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  1. Don't know where to find but a caution: Many years ago my mother was in agony from eating too much celery root. Moderation...
  2. Survey: 1. Does the above rendering posted by Solajijic conform with your vision of how Ajijic should look? Yes, No
  3. Pancho used to have a sign in Superlake that read "Yes it's expensive but it's here"
  4. In Italian, Quattro Stagione means Four Seasons, and I suppose that´s what he was trying to evoke with the 4 sections of your pizza, tho I don´t get it, judging from the nice picture you included. Good review, as always CG! Will definitely check this out...
  5. The Constancia de Residencia that I described above will work. I helped my neighbor get one for his driver license renewal and he said it was gladly accepted. And I used one for my renewal. The whole process of getting the fotos, paying, and getting the Constancia made maybe sounds onerous but is quick-- usually a half hour, 45 minutes in Joco.
  6. After 47 years of operation, Sandi's, the Guadalajara bookstore that specializes in English language books and a hangout for expats, is going out of business. Right now they are having the liquidation sale. As of Friday everything was 30% off. In addition to inventory, all the store equipment, furniture, and fixtures are for sale.
  7. Regarding a Constancia de Residencia to use as proof of address, I have done this 4 times in Jocotepec at the Palacio. In addition to 2 infantil size fotos, I had to produce a utility bill for the address, my visa, my Jalisco driver license, and my passport-- all with copies. You can save time by going to the hacienda first and paying for the C. de R. ($35) and submitting the receipt with the other stuff. There are several places there on the plaza that make the infantil fotos ($50) in a few minutes. Upstairs, first office on the left. Señorita Christina.
  8. I'm confused by talk regarding granting Pueblo Mágico status to Ajijic. To me it seems an impossibility. The PM town of Mascota, for example, conforms with what I've been told: no stores like Oxxo, Fármacia Guadalajara, the new pawn shop, or Pemex; cobblestones only, no paving like the carretera; no traffic lights; no electric signs; no bike lanes; et cetera. So, are enormous exceptions to be granted to Ajijic, or would PM regulations just apply to a designated area below the carretera? Does anyone know what the actual "rules" are and what exact area is actually being considered? Thanks...
  9. Nice video, CD, thanks! The surf breaking in two directions at the same time reminded me of the beach Robert Duvall's character flew over in Apocalypse Now.
  10. Just where you exit customs into the terminal there is a Starbucks.
  11. Worth a trip just to see how they pulled that off...
  12. Just purchased. Besides hardcopy U$19.99 is available in 4 electronic formats including Kindle for U$7.42 Amazon.com
  13. Mexico News Daily | Thursday, July 6, 2017 Scientist Araceli Pérez: a passion for vanilla "...only about 1% of the world’s population has smelled the real thing. Most products labelled as vanilla...contain a synthetic scent... It’s made with wood residues...and the Japanese have found a technique to produce it from manure...”
  14. That prediction was for Jalisco, but I suspect the prediction for the other states that the Lerma crosses is probably about the same. There are also some 500 dams on the Lerma and those impoundments will also have to fill. I agree that we must hope for good rainfall throughout the Lerma and Chapala watersheds.
  15. Guadalajara Reporter cites meteorologist prediction for "record low rainfall this year." Situation for lake not looking good at this point... http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/50297-weathermen-issue-dire-2017-forecast
  16. So do I. But lots of people think the contiguous countries are just three: Canada, U. S., Mexico, but there are ten: Canada, United States, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama all contiguous. Dominican Republic contiguous with Haiti. Interesting (to me) that Cuba, Dominican, Haiti, Jaimaica, Bahama, Cayman, Turks are all closer to the contiguous N. A. mainland than is Puerto Rico, which is a major U. S. territory.
  17. I notified the editor, since the Olive Oil Times said they were dedicated to education. But I really wonder how many persons from wherever realize that North America consists of 23 countries, plus 22 dependent territories. I didn't.
  18. In italian it means "big sock"
  19. I am blind in 1 eye from this. Also, once you have cataract surgery you are at a 25% higher risk of retinal detachment. Be sure to ask your doctor about this! 2 years after the surgery both my retinas detached within a 3 month period. I'm lucky I can see at all. But cataract lens replacement IS a piece of cake as RV says, and when your cataracts get really bad you pretty much have to do the surgery despite the risks. It is really, really important to get the right person to do the surgery. I thought I had the best.
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