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  1. My license was expired 1 month. This was in no way an issue when I renewed.
  2. You can make an appointment to renew your Jalisco driver license. People with appointments go to a separate facility in Guad that does not accept walk-ins on appointment days. You need to show up 10 minutes before your time and not be late. When I was there the guard at the door would not allow anyone but the appointee inside, no facilitators/translators. (However, when the guards changed some minutes later, the new guard allowed a translator person to enter.) I suggest you don't try this appointment method if you are illiterate. There were 5 stations to progress thru, each with a specific purpose. They were very efficient. At the payment station I showed my INAPAM card to the "guard" and I was immediately sent to the head of the line (there were about 15 people waiting). It took me 39 minutes from the time I walked in on Tuesday until I left with license in hand. I had to wait 20 days for my appointment, as the reservation system works 20 days ahead. From what I understand, but did NOT confirm, you have 90 days to renew after your license expires. When I made my appointment I carried a copy of it in my car. Go here to get started: https://citas.jalisco.gob.mx/movilidad/client/newAppointment?eiid=22&lid=4
  3. Thanks, oregontochapala! Never used to be able to use non-Mexican cards or PayPal. I just paid my CFE using a foreign card.
  4. I just tried using this service. I registered (email and pick a password), then successfully paid my Telmex bill. The service is NOT free. They charged a small commission of $8 to handle the transaction, which is about what OXXO would charge. I also got a message that it would take 24 to 48 hours for the transaction to post. You can also pay CFE and others. The program is smart. You enter a company name and your account number and it retrieves the amount you owe.
  5. I never see this in Europe, particularly in Italy. Where are you talking about, Harry?
  6. Before Mar 1 the in and out time at Las Aguilas was under an hour.
  7. Right now there is a huge flood of panicked people who have put off renewing their license for months and years. It will take a while for this group to go thru the system. Eventually it will work itself out and things will get back to normal. Officials realize it is a temporary situation. My license expired last week, but I'm going to wait.
  8. Ever since it was announced that expired Jalisco driver licenses will now be ticketed, and with a hefty fine, the lines in renewal locations are now long. When I checked last week, the normal 1 hour in and out time had grown to 5 hours, They were issuing turn numbers at the door starting at 8:30AM. A friend who arrived at 10:30 was told to return the next day. This was at Las Aguilas in Zapopan. Does anyone know if the situation is better in another location? Recent experience only please.
  9. By all means call Victor. I have him come automatically every other month. He's thorough, and has the right equipment for each situation/area. He's an engineer and licensed. Not the cheapest, but very good.
  10. At the Chopo next to Dermika, the Chopo sign is gone and now it says ISILAB. Their on line ad says "New lab in Ajijic" and makes no mention of Chopo. Going online to Chopo, they make no mention of Ajijic, just Riberas. So, it seems they have reverted to ISILAB.
  11. El Bizco


    I was eating at Tartamudo once when a rancher stopped his truck right in front, He was pulling a trailer full of goats, which a woman from the kitchen briefly inspected. These were not cabritos. But maybe she rejected them. I don't know. Moreliana, yes it is definitely called Tartamudo (after the founder), not tatemada (after the process ). They have several places in Jocotepec. My tapatia girlfriend who has eaten there since she was a little girl, just confirmed that. Re restaurante Cholo Campestre, I have eaten there and I like the birria very much. However, we much prefer eating birria on the edge of Joco plaza and looking out at the activity than to eating by the airport with a 1000 others, so we go there.
  12. El Bizco


    The name of the place is Birria Tartamudo (The Stutterer). The old man is Margarito, a torero in his youth (as you may notice from the logo on the wall). He is not a tartamudo, but perhaps his father, the founder, was. It's not called soup. It's birria, a regional (Jalisco) dish. Cloves are a principal flavor. It is served in two sizes, plato chico and plato grande. They also serve it with beef. The tortillas are made at the moment and served hot. The meat is roasted right there in large ovens. Tapatios love to go there. Birria Rosa, almost next to Birria Tartamudo, is also good. And there is also a new place on the curva coming into town called Birria Arturo. Haven't tried it yet, but have heard good things. Oh, and if you don't want to travel all the way to Joco, a birreria opened in San Juan Cosalá just before the traffic signal.
  13. Ancient history but I bought them at Soriana about 5 years ago...
  14. Feb 5 I filled for $10.7/litre and then got a 10% discount for being over $1000.
  15. Good question, anyone know? The access road across that flat is so low. Wasn't Petatán once an island?
  16. It put me off right away that they stold the name from Wolfgang Puck. They don't have enough originality/imagination to even create their own name?
  17. I'm wondering what you drive that gets 2km per litre...
  18. Not true. In 1967 I earned a certificate in "Estudios Hispanicos", Hispanic Studies, from the University of Granada, Spain. The courses I took were all about Spain, not the New World. These included Spanish History, Spanish Geography, Spanish Art, and Spanish Literature.
  19. Yes. The huachicoleros are not going to just roll over, there is too much money involved. They are going to do everything they can to make the gas situation as bad as possible to force the gov´t to reopen the pipelines. I would not be surprised if they started seriously disrupting the tanker truck deliveries and sabotaging gas stations. AMLO says he is not going to backdown. It may take quite some time for this to play out. In my view, ending the shortage is not as simple as just setting up a new delivery system. I hope I am wrong...
  20. Nor can he see the difference between capitalism and democracy.
  21. I believe it is also a new access road to Monte Coxala, bypassing the necessity of going thru the Raquet Club. Just a guess. You can see a road going up the hill.
  22. For those interested, there will be a total lunar eclipse viewable from this area 20 Jan. Maximum will be at 11:12 pm.
  23. Anyone know what the current policy is regarding smoking? Animals?
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