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  1. El Bizco

    Pasta Trenta

    No, not really. I know you like to cook. Please do read about this in the reference cited. If you can not access it, CG, let me know and I will PM you the salient info. I am interested to know what you think.
  2. El Bizco

    Pasta Trenta

    Hard pasta is used with olive oil based sauces, while soft pasta is used for butter/cream based sauces. One is not better than the other. (see Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan, the Julia Child of Italian cuisine)
  3. Does anyone know the current status of the new hospital on the libramiento that was supposed to open Dec-Jan?
  4. But if the electricity you are using to charge your electric vehicle is produced with fossil fuel, your electric vehicle in effect is running on fossil fuel.
  5. This is no longer true. Now they just look it up on the computer. If you are the buyer and they see an amount is due, you have to pay it before they proceed with the transaction. I just went thru this in Dec in Joco.
  6. If you have an INAPAM card you can get a 50% discount. They allow I think 4 persons, maybe it's 2, per bus to use the card.
  7. When will it open? (The Dec-Jan timeframe discussed on this board no longer seems possible.)
  8. ETN arrives at the bus station in Nuevo Laredo. Walk out front of the building and you'll see the taxis. Ask to go to the bridge. (Be sure to ask first how much is the fare, else you will be taken for 2 rides :-) Fare 2 years ago was 50 pesos. Taxi will let you out right in front of the bridge. Join the line to walk across. You will need your passport. Really easy. I love walking that bridge. I do it pulling a suitcase. On the other end of the bridge there are taxis you can take to wherever.
  9. We are talking about a haute cuisine French restaurant. I do not think you know what that is, what the cooking principles involved are, what the philosophies are. What you are saying about hamburgers or whatever makes no sense in this context. It's not at all about just coming up with popular tasty items and putting them on the menu! I do not judge people by wealth, and I am by no means wealthy. I said nothing about judging anyone by money. That all came from your head. Ditto your comments about snobbery. I did not make this post to argue with you or anyone else, just to inform. If I insulted anyone as you allege, then I truly apologize to them.
  10. A hamburger is not haute cuisine.
  11. Haha. If they imported a few real French waiters they'd probably toss you out on your ear for asking for such a thing there. The place in Chapalita was very upscale and expensive. We need more places Lakeside where people leave the shorts at home. The escargot I've had were worth every sou.
  12. Have no more details. That was what we were told when we called for a reservation. Later on I sent an email and asked just that, where and when. Waiting for a response.
  13. I would like to know, too. Ditto the UV light (which continues to shine even when it is no longer effective).
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