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  1. One of the 2 wires to my service box is not working. It came on late last night for a while and then again gave up the ghost. Had to run an extension cord from an outlet on the working phase to my refrigerator. Whenever this happens (which used to be often in the RC), my neighbor turns off the main breaker for the failed phase and then uses a pair of automobile jumper cables to shunt electricity from the powered leg of the service cabinet over to the dead leg!
  2. According to Intercasa'a guide "To qualify for the permanent visa they must show a monthly income of 500 times the minimum wage (for 2018 it is 88.36 pesos) or 44,180 pesos or $2,281 US dollars using an exchange rate of 19.37 to 1 (using January 3, 2018 exchange rate). This must be documented with 6 months bank statements. " Using those numbers, if the minimum wage doubles and the rules don't change, the monthly income requirement would be $4,562. Note: Just saw Angus' post
  3. MC and Yo1, very interested to know how you know he's honest. Are you checking the calculations, just a gut feeling, or what?
  4. A man who studied Lake Chapala for many years once told me the last time water flowed naturally out of the lake via the Rio Santiago was in the '70s. How close is the lake to doing that now? (Note: he also told me there is a pumping station in the NE part of the lake that pumps water into the Rio Santiago for the farmers downstream from Lake Chapala. He said the volume of pumped water was about equivalent to what Guadalajara pumps out to its aqueduct. I'm not asking about this water, but the natural flow from the lake.)
  5. Has anyone ever seen a microwave with a door that hinges on the right side or the bottom?
  6. Personally the cohetes do not bother me. However, the above assertion that cohete usage "goes all the way back to pre-hispanic times" cannot be true. Gun powder did not exist in the Americas until the Spanish brought it here, and throughout the colonial period the Spanish did not allow the indigenous to have it.
  7. The old faro on the Chapala muelle in the 1960s
  8. Agree. Worth the trip if you have a list or just to go and browse and see what's what. Parking can be difficult to find on the street at times, but in that eventuality there's a small shopping plaza a few blocks away where you can park cheaply.
  9. The part about the new Jalisco regulation and the baby seats is true. And unless the driver ponies up the fee and buys the child seats, s/he is illegal and subject to fine. That's why he wanted to do it off-app. This law was implemented unfairly, uber drivers say, at the behest of taxi drivers, who they insist paid off the powers that be. Taxi drivers, btw, are not required to have the baby seats, and they don't pay the exorbitant fee. The $1200 quote is a rip off, but it you don't speak spanish or know how to play the game, that's really your fault. That's the way it is in all kinds of places. I've had that sort of thing happen in pharmacies even. Over the past few years we have made a short list of a few uber drivers we like in Guadalajara, and now we call them. They are extremely responsive to us, and the charges are never more than we would have paid on app. And of course we pay cash-- the driver has no way to accept a card.
  10. Won't the burden-shift from the judicial system eventually overload the notarial system? Is there a plan to increase the number of notaries?
  11. Where glue and hardware and such are. Got some the other day-- velcro designed for cloth was available in both black and white.
  12. That's what I always heard, that for the 1910 centennial celebration of the Grito, Porfirio Díaz moved the day from the 16th to his birthday, the 15th. However, if you follow the link provided by jrod above, it says this belief is false, and that it is documented that the change was made in 1840 so people could have a verbena, a night festival, complete with music, dancing, and rockets.
  13. Well, in 6 years I've never cleaned them, and energy production has been remarkably consistent year-to-year until now. Maybe the last 3 months have been abnormally dirty?-- kinda like a 100 year event of dirtiness? Anyway I check the inverter now and then and output is as expected, so cleanliness or lack thereof is not the culprit. Something is afoot at CFE if you ask me.
  14. My solar kW credit balance no longer appears on my bill. It's been that way for the last 2 or 3 bills. And my bill amount, which has been 46p every bill for years, is now over 300p. Our consumption has not changed. We were always producing more than we used.
  15. It's a common fish in the Pacific Northwest. Yes related to flounder-- both eyes on same side of head.
  16. Who owns the conduit is probably moot. It is just as CG said. Pulling cable thru a conduit that has existing cable(s) in it is dicey, especially for long runs. It is something to avoid, and it appears ILOX will do just that.
  17. Are you saying that you installed an HP1315 cartridge instead of an HP56 cartridge, and that your printer when new came with an HP56 cartridge? If so, that won't work. Even if the HP1315 cartridge looks absolutely identical to the HP56 cartridge and fits perfectly, the printer will not recognize it.
  18. What a shame. We go from an important discussion of the nutrition of the Mexican people and the deleterious involvement of the Mexican government therein, to the fine points of American microwave popcorn. Gresham's Law upheld: the bad penny always drives out the good.
  19. So, More Liana, you seem to be an expert. Are you saying Maseca is not nixtamalized?? I'm not trying to champion Maseca here, just wondering....
  20. Huh? As far as I know nixtamalization is a process necessary to make any tortilla. Without doing this cornmeal will not form a dough (masa). So what are these "ORIGINAL nixtamal tortillas" that you're talking about?
  21. According to the news CFE will no longer buy/credit solar electricty from small suppliers. Can they just ignore the net metering agreements they signed with all of us?
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