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  1. Try Lake Home Services in Ajijic. 376 688 2888 or www.lake.com.mx.
  2. Any suggestions for where I can buy Valentine cards lakeside?
  3. I heard that permanent residents are not allowed out of Mexico for more than 3 months within each year. Is this true? I would be getting permanent status about 4 years from now, but somewhere in the 5 to 7 year range plan to take a 6 month voyage. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks for all of your answers. I did additional research and here is what I found so far: The fees...or lack of fees...is almost unimportant. It is the exchange rate that matters most. Many banks take 3% of your money on the exchange rate, so if they waive a $7 ATM fee it hardly offsets it. It would be like a restaurant that does not permit tipping, which sounds good, but they charge 30% more for the food! Charles Schwab SEEMS to take only 1%. Transferwise takes 1.5% and may be easier to set up. These are the best I found. I could not get a rates from XE because they seem to requ
  5. I will have social security soon, deposited into my USA bank account. What is the cheapest way you have found to get that money into Mexico as pesos? I am not talking about physical currency exchange, but transferring money by bank wire, PayPal, ATM, etc. I don't want to lose 3% (or more) all the time. Have you found a better way?
  6. Is there anyplace lakeside that provides wine storage?
  7. RV Ringo - thanks for the tips but these are classified listings for pinball machines for sale. I must find someone who repairs pinball machines and can come to Lakeside. Without that, there is no point moving my machines. If you find something along those lines please let me know!
  8. I want to bring my pinball machines down from US but cannot find any resources here or Guadalajara for repair or service. Are pinball machines not present in Mexico? Does anyone know any person or company who services pinball machines?
  9. I agree. I have eaten several times at Armandos and it is a gem. Their deserts are magnificent too.
  10. Do most lakeside restaurants offer corkage?
  11. I am thinking about building a home lakeside. Can anyone recommend an architect whose work you know and who does modern style designs?
  12. I need a body shop to fix some dents and scratches, but the car is leased and I have to return it with a perfect paint match. Can anyone suggest someone lakeside who can do this?
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