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  1. in the last few days there have been people living in tents at the Ajijic malecon at the very east end next to the pier. At first I saw one small one with a family living in it and today there are two more very large ones. One is just a bunch of blankets over tree branches. I have seen them in the past on the very west end of the malecon during Easter vacations but never like this right in front of the restaurants. I am concerned about the aesthetics of the malecon, of course, but also about the safety factor if this gets out of hand. Does anyone have a suggestion about who we can contact about it? Thx!
  2. Johanson: you have a digital box? Do you have NFL network as one of those didgital channels? Telecable came over with a didgital/HD box and said it would not pick up any signal because we were too far. I think I am only 150 feet or maybe a little more from the street but I am not sure where the Telecable box is. I even went to the office to ask them to try again since they have since installed an upgraded cable and they said no.
  3. Thanks everyone. I was told that sky allows you to change the language from Spanish to English. Also, I had HD through Telecable when I lived in La Floresta near the carratera but cannot get an HD signal because I am told I am too far from the street for the box to pick it up. That's why I need other ideas. Particularly interested in HBO and NFL network. Thanks for your help.
  4. Has anyone tried Sky Satellite? I am renting and have basic Telecable but cant invest in purchasing the dish and all the equipment for Shaw. Out of pocket around $900-1000 US plus monthly fee. Thanks
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