 2014, probably Mississippi.
  7. If a Toyota Corolla was built and sold in the USA can it be nationalized in Mexico?
  8. Can anyone help with the current exchange rates at ATMs or banks for USD in Ajijic area? Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have an experience they can share about renting a car in Ajijic from Linea Profesional Rent a Car?
  10. Thanks everyone for your points and thoughts. I have become convinced it makes the most sense to sell the US car in the US and purchase a new car in Mexico when we move there!
  11. So a "NAFTA" car can be brought to Mexico and "legalized" if the owner decides to obtain a permanente visa?
  12. Is there a list of US car models that can be purchased in the US yet be "legal" when the owners move to Mexico and take the car with them?
  13. We 2nd Furniture 4 Less . . . we had a great experience with them for purchase of quality new furniture.
  14. Puritan Chicken next to S&S Auto is a winner!
  15. Computer Guy is right . . . first look at your home situation. We had a serious problem some time ago. Finally called Mexico City and they sent a technician. When he opened the "box" where the line from the pole tied into the line leading to the house, it was full of mud and moisture. He rewired the connection and I had him place a plastic baggie around the connection and securely wrap it with electric tape . . . that solved the problem, hopefully for the long run. I noted they do not even use wire nuts for the connections and the poor technician did not even have electric tape to seal the connection. I gave him a roll of tape as he left.
  16. We need to ship a mattress and a couple of other household items to USA. Suggestions as to how to do that?
  17. I think you are correct . . . as long as local retail prices do not increase.
  18. I agree that US expats are doing well. Let's not lose sight of the negative impact this same situation has on our Mexican hosts who earn pesos for a living. We are richer . . . they are poorer.
  19. Thanksgiving week flew from GDL to Reagan National in Virginia for $249 RT on Delta. When flying to the US there are great fares periodically.
  20. The Mexican people are very gracious and realize that not all Americans represent the thinking of Mr. Trump. I make it a point to speak with everyone I see or pass on my walks and always get a big smile and positive response back immediately. As to the crime rate, when asked that question when others realize I live here in wonderful Ajijic on Lake Chapala, I always remind the questioner that I said "Mexico" . . . not "Chicago". Do your research and come visit and see for yourself. There are some wonderful B&Bs here in Ajijic for short stays.
  21. Thanks . . . however, I am not fluent in Spanish.
  22. Does anyone know of a professional audio recording studio locally? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  23. Call Hugo A. Santiago Morales of Hall Computer. His number is (333) 630-1010. They are an authorized Apple Repair shop and they also sell Apple Computers. They have helped me with my iMac and my MacBookPro during the last year. My laptop was out of warranty, but the mother board was subject to a recall . . . fully repaired at no cost to me. Top notch service and they know what they are doing when it comes to Apple computers.
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